15 Blue Velvet Nail Options That Highlight the Power of Metallic Manis

Velvet nails are here to stay. In 2023, we saw celebrities like Hailey Bieber or Halle Bailey sporting this manicure. The collective affinity for nail looks continues. This semi-metallic, glittery manicure is appealing because it works in any color. Blue velvet nails are stealing the show lately.

This trend can be worn so many different ways. You need proof? Find 15 blue velvet nail ideas to inspire you.

Ice Ice Baby

image 1


You’ve found it! This velvet blue manicure is the perfect icy blue. This mani is made even more stunning by the silver cat-eye effect.

Purple Blues

image 1 2

@amyytran / instagram

You can create many unique combinations of magnetic colors with the velvet nail trend. This soft galaxy-inspired manicure features a purple polish with a velvet topcoat.

Mermaid Blue

image 5


This manicure is essential if you want to carry this trend into 2024. The teal polish is topped off with gold flecks. This manicure gives off a “under the ocean” vibe.

Velvet Squiggles



This look is perfect for nail artists (*raises hands*). The nude nails have been elevated by super cool velvet squiggles in blue. The mani is made even more vibrant by pairing them with light-blue squiggly line.

Iridescent blue

image 1 5


These iridescent nails are just the right amount of blue. This blue velvet polish is a great choice for a simple but eye-catching manicure.

Flower Power

image 4


Accent nails can be used to enhance your sky blue velvet manicure. Add baby blue polish on your index, middle, and thumb and then top it off with velvet flowers. The floral patterns tie everything together.

Navy Cat-Eye

image 1 4


This manicure, which looks like a starry night, is a great way to experiment with the velvet nail look without having to commit to glitzy nails. We love the subtle cat-eye over a navy base. It’s a look we would wear anytime.

Velvet Frenchies

image 7

@phoebesummernails / instagram

We imagine that if Cinderella were real, she would have the exact same manicure. This velvet French manicure looks even better with the addition of scattered jewels.

Velvet Art

image 1 3


You’ll need your best nail technician to create this look. The blue velvet base of this manicure is mixed with subtle pops or oranges and roses to give each nail a very artistic look.

Chrome Blue

image 2 2

@manicuristanonymous / instagram

This long ballerina nail gives you more room to experiment. This manicure features a metallic base with abstract blue designs.

Ying & Yang

image 1 1


This yin-yang manicure has a perfect balance, with the one side having a royal blue matte polish and the other side having purely black polish. This half-and -half nail design is truly a unique look.

Forever Love

image 6


This nail look is a great example of how the details are important when creating a manicure that will be remembered. The dazzling blue French tips with the radiant heart accent nail are our favorites.

Winter Blues

image 2 1

@phoebesummernails / instagram

Wear this blue velvet nail design for a classic winter look. The snowflakes are perfectly detailed on the middle and ring finger.

Blinding Blues

image 3


Try a vibrant blue velvet polish for a bold and beautiful manicure. These nails are electrifying in the best possible way. Create a few swirls in blue and then add fine lines of silver polish to your accent nails.

Black & Blue

image 2

@nailartbyqueenie / instagram

This manicure is absolutely out of this universe. This space-inspired nail is created by layering blue velvet polish on top of a black base.

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