A Glimpse of Zelda Fitzgerald’s Fashion ‘Z:The Beginning of Everything’

If you are a fan of period drama series that takes place somewhere in the 20s to 40s, then here’s another TV series to watch out for. Amazon Prime just dropped the trailer for a new period drama series titled “Z: The Beginning of Everything”. The drama series focuses on Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald whose character is going to be played by no other than Christina Ricci. The plot of the drama series will run through Zelda’s life prior to meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald, who later became her husband.


The drama series garnered so much anticipation especially when Christina Ricci, the actress playing the role of Zelda, was spotted several times on the set wearing exquisite 20s/30s costume. As early as this point, we can already tell how amazing the designs of the vintage clothes will be! Here are some of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald’s most notable fashion pieces from Amazon Prime’s Z: The Beginning of Everything.

Green Glamour Velvet Dress

No wonder why The Great Gatsby is full of glamorous and luxurious fashion pieces! Whenever we think about The Great Gatsby, we always picture that same clothing the Zelda wore. Well, the legendary novel is by her husband, after all. We just love this flapper chic green dress that features both silk and velvet materials. In addition, the delicate crystal details on the skirt line give a very lavish feeling to such flapper dress! To really give that perfect 20s vibe, she also matched the dress with a pair of vintage black leather lace pumps and a black trilby hat. Do you know greenery becomes the color of 2017? Check our comprehensive guide to wear green in the upcoming spring!

Flapper Cloche Hat

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

As what history tells us, Zelda had always been under the Hollywood spotlight due to her and her husband’s celebrity status. While she is mostly spotted in her most glamorous party dresses, she also knows how to flaunt a romantic casual style. Matched with her girly dresses, Zelda gives us a tease for her vintage side curls with her flapper cloche hat. Now that’s a hat to perfect every vintage “girl next door” look!

Tailored Corporate-Inspired Ensemble

Being the daughter of a Supreme Court justice lawyer can truly be mirrored through Zelda’s fashion choices. In this look, Zelda went for the classic black and white pairing that truly looked formal and sophisticated. Underneath the tailored black suit is a ruffled polka dot blouse which was pretty popular back in the 30s. And yes, if you guys noticed, she wore the same pair of shoes from look #1!

See Through Peach Dress with Ruffles

Source: Zimbio

Source: Zimbio

See through dresses, mesh tops and laces have been a huge thing in the fashion world since the early 20s. In this look, Zelda gave a sweet and romantic twist to see through fabric with her coral peach dress. The dress is embellished with semi-dramatic ruffles that go along the linings of the dress.

Sultry Evening Look

Source: Freakin Geek

Source: Freakin Geek

Remember that Coco Chanel had been quite a huge influence in the fashion industry back in the Golden Era of Hollywood – so who can even skip wearing pearls as necklaces? Zelda was one of the most prominent and well-known socialites during that era so her fashion style had always been so elegant and luxurious. In this particular look, she flaunts a sultry sleeveless black dress with a lavish pearl necklace inspired by Coco Chanel. [Read Dress Up Tips that You Can Steal from Coco Before Chanel ]

Iconic All-Black Ensemble

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald embraced the iconic all-black ensemble with her plain black bowler hat and little black dress. Of course, there’s nothing better to pair this classic elegant ensemble than a full, bold swipe of red lipstick.

Here’s a fuller picture of the iconic all-black ensemble that she wore. In this particular look, she added a bit of winter accessories to keep her warm and protect her from the chilly breeze. Adding elegance to the classic look is a chic brown fur scarf and a pair of black gloves. Of course, we are not going to overlook Zelda’s printed velvet bag with a vintage snap lock! Looks quite catchy with her all-black fashion coordinate, don’t you think? You can get more inspirations from A Comprehensive Guide to Little Black Dress of All Time.

Silk Grey Evening Dress

Source: Vanity Fair

Source: Vanity Fair

There is definitely nothing less enticing in this feminine silk grey evening dress that Zelda wore in an evening party. The dress has very pretty details – particularly its sleeves and stretchy bodice. It truly enhances her silhouette while also adding depth to the whole look. To even top it all off, she even paired it up with a matching headband. The headband has this beautiful crystal embellishment that made her gorgeous curly updo stand out. Nothing else is needed to complete such elegant attire!

Source: IGN

Source: IGN

We also couldn’t help but adore the puffy chiffon sleeves that graze just below Zelda’s shoulder. It adds definition to her petite body while also adding an elegant appeal to the whole dress. What’s great about this dress is that it can actually be worn in the modern times! The design is quite elegant and timeless. Plus, its silky grey hue is universal, which truly complements almost every skin tone.

Well, with its pilot episode being the only one that aired last November, these gorgeous fashion looks are everything that we have collected so far. As the first season of the period drama series is set to air on the 27th of January next year, we are absolutely sure that there is so much more to look forward to. We can’t wait for more episodes to be released and we are sure going to keep an eye on their stunning costumes! Check more fashion in movies: Café Society & House of Cards & Mad Men & The Wings of the Dove & Downton Abbey

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