16 Effortless Ponytail Styles to Enhance Any Outfit in Seconds

There’s a lot to enjoy regarding a slicked-back braid. The streamlined hairstyle is easy to accomplish, deals with every hair type, and instantly adds an elevated attract any type of look. And also, the design lends itself to several innovative opportunities. You can experiment with parting, include great spins or braids, or decorate your braid with trendy hair devices. Your alternatives are genuinely unlimited with this ‘do.

Need some motivation? We’ve rounded up 16 slicked-back braid concepts listed below.

Water-Effect Slick Ponytail

image 463 5

Michael Tran/ Getty Images

Sleek, damp looks– similar to this trendy ponytail on Gal Gadot– are hardly ever actually performed with damp hair. After all, tight updos can create serious mayhem on wet hair, triggering breakage and tension. Instead, Potempa suggests utilizing pre-wash hair treatments to produce that ultra-sleek, slicked-back minute. Not just will the products rehydrate and treat hair before wash day, yet they’ll additionally mimic that hard-to-achieve damp appearance.

Curly Slick Ponytail

image 463

@aureefabienne / Instagram.

You don’t have to select between a smooth look and welcoming your natural swirls. To attain the appearance, beginning by parting freshly-detangled completely dry hair into areas and using a strong-hold pomade or gel, focusing the item on the roots. Use a boar bristle brush to ravel your hair in the front. Then, protect your hair right into a limited ponytail with a sturdy hair flexible. For an added smooth coating, smooth the front of your hair with a fine-tooth comb and spritz it with some hairspray.

Sleek and Straight Ponytail

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@ash_kholm / instagram.

Match a slicked-back ponytail with aligned ends for an even sleeker appearance, as seen on Khloe Kardashian. Figueiredo recommends spraying hairspray straight onto a boar bristle brush to smooth away any type of flyaways.

Wavy Slick Ponytail

image 463 8

@justinemarjan / Instagram.

We enjoy pairing a smooth, limited horse with plunging loose waves. For fail-safe styling, utilize the Beachwaver Pro 1.25 to produce uncomplicated waves before producing your ponytail. Potempa recommends turning your chin up somewhat while collecting the hair into a braid with a brush. This will certainly assist maintain the hair near the nape of the neck limited to the head and offer you a polished, stylish look.

Side Part Slick Ponytail

image 463 15

@felicerosee/ Instagram.

Switch up your typical slicked-back horse with a deep side component, which feels evocative the ’90s. The key to toenailing the design is an ultra-precise part– we suggest utilizing a fine-tooth, rat-tail comb like The Hair Edit’s Section & Style Comb for experienced sectioning and smoothing.

Skies High Slick Ponytail

image 463 9

@justinemarjan/ Instagram.

For an anything-but-boring design, select an ultra-high slicked horse with tons of body. We like the tip of the hair part popping via at the top of the head– it includes a casualness that’s usually shed with sky-high ponytails. To recreate, collect your hair at the nape of your neck before gradually cleaning it up until your base is just listed below the top of the head.

Fluffy and Flippy Slick Ponytail

image 463 14

@felicerosee/ Instagram.

To further boost your high braid, go for cosy, curled ends. Full the look with exactly styled sides.

Reduced with Bows Slick Ponytail

image 463

@justinemarjan/ Instagram.

Enliven a low, slicked-back braid with an on-trend device like a bow. Merely secure your ponytail at the neck of the neck and tie a bow over the braid for a sophisticated touch that’s sure to thrill.

Face-Framing Slick Ponytail

image 463

@justinemarjan / instagram.

If you don’t wish to use all your hair in a braid, you have alternatives. Taking out face-framing items is one means to instantly jazz up the slicked-back style.

Completely Slicked Ponytail

image 463 10

@justinemarjan / instagram.

Olivia Culpo’s mid-height slicked ponytail is among the sleekest takes we’ve seen. To achieve this glossy, frizz-free appearance, ensure you have a strong hold hairspray, gel, and beam lotion handy.

Advanced Slick Ponytail

image 463 12

Steve Granitz / Getty Images.

This motivation gallery would certainly be total without a look from Ariana Grande– the ponytail queen. Below, she showed off a beautiful super-high ponytail. The small details– like the hair-wrapped ponytail base and subtle side bang– full this appearance completely.

Chic and Curly Slick Ponytail

image 463 11

@lala / instagram.

Lala is always sporting a stylish hairdo– and this curly braid is among our current favorites. You can recreate this look with a crinkling stick with a smaller barrel (this will certainly help you attain tighter, specified swirls). You can find the 10 best curling wands right here.

Braided Slick Ponytail

image 463 7

@justinemarjan / instagram.

This bone-straight, slick braid is so rather and polished. The pigtails embellishing the leading and sides of the version’s head are the best complements.

Voluminous Slick Ponytail

image 463

Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Getty images.

Discuss volume. Kendall Jenner’s slicked-back braid is incredibly full and extensive. Her flipped ends offer the look extra style.

Wine Red Slick Ponytail

image 463 13

Swan Gallet/ Getty Images.

Normani’s burgundy braid is stunning. The little pigtails on the side include an enjoyable twist to the slick style. To guarantee the appearance lasts which there are no flyaways, make use of a solid hold spray like Got 2b Glued Blasting Freezing Spray.

Swept Away Slick Ponytail

image 463

@ashleygraham / instagram.

Ashley Graham’s slick braid contains body and bounce. However, we specifically like the front of her hair. You can attain the very same look by taking out two areas in the front, parting them down the center, and safeguarding each area at the back of your head with hairpin.

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