Your Vacation and Getaway Time Fashion Guide

Hello everyone. It has been already a few weeks since we had published our last article. In today´s one, we will be talking about a vacation and getaway time which is soon ahead! It is still only March but since the time has been flowing very fast, you will not even count up to ten and the vacation time will be already here. All states all over the world have been dealing with a coronavirus now and since there are tons of the information about it in the news and other media, why not to share something from a different and pleasing matter, right? We have to be brave, strong and to think positive! We can do it together! So turn the vaca mode on and enjoy 40% OFF.

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VIVIDLINEN Sky Blue Shirt Collar Holiday Shift Dress

What would that summer be without a casual simple light cotton dress to move around the city in, right? This vintage dusty sky blue colour is like made for the summer mornings spent on the walks around your city. It is also easy to match with e. g. straw accessories – sandals, bags, hats .. We do recommend to keep your jewellery as minimal as possible in this case to create a casual boho look. This dress has the short sleeves, deeper V neckline, buttons on the front and it also comes with a fabric belt to tie.

Source: StyleWe

Slowcolin Daily Off White Floral Casual Dress

The second pick of ours is a floral cotton dress that gives off a village-like and cottage vibes. Ideal especially for those females who like to spend their summer vacation around the house on a village taking care of its surroundings and exploring nature. The floral pattern looks pretty nice and girly, giving off the slightly romantic vibes. Just imagine walking around nature in this dress – you will truly feel like a village fairy, won´t you?

Source: StyleWe

VIVIDLINEN Solid Sweet Crew Neck Dating Dress

But summer does not only mean to have fun, beach waves in the hair, no makeup days spent at home and stuff like that. It is also a time of the best parties you will have ever attend to have experience and nice memories to remind in the future. For the proper summer party, you also need to have a proper dress. Something comfortable and casual is more than welcome. Long frilled dress with the long sleeves will not only catch the attention but will also protect your skin from the extra sun shines. Keep yourself and your skin protected too and do not forget to use the sunscreen regularly too!

Source: StyleWe

VIVIDLINEN Off White Cotton Casual V Neck Top

Summer is not about wearing only dresses either. Some females just do not like the feeling that the dress or a skirt is giving them so they prefer to wear shorts and trousers instead. Well, it is nothing to be afraid of since the trousers can make a decently interesting feminine outfit as well! Especially with the soft lace blouse with the adorable applications composed of flowers and such stuff. It looks innocent and delicate at the same time and since it is completely white, you will not sweat in it that much as well!

Source: StyleWe

VIVIDLINEN Off White Crew Neck Sweet Casual Top

And since we love blouses that much, we would like to share a similar one to the previous. These blouses are truly easy to match with a skirt or any type of trousers – e. g. you can pair them together with a dark denim skinny jeans and high-heeled wedge sandals. It almost screams “summer”.

Source: StyleWe

VIVIDLINEN Lightblue Shift Casual Daily Pants

We understand that wearing jeans during the summer is not for everyone. It is quite a thick material to wear and you do not surely want to overheat your body and skin too, right? Better choice during the summer is surely casual cotton or linen pants which are very light, breathable and comfortable to wear around during the whole day. The light blue colour makes them easy to match with any kind of top and shoes. For more leisure and fashionable look, try rolling them up a bit. Believe us – it will make a huge difference and you will look even more easy-going! In a good way, of course!

Source: StyleWe

At.$$ Floral Guipure Lace Eyelet Holiday Blouse

And we got here another type of blouse as well. This one, on the contrary, is made of the polyester, so the material is not that much breathable as in the first two cases, but! If you can see those mesh sleeves, you can actually realise that this piece of clothing is breathable anyway. It is also made in white-blue colour combination which looks really pretty and reminds us of porcelain, don´t you think too?


What is your favourite summer item to wear? What is the thing you actually can´t imagine your summer without?

What about our today´s picks? Which of the items do you like to most?

Let us know in the comment section down below 😎


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We wish you a good time spent with our articles and a lot of inspiration! See you in the next article, bye-bye 😎

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