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11 Colors That Complement Every Piece in Your Wardrobe

When you go shopping for basic items, you will hear this phrase the most: “This goes well with everything.” Although I cannot vouch that a specific item will match everything else in your closet, I can confirm there are certain basic colors that work better as universal neutrals. You’ll use these colors for your capsule wardrobe. These are the pieces that you wear all the time, and they go with everything in your closet. If you want to try out a color but it doesn’t go with your bolder or more patterned pieces, then the rest of this guide is for you. Try navy or brown if black doesn’t work for your piece. Try burgundy, blue or a combination of both if you want to add more color. The sky is the limit!

Continue reading to learn more about the colors that you can mix and match with your entire wardrobe.


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This one is obvious. Yes! It’s true! Yes, also. It’s difficult to go wrong when you want a classic color for a capsule wardrobe like a suit or sleeveless jacket and pants. The color black is less likely to show stains and wrinkles than lighter shades. This is why my closet has so many black pieces.


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White is the complete opposite of black (literally). It can be the ideal canvas on which to create the rest of your style. White is the obvious next step if you love classic black, but want to try something new. A white Oxford shirt looks good with jeans, shorts or a maxi dress.


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Gisele Bundchen will show you the way! Camel is an unexpected neutral that few people know about. It is rich and deep, tan and dark brown blended together beautifully. You can pair it (as seen here) with other neutrals or brighter colours as you like. With this luxurious coat, it’s easy to see why fashion pundits labelled Bundchen in her “rich mother” era.


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Tan is a lighter shade of camel, and it’s also the color of an old-fashioned trench coat. Tan is a color that goes with everything, including white. It would also work with other colors (like in this outfit). This spring and fall staple is perfect for transitional weather because it can be worn over anything.


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It was so popular in the 2010s that we got sick of it. But the color is much more. It is a few shades lighter than black, but it can be worn as an outerwear piece, like we see in this picture, or a baselayer. You can also pair it beautifully with lighter shades like beige and white.


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It goes with blue pants. It goes well with blue pants. It looks great with white tops. It goes well with florals or patterns. It looks great with denim to create a monochromatic, tonal look. It goes even with black. The old rule that navy and black can’t be mixed (or any neutral) is no longer true.

Powder Blue

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Choose a shade of blue that is not too far from white if you prefer a lighter shade. This blue is mild enough to replace white and add a little fun to your look. It’s important to find the right shade of blue for you.


image 20 35


Denim has been around for a long time and is still popular today. It is a “bridge”, meaning that it’s dark enough to go with black (i.e. this jacket, these shoes, the belt and bag), yet light enough to contrast it. This color also works well with lighter shades, which keeps the look grounded. Bonus: the Canadian tuxedo.


image 20 32


As an adult, I have come to appreciate the beautiful color of brown. Brown can be soft, subtle or rich. It’s not just a dull substitute for black. This is probably my favorite black alternative because it instantly adds dimension to any outfit. This tonal brown outfit is so much cooler than an all-black option!


image 20 33


Believe it or not burgundy can be a surprising neutral. (And anyone can find the right shade for them!) It’s similar to brown, olive and navy in that it is a few shades lighter than black, but it can still be worn like black. This simple outfit with a black sweater, jeans and a bag in black looks so much better when paired with this burgundy jacket.


image 20 34


Listen to me: Stripes can be a neutral for your wardrobe, even though they are not colors per se. I promise! Make sure the stripes are in colors that go well with your other clothes. In this example, a pair of blue jeans and a blazer in white will look great with a blue-and-white striped shirt. You can use it instead of a blue or white top.

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