26 Chic Long French Nail Styles for the Length-Loving Manicurist

It’s a classic look that has only improved over the years. There are many ways to update the classic mani. You can experiment with any color, length, or shape. Long French manicures can be a good way to showcase the nail art.

Long nails give you more space to play with, allowing your creativity to run wild. We’ve got 26 ideas for long French nails to suit every mood and style, whether you like the classic white and nude palette or prefer something more bold.

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Cherry French Nails

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@nuka.nails / Instagram

Add a cherry nail art to your classic white French manicure for a fun twist. You can add a poppy design to your manicure by using decals like Inked By Dani Color Nail Art (10$) or freehanding it if you have a steady hand. The airbrushed cherry design is highlighted by white tips and nude glitter nails.

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Rose French Nails

image 2430

@nuka.nails / Instagram

This simple French manicure comes to life with a surprise 3D element, such as a rose embellishment. The extra-long nails and tapered tip provide plenty of room for the rose. We love the Beauty and Beast-like vibes.

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XL Pastel French Nails

image 2446

@nuka.nails / Instagram

The longer your nails are, the more space you have for gradient nails. This matte-tipped square set fades from pastel colors to a nude nail base, with two small white Nike Swoosh accents.

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Baby Blue French Nails

image 2431

@overglowedit / Instagram

This version adds color to the French manicure by using a couple of coats of a sheer baby-blue polish on the base and an opaque light-blue on the tips. Use complementary blue colors such as Cirque Colors Gel Polish in Creekside ($16) and Morningtide ($13) for the French tips.

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Coquette Bow French Nails

image 2429

@overglowedit / Instagram

This bow-adorned coquette manicure is ideal for all occasions, from weddings to girls trips. The combination of mini pearls, which encircle the almond-shaped tips in chrome, and the bows are a perfect match.

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White French Nails

image 2433

@amyle.nails/ Instagram

This stone-inspired manicure is a great way to add a little flair to a classic French mani. To begin, apply a sheer color to the nail. Then use an opaque white polish to create an arch. Finish by applying a pale gray shade and two coats of glitter.

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Red French Nails

image 2425

@amyle.nails/ Instagram

This split French manicure in red and gold is super cool. Use a medium nail brush to create a clear division between the gold and red polish. This allows you to apply color on the tips while maintaining a sharp line. Stock up on three nail polish colors. One should be a gold glitter, like Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer in Lunar Love ($22), another should be a red classic, like Pearnova Classic Lacquer in Kissu Miss You ($5), and the third one must be a nude color, like OPI Nail Lacquer in Put it in Neutral ($12).

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Ruby Red Celestial French Nails

image 2444

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

This long, gorgeous French design is perfect for all occasions. This design has a hint at intricate nail art with gems and chrome details, as well as a glossy, red tip. For this manicure, apply a base coat in a neutral color and then outline the tip with a classic red nail polish such as Chanel Longwear Nail Color ($32) Incendiaire. Paint on the gold stars with chrome and then add gems to top.

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Jelly Green French Nails

image 2448

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Green French manicures always look stunning. The tips of the nail are painted in a light shade of green, and then covered with chrome. The chrome arches on the nails are an eye-catching accent.

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Black French Nails

image 2445

@brownluxenails / Instagram

Why limit yourself to one shade when you can choose from a variety? Each nail features a different shade of blue in this manicure.

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Pink Gradient French Nails

image 2435

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

Pretty pink nails always look great, but adding stars and sparkles can make them even more appealing. This gradient pink skittles set starts with a hot pink polish, and gradually lightens up to a white lacquer.

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Multi-Green French Nails

image 2432

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

Metallic green nails can be interesting by themselves. Instead of sticking to a monochromatic look across all ten nails, add a classic French manicure to a few. Combining a classic French manicure with a metallic teal shade that meets mint is an easy way to create a unique nail look.

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Ombre Optical Illusion

image 2439

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

This brown-black French manicure is a great way to add a touch of moodiness to your French manicure. The ombre effect creates a gradient between light and dark shades, with black lines at the base each nail.

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French Skittle Nails

image 2436

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

Can’t decide on a nail color? This vibrant French skittle manicure will help you out. Mixing and matching vibrant polish colors is a great way to let your creativity soar.

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French Nails Outlined

image 2423

@nailsbysuman/ Instagram

This French manicure works well with longer nails, such as coffin, almond or stiletto. The traditional white-tipped nails are replaced with a more vibrant look. The moody colors are extended from the tip to the base to outline the nail.

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Gradient Green French Nails

image 2427

@nailsbysuman/ Instagram

Add a French manicure to the next level with different shades of green. This gradient set uses a sheer base of pink to mimic the natural color of the nails. It is then complemented by multiple shades and colors in green.

Logo French Nails

image 2441


Logo nails are in. Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in Black Forest ($5) and Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Mauve Kiss ($5) are used to create the Fendi logo. The overall look is incredibly luxurious, even though the logo has been kept to just the tips.

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Red Studded French Nails

image 2428

@nails_of_la/ Instagram

Megan Fox is the only one who can make studs on bright red French manicures look cool. Brittney Boys, Fox’s nail technician, added silver studs to the long coffin-shaped nails. The result was a stylish, modern manicure.

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French Nails with Bedazzled French Nails

image 2442

@nails_of_la/ Instagram

The addition of a little nail bling can elevate a simple white French manicure. To attach the gems, use a wooden stick dipped in nail glue. Dab the nail glue onto your nails and place the rhinestones at the center. You’ll be doing a double-take when you see this set.

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Barbiecore French NAILS

image 2426

@nails_of_la/ Instagram

Another stunning way to create gradient nails is with this pretty pink-meets red French manicure. To achieve this look, you’ll need to use three different nail polishes: baby pink, hot pink and true red.

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Wine Red French Nails

image 2443

@heluviee /Instagram

A wine-red French manicure can be given a new twist by adding a small amount of gold glitter to one nail. This non-uniform glitter pattern gives a more natural look.

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Graphic Tips

image 2424

@heluviee /Instagram

This black mix-and-match manicure is exciting and eye-catching. The contrast created by pairing classic French tips with French tips in negative space creates a striking look.

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All-Over Glitter

image 2447

@nailsbyzola /Instagram

Instead of focusing on the tips, give the base of the nails some attention by covering them with glitter. The sparkly base and bright blue tips are the perfect combination.

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Muted French Skittle Nails

image 2434

@disseynails /Instagram

Skittle French manicures do not have to be loud and bright. This muted version, featuring cream, brown and green shades, is a great example. The colored tip will be more prominent if you leave the base of the nail bare.

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Rainbow French Manicure

image 2438

@disseynails /Instagram

Try this rainbow design for a fun take on French manicure. This design features vibrant shades such as purple, green pink and blue. Each nail is also decorated with heart-shaped gems in color-coordinated shades. Deco Beauty Jewel Nail Stickers are a great way to get this look.

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3D Green Croc French Manicure

image 2440

@nuka.nails / Instagram

This green manicure is perfect for croc lovers. This statement-making tip looks great on a pale pink matte base.

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