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9 Creative Ways to Pair Boots with Jeans

Are you unsure of what boot to wear with your new pair of jeans? This is the place to be. It’s not just one denim style. Though some styles may be more popular (such as baggy or cargo-pocketed denim), every style of denim is worn. You can find jeans in every color, style, and length. It begs the questions: With so many styles of jeans available, how can you choose which shoes to pair with them?

We did all the legwork (and research) for you to make it easier. You want to make a statement with your mom jeans but without looking too ’80s. The trick is a sleek, shiny boot. Platform-soled boots will give your distressed denim look a punky edge without making it too grungy. What about the wide, baggy, big jeans that have been sweeping the country? The volume can be cut with a pointed-toe boot.

Find out our best advice on the nine combinations of jeans and boots that will transform your wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans with Stilettos

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Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Skinny jeans have returned and are not going anywhere anytime soon. This is due to the rise of “indie sleaze”, and the nods made to the 2010 dressing trends seen on many runways. The leg-hugging look can be streamlined with a stiletto boot in a neutral color. This will elongate the leg and keep it sleek day or night.

Baggy Jeans with Pointed Toe Boots

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Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images

The popular baggy jeans style can be elevated by pointed-toe booties. The denim style covers your back shoes. A triangular-tipped boots in any colour, height or shape will instantly polish it. We prefer knee-high or calf-high boots for fuller coverage.

Bootcut Jeans with Western Boots

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Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Take the name of this denim style and pair it with a Western boot. Bootcut jeans are designed to show off the boot’s close-toed design, which makes them a great match. The thick heels of the shoe allow for a comfortable fit with a slight height boost. They can be worn on top or below your jeans’ hems for many styling options.

Straight Leg Jeans and Lace Up Boots

image 16 30

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The practical shape of lace-up boots and their rock n’roll roots go well with straight-leg jeans. A lace-up boot with a heeled style or ridged style gives a cheeky touch to the breathable denim look, thanks to its subtle toes. Denim styles with studs or chain accents give your denim an edge, while neutral suede and leather pairs provide a tougher finish.

Distressed Jeans with Platform Boots

image 16 31

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Over the years, distressed denim has been a popular choice for platforms. Pre-torned styles are slimmer and show off the uppers of the shoes, giving you a greater height boost. Wider-leg versions fall over the shafts of the pair without a fuss, ensuring that you remain tall.

Mom Jeans and Metallic Boots

image 16 32

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Metallic boots can enhance the appeal of light-washed, high-waisted “mom” jeans. Metallic boots, whether low- or high-heeled or mirrored or matte, add a whimsical and subtly glamourous finish to the hotly debated style of denim. The gold or silver versions can be worn either over or under the hem of denim jeans to complement their lighter shades.

Black Jeans with Block-Heeled Boots

image 16 33

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Block-heeled booties add a stylish finish to dark jeans. They are versatile and comfortable with thick heels that come in squared or flared shapes. Lighter leathers or suedes give a bohemian feel to dark denim. Gray and black versions add a subtle edge.

Square-Toed Boots and Slim-Fit Jeans

image 16 34

Berthelot/Getty Images

The tight silhouettes of both the square-toed boot and jeans instantly slim down skinny jeans. The square toe is often seen with thicker heels, which makes it easy to wear for long periods of time.

White Jeans and Kitten Heeled Boots

image 16 35

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Put on kitten-heeled shoes to complement the white jeans’ stark and striking color. This boot style has a sophisticated, elegant look, similar to wearing white jeans. It is a great alternative to trousers and slacks with a bohemian, carefree feel. The pointed-toe style in neutral or jewel tones will give the pale denim a chic, sharp finish.

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