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10 Styling Tips of Unconventional Graphic Tee Looks

Fashion is circular. While this statement would probably elicit an eye roll worthy of Liz Lemon, the truth remains that you’ll often find yourself buying pieces from your past. The graphic tee is a simple, yet stylish way to show confidence and ease with your style. It’s not like the days of high school when you would wear a tissue shirt with a funny saying. Laugh. Love. Anyone?) You can also wear low-rise jeans. Today’s graphic tee is at home in the current trend to mix high and low styles.

Consider a graphic shirt as a way to add a little flair to a formal outfit. For example, a blazer with trousers or a miniskirt. Use a vintage tee, band tee, or a favorite tee to create an outfit that gives off a nonchalant and trendy vibe. This can add a bit of style to an outfit without having to resort to a plain shirt.

You’ll discover 10 stylish ways to wear a graphic T-shirt.

Mixing Patterns

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A graphic tee can be worn neutrally as an option if you are a maximalist and love to mix patterns and colors. To balance out the plethora patterns, choose a white or black shirt as your base color. This is the perfect time to play around with your style and combine unexpected combinations.

If your outfit has large prints, choose a tee with a smaller graphic.

An Oversized Suit

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One of the easiest ways to wear a graphic T-shirt with an oversized suit is by pairing it with a matching one. This is a timeless look that can be worn to the office, out for drinks with friends or at an art exhibition. A graphic tee can give a suit a casual, yet stylish look.

Miniskirt with Men’s Jacket

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Mixing a graphic band tee with a miniskirt is a great example of high/low dress. This combination allows you to showcase both your personality and your refined style. If the T-shirt is worn, it will earn you extra points. Combine the flirty look and a men’s jacket to create a sweet yet sharp outfit.

A Sophisticated Silk Skirt

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A graphic T-shirt with a cheeky design can be paired with a jewel toned midi-length skirt. To complement the statement skirt, keep it chic with tall boots. A graphic T-shirt is also a great option. It’s about combining sophistication with a hint of rebellion.

Over Long Sleeve Shirt

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This classic style of wearing a graphic tee over a long sleeved t-shirt is back, but updated for the modern woman. To create a relaxed, modern look, layer an oversized graphic shirt over a long-sleeved, loose-fitting tee and complete the look with boyfriend-cut jeans.

A Sweater Set

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Who knew that a twin set can be cool or edgy? A graphic tee can give a modern update to your prim and preppy skirt and sweater set. Keep things simple with a tee with similar colors and text for a monochromatic modern look, as shown above. Or mix it up with a graphic tee to get rid of the matchy-matchy vibe.

Leather Jacket

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The Ramones have been the pinnacle of punk for decades. The Ramones’ uniform, which combines a graphic T-shirt with leather biker jacket, is the epitome of effortless counterculture style. You can channel your inner Joey Ramone by layering your favorite band shirt under a distressed jacket. The look is softened with a maxi denim and sneakers.

A Canadian Tuxedo

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The Canadian tuxedo will be around for a long time. A graphic T-shirt can breathe new life into a blue staple outfit. A graphic T-shirt in a brightly colored color will update this classic, laid-back outfit. A pair of heels will add a touch of class.

Shorts with Tailored

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A graphic tee with vintage inspiration gives a tailored short a more casual and less business-like look. A tailored shirt, blazer, and printed tee, similar to the sweater look, give this look an edge.

With a Monochrome Look

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A vintage graphic tee looks great with bright monochrome from head-to-toe. A black-and-white tee creates a visual break between the saturated colors of a pink sweater jacket and bubblegum pants. To complete this outfit, add contrasting accessories.

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