10 Steps to A Vintage Makeup

The 20th century kicked off a dramatic transformation of cosmetics celebrities became the spokesmodels for major international cosmetics firms. Inevitably, the application of makeup became an art to itself and several looks emerged that have become idolized the world over. The following are some of the vintage makeup looks that have maintained a strong presence on the fashion scene both past and present.

How to create a vintage look at 10 steps?

#1 The Age of Pastels


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Vintage makeup ushered in a new era of glamour that resonated throughout the fashion world and pastel shades in blues, pinks, and vibrant yellows were featured heavily during the 50s. Purple and bright orange lips were the look for the time and have been reinvented for today’s consumer.

#2 The Overdrawn Lip


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One of the stars that brought the overdrawn lip to the attention to women in droves was Marlene Dietrich, going outside her lip’s natural line to create a curvier, more sensual pout. These days, you can see the overdrawn lip on women both young and old, further enhancing the face’s features.

#3 Heavy Rouge


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Going heavy on the rouge was a favorite of actress like Jean Harlow and Joan Bennett, who poured on extra to give cheeks a more dramatic effect. For a night out, heavy rouge works to create a bold appearance.

#4 Penciled Eyebrows


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Not just regular penciled eyebrows, but heavier penciled eyebrows for an effect eyes come alive! The trick to this look is to follow the brow’s natural arch.

#5 Matte Skin


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Packing powder across the face for a gleamed matte appearance was a favorite of fashion icon Katharine Hepburn. Exfoliating and moisturizing before applying ensures a look that is flawless.

#6 White Liner
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Source: YouTube

Eyes that pop can come by applying white liner around the eyes to make them even more visible. Lauren Bacall perfected the look, and it is still wildly popular today.

#7 Contouring


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Long before Photoshop, contouring was one of the primary ways in which makeup artists turned starlets into bonafide movie stars. Currently, one of the most popular trends among women is contouring, which has become regarded as one of the greatest of makeup illusions.

#8 Extended-Length False Eyelashes


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As one of the world’s supermodels during the 60s era, Twiggy was known for her look, which regularly featured her trademark long, false lashes. Long eyelashes are one of the easiest ways to transform the face.

#9 Nude Lipstick

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 24: Model Kate Moss poses for photographs at the Mango Store Oxford Street on January 24, 2012 in London, England. Kate Moss was today launched as the new face of the fashion brand. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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During the late 90s, supermodel Kate Moss brought on the grunge look that featured subtle or nude lipstick. Using these neutral shades, women were able to accentuate other parts of the face for extra emphasis.

#10 Metallic Eyeshadow


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Rock & roll has always had a heavy influence on fashion, so metallic eyeshadow naturally became a favorite of music stars and alternative trendsetters alike. Available in every color imaginable, metallic eyeshadow is a fun addition to any bold look.

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Triston Brewer
September 30, 2016

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