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Why Balayage Hair is the New Hair Trend

Looking for a new and catchy hair transformation? Well, it’s time to try the trendiest hair coloring method in town— balayage. Balayage is a French word that means sweeping or painting. And in the hair salon industry, balayage is a hair coloring technique that features soft, smooth, and natural looking highlights through the use of the hands.

And to prove why balayage hair is the new hair coloring trend, here are some significant and beautiful aspects of this rather charming hair trend.

What is Balayage?

From the French word ‘balayage’ meaning to sweep, this signifies that it is a freehand coloring technique that uses the bare hands to apply the highlights instead of using foils or caps. This hair coloring method was developed during the 1970’s, but gained attraction to the hair industry recently. The balayage highlights are more relaxed and charming than those processed by the traditional coloring techniques.

The Balayage Color

The balayage hair color does not limit into only one shade. You have the choice to amplify the color from mild to bold, depending on your liking. Balayage method uses the hands to apply the streak of colors directly on the surface, and not infuses through the strands up to the hair tip. This gives a more natural and soft distribution of the hues to your hair. Thus, it is best to find a balayage expert that will help you find the right color to match your skin tone. Finding the perfect hair color will definitely light up your features, creating a more striking look.

The Balayage Color

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The balayage hair shade selections for those with brown strands are seriously countless, ranging caramel to auburn, and anything in between. But if you’re looking for a chic balayage color, you can try the well-loved brunette balayage, which is ideal for those with natural curls or voluminous hair. Or if you want a more bold shade, then opt for the blonde balayage, which is great for those with long locks.

Give you natural brown hair some love, and choose one of the Trendiest Brunette Hair Colors to Try this 2017. For sure, you’ll be making waves with your striking hair transformation!

Suitable Hair Types

Balayage works on either dark or light hair strands, so that means anyone can actually achieve a more natural looking hair color through this attractive hair coloring method. Whether you have a very long hair or mid-length hair style, balayage can pretty much help you on your hair transformation. However, this technique may not be advisable for those with very short bob or pixie hair because it might be very risky considering the limited strands.

And even if balayage is best applied on natural hair, you can still try such method even with your chemically treated hair with the help of your hair stylist. There are a lot of hair coloring techniques, and your hair fairy godmother will help you come up with the best balayage hair taking into account your hair type, and of course, your hair coloring history.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Balayage Hair

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One of the main reasons why balayage is the new hit hair coloring technique is because of its low maintenance. And when we say about low maintenance, we are referring to less salon visits, and less money to spend. Since balayage gives a more natural looking and gorgeously healthy hair, you will only need a very little maintenance. You don’t have to frequently book hair appointments because the regrowth of the strands will still look beautiful and natural, making your entire hair more flattering than ever.

Balayage Hair

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Though there is really no expiry date for the balayage, you should always take care of your hair. To keep your hair healthy and attractive, it is best to use hair color protecting shampoo. Also, don’t forget to add conditioner for a smoother and manageable strands. And of course, you can still visit your favorite salon for your regular treatments.

Since very short hair can be difficult to undergo a balayage, we will help you achieve those long locks. Here are some significant tips in making your hair longer and stronger: How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Timeless Balayage

Balayage Hair

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Ever wondered why this hair styling trend is so popular recently? It’s because of its magical wonders. This skilled hair coloring technique goes off from the typical and fully-colored hair to a beautiful and naturally-enhanced strands. You have the chance to choose, whether you want the hues to be milder or bolder. You have a lot of color selections depending on your preferences. Thus, giving a more charming attraction to your hair. And of course, A-listers have proudly worn their balayage hair in the runways and red carpet, so its definitely something to look forward in the years to come.

Celebrity Balayage Fever

Well, there’s no denying that celebrities have fallen deeply in love with the balayage fever. A lot of celebrity stars are finishing their looks with captivating balayage hair colors, ranging from brunette to  copper hair shade. And the fact that this hair coloring technique needs very low maintenance, it attracts busy stars like Gisele Bundchen, Lily Aldridge, Rose Byrne, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Erin Wasson, and many more, to try this one of a kind hair coloring method. Balayage wonderfully hit the line of looking good and feeling good, without the need to compromise your time and money. This freehand coloring method doesn’t need frequent salon trips just to maintain those natural highlights. It’s about achieving a hairstyle that does not have a clear demarcation of color line or regrowth, so there’s no need for excessive hair treatments.

We’re giving you a glimpse of the celebrities who have sworn to this magical hair styling. Check out our balayage favorites, and choose the stars that you want to try the balayage fever with.

Chrissy Teigen

Balayage Hair

Source: Pop Sugar

Gigi Hadid

Balayage Hair

Source: Hair Drome

Olivia Wilde

Balayage Hair

Source: Pinterest

Jessica Biel

Gisele Bundchen

Balayage Hair

Source: The Loop

Jennifer Lopez

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