20 Minimalistic Nail Trends for a Subtle Manicure

It can seem that nail art is always a bit extra, with all the chrome nail designs and velvet manicures. There are also funky French tips and aura designs. While we love extravagant and over the top manicures, don’t be fooled: We also like more minimalist looks. Simple nail designs have evolved from the classic French manicures or solid color swatches.

We’ve gathered over a dozen minimalistic nail art ideas to show you how beautiful a manicure with less is more can be. See them below.

Milky Pink Nails

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It’s fine to choose a solid colour for your minimalist set. Choose your color wisely to make your manicure look fresh and modern. What’s our suggestion? Our suggestion? Try Gelcare Official UV Gel Nail Polish Rose BB cream for a similar look.

Gold Cuticle Accents

image 3 15

@paintboxnails/ Instagram

Want to spice up your milky manicure? Saradya, a Paintbox nail artist, created this luxurious sheer nail look with flecks of shimmery gold nail polish. Treat yourself to Paintbox Silk Press Ons, and then use a dotting instrument to add the Paintbox Nail Lacquer Like Gilded to create this look.

French tips in outline

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What is another way to elevate a minimalist milky mani? French tips outlined. You can create this nail look yourself if you are super-steady. Start with a white base, and then use a fine-lining brush to add thin white arcs at the tips. If you do not have a steady hand, make an appointment for a professional to create this nail look.

Chrome Swirl Nails

image 5 5

@chillhouse / Instagram

Silver chrome can be bold, but it looks more minimal when combined with a sheer or negative base. This design can be painted on nails in under 10 minutes using the Chillhouse Tipsy Tinsel Chill Tips.

Gemstone Fragments

image 2 38

@saruhnails / Instagram

Do you prefer a pop of pretty color? You’ll love the look of these fragmented gems. You can take the picture of this nail look to your local nail salon to have your manicurist create it.

Teeny Tip Nail Jewels

image 2 41 Instagram

This gemstone-accented solid look will make you swoon if you love bling. You can also get this look for yourself if you like the shape and length of the mani.

Champagne Glitter Tips

image 3 11

@paintboxnails/ Instagram

What a gorgeous set of minimalist Art Deco nails! Paintbox Turning Point press-ons will allow you to perfectly replicate these nails at home.

Minimalist animal print nails

image 2 46 Instagram

Animal prints don’t need to be bold or over the top. A simple Dalmatian pattern can be eye-catching.

Euphoria Nails

image 2 52

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

The gorgeous, wavy nails are inspired by Maddy’s stunning mani from Euphoria. These nails were made using Bio SeaWeed Gels in JellyBean, Snow White and Cirque Colors’ Razzle Dazzle Rhinestones.

Cobalt Swatches

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This diagonally dipped set is perfect for those who love color, but also want to achieve a minimalistic look. Try the Manucurist Paris Green Natural Nail Polish Ultramarine for a cobalt-like color. To create crisp lines, use nail art tape.

Silver Shell Nails

image 4 8

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

This silver shell nail style has us smitten. It’s simple, but it makes a statement. Cirque Colours Nail Polish Voile is all you need to create this look on your nails.

Rhinestone Cuticles

image 3 12

@heluviee/ Instagram

A classic French manicure is always a favorite, especially when the accents are made of dainty gems. Sarah Haidar, a nail artist from Amazon, created this nail design using nail gemstones. You can create the same look by using the TecUnite 2000 Piece Flatback Gemstone Set.

Minimalist heart decal nails

image 3 14

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

These simple accent nails are sure to catch your attention, whether you’re dreaming up Valentine’s Day nail designs or just want your heart on your fingers. These nails were made using Nails Inc. Dare To Get Undressed Nail Polish and Kissing In Kensington Rainbow Heart Topper Nail Polish.

Glitter Outline Nails

image 2 43

@heluviee/ Instagram

What is another way to outline nails? Use a glitter nail polish instead of your tips to create a border. Try the Zoya Alicia Nail Polish for a high shine.

Neon Drip Nails

image 5 4

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Do you want to add a pop of vibrant color to your minimalist look? Copy this neon yellow nail polish drip manicure created with Cirque Colors Nail Polish, shade StickyIcky. Subway Surfer by Sally Hansen is a great alternative to the stunning color that was sadly discontinued.

Heart Nails

image 2 47

@heluviee/ Instagram

We can’t stop ourselves from trying out this minimalistic heart nail design. Use the Nails Inc. London Love Heart Confetti Nail Topper to create picture-perfect heart shapes. To apply a heart, use a nail decal-picker. The Tatuo 2-Piece Rhinestone Picker Dotting Pen has been a popular choice.

Simple Swirls

image 3 13

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Negative space is key to nail art that maintains a minimalist look. The sheer milky base makes these French tips look bolder, even though they have swirl accents. See?

Pearlescent French Tip

image 4 7

@saruhnails / Instagram

A pearlescent base is another way to change a classic French manicure. Sarah Alaina, a nail artist from Los Angeles, created this look with Gelcare Official UV Gel Nail Polishes in South Sea Pearl & French Alps.

Dual-Finish Cobalt Tips

image 2 45

@paintboxnails/ Instagram

Cobalt may not seem minimalistic, but we think a French manicure with a dual finish in a monochrome color palette fits the bill. Grab a set of Paintbox Night Cap Press Ons and recreate this vibrant yet minimalist nail look.

Dried Flower Nails

image 2 42

@saruhnails / Instagram

These fun pressed flowers nails are the last but not least. These floral accents may be so delicate that you have to squint in order to see them, but they will make a great conversation starter when you receive compliments.

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