25 Iconic 1960s Makeup Trends That Still Resonate Today

The 1960s gave us plenty of inspiration for beauty. The 1960s are synonymous with many trends, including the iconic Twiggy look (think blue eyeshadow, long lashes, pink lips and pink lips), a classic red lip and a cat eye. Unsurprisingly, we still see the 1960s aesthetic in the makeup looks that are being created by the best makeup artists today. Find 25 60s makeup looks that capture the beauty and style of the era.

Classic 1960s

image 2 14

@nikki_makeup / instagram

This makeup looks hits all of the classic ’60s styles, from doe-eyed eyes to fresh flushed cheeks. The lips and cheeks are painted in complementary colors, proving monochromatic trends never go out of style.

Modern Twiggy

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@nikki_makeup / instagram

Twiggy was one of the most influential makeup artists of the 1960s. She left us plenty of inspiration when it came to eye makeup. This modern take on Twiggy’s look is stunning; we love how the eyeshadow colors are sculpted and the eyeshadow is a striking shade.

Cool Sixties Girl

image 3 8

@nikki_makeup / instagram

The ’60s were dominated by cool girls, and their makeup was never out of place. Bella Hadid has a perfectly shaped cat eye, contoured skin, and sharp brows. This makeup look will quickly become a part of your beauty routine.

Defined Crease

image 2 16

@davidrazzano / Instagram

This deep rust eyeliner, applied to the top of the lash line and in between them is a modern twist on ’60s looks. It is a real show-stopper. The warm hue of the liner is highlighted by applying a neutral eyeshadow to the lid.

The ’60s Metallic Maven

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@davidrazzano / Instagram

The longer and more spidery the lashes are, the better. The metallic silver eyeshadow and glossy burgundy lip give off a ’60s vibe in a galaxy way.

Signature 60s Glam

image 2 18

@davidrazzano / Instagram

This makeup is inspired by the most popular decade in beauty trends, the 1960s. It features the iconic ’60s lashes and matte skin. Make Beauty’s Dark Side Cream Supreme High Impact lipstick is perfect for a rich, deep red.

Intergalactic Eyes of the 1960s

image 2 19

@makeupvincent/ Instagram

Use all the shimmery and glittery eyeshadows that you can find to create an intergalactic 1960s look (browse the 14 Byrdie approved glitter eyeshadow palettes). This glam is completed with spidery lashes and soft pink lips.

60s Glam

image 2 20

@makeupvincent/ Instagram

The classic ’60s look was defined eyes, matted skin and rosy-cheeked cheeks. This timeless glam includes all of those elements and can be worn day or night. Love Seen Noor 3D Lashes are a great pair of fake lashes that look like ’60s lashes.

Abstract Details

image 2 21

@makeupvincent/ Instagram

Create a winged eyeliner with an abstract touch to give your 1960s inspired look a contemporary twist. Choose white eyeliner instead of the traditional black and brown, and be creative with your shapes.

Cat Woman

image 2 22

@makeupvincent/ Instagram

Cat eye? Check. Matte lid? Check. Check. Check. Check.

Hollywood Star

image 2 23

@aniamilczarczyk / instagram

Hollywood provided us with many makeup looks that we could be inspired by during the 1960s. This winged-liner style is a classic and reminiscent of the styles seen on the silver screen. The cat eye is the focal point, and the rest of makeup is minimal to keep the look balanced.

Pastel Dreams

image 2 24

@davidrazzano / Instagram

What is not to like about this look. This look is a homage to the ’60s. The matte pink lips and lips with matte blush, baby blue eyeshadows, and voluminous long lashes are all reminiscent of that era.

Modern Definition

image 2 25

@davidrazzano / Instagram

This look is inspired by the 1960s trend of highlighting the crease. Play around with other eyeshadows and see what makes your eyes pop.

Robin’s Egg Eyes

image 2 26

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Why not add this color to your look today? Add some mascara and matte blue eyeshadow to your lids.

Heavy Metal

image 2 27

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Chrome accents will upgrade your makeup to a 60s look. The silver chrome liner will help you to keep up with the trend. The eyes are the stars when paired with minimal makeup on the face and a neutral lipstick.

The Accent

image 2 28

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Apply blue eyeliner to the crease of your eyelids and below the lashline. Your eye look will be powerful with glossy lips and a naturally flushed face.

Mint Green Dream

image 2 29

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Pastel shades were popular in the 1960s and are still relevant today. Applying mint green eyeshadow to your lids will pay homage the 1960s makeup look. Addiction Tokyo’s The Eyeshadow, Midnight Drive is a beautiful mint green shade.

Purple Halo Eyes

image 2 30

@davidrazzano / Instagram

The halo effect of applying matte lilac eyeshadow and dark purple eyeshadow around the eyes creates a 1960s look that is still modern. To complete the look, apply a light blush and a few layers of clear lip gloss.

1960s Glamour

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@nikki_makeup / instagram

Combine your smoky eyes with winged eyeliner for a ’60s-inspired makeup look. The dramatic eyeshadow looks are balanced by glossy lips and sculpted brows. The final result is stunning and unforgettable.

Gilded Glamour

image 2 32

@nikki_makeup / instagram

Metallic elements can make your eye look more fun and exciting. Add liner to the eye area and use long lashes.

Pop Art

image 2 33

@nikki_makeup / instagram

Twiggy is definitely a big influence on Sabrina Carpenter. Line the eyelids around the top, bottom and crease.

60s romance

image 3 9

@nikki_makeup / instagram

The ’60s were a time of romantic red lips with black winged liners. This look is still a classic today. We’ve tested all the best red lippies to help you find your perfect shade.


image 4 6

@davidrazzano / Instagram

The precision with which the mascara is applied makes ’60s trends so much fun to wear. Apply a few coats with a comb-brush of mascara to achieve this separated lash effect.

Pretty and Pigmented

image 5 3

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Increase the intensity of eyeshadows and blushes to take ’60s trends to the next step. To achieve a look that is full of flare, pack on the pigment to your cheeks and eyes.

Metallic 60s Touch

image 6 3

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Use metallic shades of shadow to give your 1960s look a twist. Silver, blue, and purple shades are used to create contrast in this case. Apply lots of mascara for those fluffy lashes of the 1960s.

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