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8 Unforgettable ‘The Nanny’ Ensembles That Define Fran Fine’s Fashion

She played Fran Fine, a down-on-her luck (but incredibly stylish) NYC gal who ends up working as nanny for ‘rich’ family. She played Fran Fine, an NYC girl who is down on her luck (but extremely stylish), and ends up working as the nanny for wealthy families. Her lines and looks were unforgettable. You’re probably a fan of the Nanny. We’re sure that you are very familiar with the iconic fashion moments Fran has had in the series. There was never a dull moment in the TV series featuring America’s favorite nanny. From her classic mini-dresses, to her loud and fun accessories there were many memorable moments. You’ll love the “out there” style of Fran Fine. Scroll down to see eight of her most iconic looks and product suggestions to recreate them.

Statement Chain

image 5 93


This outfit is still as stylish and fun today, even though the Nanny was first released in the 1990s. Combining a black long-sleeved mini dress with a gold belt and above-the-knee boot creates a stunning outfit that can be worn at any time of the year.

Spice up Your LBD

image 5 96


Fran Fine is no exception. She knows how to make a black dress look chic. The ultra-cool nanny added a little red to her dress, which is the color of the season. We are in love.

Denim Power

image 5 98


Fran always looks like she’s ready to face the world, even when she wears a more casual outfit. All you need to copy this look is a pair high-waisted denims and a cropped long-sleeved shirt. We love the look of this simple outfit when it has embellishments on the top.

She Means Business

image 5 95


Take notes on the outfit Fran wore, whether you’re going to a big meeting or a date . This outfit is perfect for any occasion. The combination of the black jacket with the mini-skirt and gold buttons creates a unique style.

Color Block Chic

image 5 91


We love a good color-blocking moment. Who would have thought that red and purple go so well together? All you need to recreate this Fran fine outfit is a fun red top, a purple jacket and a red headband. Feel free to switch out any color combination of your choice for vibrant options galore.

Modern Glamour

image 5 90


Fran was known to wear unexpected outfits which challenged the vibe at any event. That’s why we love her. You can get her look by wearing a furry jacket with a crop top and white denim shorts. Don’t forget to add some classic dark sunglasses.

Militant about Style

image 5 94


It’s easy to replicate. This is one of our favorites from Fran Fine. The nanny’s army print jacket and matching shorts are great, but it is the beret that steals the show.

Any Goes

image 5 97


This baby blue feather-trimmed jacket gives Fran a Chanel vibe. She looks amazing. This ensemble, which includes a mini-skirt and a high neck top, is both fun and sophisticated. a quintessential The Nanny outfit.

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