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12 Timeless Trench Coat Looks to Add to Your Wardrobe Inspiration

You know a piece is a classic when it’s versatile and easy to wear. The trench coat is a versatile and stylish piece of clothing that is perfect for spring. Samantha Belfer Braham, a fashion expert, has provided some tips on how to style the trench coat.

Cute & Cropped

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Belfer Braham: “A cropped trench is something I love this season.” With a cropped thigh-high trench, you can keep the outfit minimal. “I’d pair it up with a muted shirt, straight leg denim, and sneakers.”

Jeans that are Casually Cool

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Belfer Braham says, “Y2K has returned and casual cool in oversized sizes is the new thing.” Dress down your oversized coat with a tee and baggy jeans. Add a dad shoe. This street style outfit is perfect for shopping or brunch on the weekend.

Paired With A Two-Piece Suit

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Belfer Braham told InStyle that a trench coat was a great way of achieving ‘quiet luxury’. Layer your trench coat over a monochromatic ensemble and accessorize it with oversized shades; this is polished and sophisticated enough for a dinner or meeting with friends.

Crop Top with Pants

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What is better than one statement piece? Three! The black leather crop top and high-waisted pants add an edge to the look, while the trench brings it all together.

Wear a long-sleeved denim dress

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Trench coats are also available in different lengths, which makes them so versatile. The jacket and long-sleeved denim minidress meet in the right spot. Chic brown boots complete the look.

In Bold Print

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The majority of trench coats are beige, but for something a bit more unique, choose a print. The black, brown, and white color combination is a great way to add a little punch. You can wear it with any color of your fall wardrobe.


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Try a trench in black to transform your look for the night. With its knee-high boot, textured miniskirt and crisp white button down, this look embodies business at the top and party at the bottom.

Draped Over a Minidress

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A trench coat can be used to ground daring looks. Belfer Braham suggests styling your trench over a metallic dress to make it sexier. “Then, pair it with matte leather handbag and silver pointed pumps for date night.”

Unexpected Colorblocking

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This trench coat has a lot of appeal. The trench coat’s bold color scheme is just as striking as the matching blue pumps. Even those who prefer neutrals will not be able to ignore this piece. Keep the layering neutral with a bold piece.

A Maxidress is Belted

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Keep in mind that a trench is a great tool for fitting. Belfer Braham says that many of her clients initially fear an oversized fit. The beauty of trench coats is that they have a belt at the waist that can be tightened to reduce the impact of details such as structured shoulders and large lapels.

Seasonal Colors

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The fall is all about earthy tones, like camel and brown. Opt for appropriate outerwear to match the season. These colors go with everything in your wardrobe, including denim, black and even similar colors (see you, burnt Orange).

Embellished Inside

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This duster trench coat is styled with tailored pants, a buttoned-up blue shirt, and Fendi’s pop of color. Work, meet play.

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