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10 Shoe Styles That Will Make Your Gold Dress Shine in the Sunlight

To make your wardrobe function for you, you need to invest in pieces that can be used in multiple ways. Gold dresses are a great example of the extra mileage that we all seek. Gold dresses are not just for evening events. They can be worn to daytime or less formal occasions. What better way to be creative and use our wardrobes in different ways as we move into an era where sustainability is more important? With the right shoes and styling, a simple but eye-catching gold dress can be worn beyond eveningwear.

When styling a dress in gold, the key is to recognize the color as neutral. This will allow you to wear your dress with a variety of shoes. It’s fun to create festive, fun outfits that can be worn for any occasion. You don’t have to buy new pieces. We suggest that you layer your gold dress over outerwear like an oversized cardigan or blazer to create a different look for the day and night.

We’ll show you the best shoe choices to pair with your sparkling gown.

Strappy Sandals

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Gold strappy shoes are your best friend for fancy nights out. A thin strap adds a subtle shine, so there’s no need to worry about matching your gold dress with the shoes. A thin strap can also be a stylish option for a fun-filled night.

White Heels

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Each season we see a few hints of 80s fashion. A white boot or pump is the hallmark of this decade. A white heel paired with a gold dress will elevate the look into the 80s era of extravagant fashion without making you appear like you just stepped out of a machine. A white oversized blazer brings the 80s look into our current time for a chic twist.

Ruby Knee Highs

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Ruby red and metallic golden are a luxurious color combination. If you want to wear your dress for a daytime occasion, wearing knee-high boots is the way to go. This is especially true if it’s made of a soft fabric like suede. This boot option softens your look and goes well with a dress with long sleeves that is perfect for a lunch with colleagues or friends.

White Sneakers

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A white, clean sneaker can be a great way to make a gold dress more casual and wearable. This shoe screams fashionista coolness and sophistication. You can go even further with capital F style by choosing the chunky gray dad shoe.

Matching Gold Boots

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Matching your gold dress to gold boots is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It’s important to match your gold dress with matching boots, like a yellow gold boot or one that has a subtle shimmer. Next, conquer the day.

A Trendy Mule

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Mules are a popular choice for running away in many styles and shapes. Mules are a great way to add a little fashion and comfort. They’re easy to slip on and off. Choose a pair of shoes with a peep toe or an architectural heel for your gold dress.

Black Heels and Tights

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Is there a chicer combination than black and golden? Wearing opaque tights and black heels with a gold dress is equally as chic for a night out for dinner and drinks or for a day at the gallery. When paired with a gold dress, opaque tights provide a smooth transition from black shoes to a dress.

Nude Heels

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You may want to make your gold dress the star of the show, while everything else plays a supporting part. Nude heels will let your dress be the star of the show while they elongate and lengthen your legs. For a seamless appearance, choose a minimalist sandal or pointed-toe shoe that matches your skin tone. Let the gold dress be the star.

Bright Jewel Tones

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When paired with a gold dress, jewel-toned footwear will share the same shine as red boots. Imagine this combination as fine jewelry with your dress being the base metal, and your shoes the sparkling jewels. If you’re looking for something extra glamorous and want a little color, try a pair of amethyst heels or elegant emerald-green heels.

Block Heel Boots

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Pair your gold mini-dress with block-heeled booties for a swingy 1960s vibe. The short hemline of a shift dress pairs well with block-heeled boots.

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