International Women's Day

Women’s Day – Beauty and Empowerment

As women’s day is behind the corner, we all feel the need to spread love and beauty and celebrate our femininity.
We all want to show off with our girlfriends a new makeup and eventually, hair, feel beautiful like never before.
For new trendy and fresh ideas we could easily give a look to different styles around the world and eventually match them up according to our personality and needs, we have picked up for you three makeup styles that we really love:

1. Korean Dewy

Korean girls are famous for their ability to literally transform themselves through makeup, famous vloggers like “Pony” made their fame and fortune with their tutorials.
A must in Korean style makeup is a natural and dewy complexion for a youthful and fresh look to obtain through starting and ending your skincare and makeup routine with a face mist. Face mists are packed with intensely hydrating, refreshing, and protective ingredients designed to keep your skin naturally dewy all day long.
For extra dry skin, look for a face mist featuring hyaluronic acid.

2. Japanese Kawaii
Kawaii style, originally born for cosplay, is now a real trend and not only in Japan. Big dolly eyes (eventually with the help of contact lenses) with long eyelashes (when mascara is not enough fake eyelashes can do the job), rosy cheeks and curled hair are the ultimate keys for a cute and trendy look, to catch up eventually with a touch of pop colour lipstick. Kawaii makeup is often simple and yet effective.

3. Coloured Lower Liner in Latin America
Lately, in Latina cultures, colored liners have been replacing highlighter under the eyes to create a more dramatic, intense and sensual effect.


But Women’s Day is much more than showing off and feeling beautiful, or at least some of us feel it should be. It is a way of celebrating our empowerment through the long path started back in a famous day of 1909.
It was the 28th of February when the streets of New York witnessed 15,000 women marching for their rights to better pay, shorter work hours, and vote. Later on, in 1914, a new date was fixed and the 8th of March became the official day to celebrate the first “International Women’s Day”.

More than one century later women are still moving on that never-ending path to bring forth much-needed change. We won the right to vote (in most countries at least) some time ago and we’ve certainly come a long way in many respects, but the fight for equality is far from over yet.

Luckily on the way, we have found many unexpected allies and the beauty industry makes no exception at all.

This year, we are given the opportunity going shopping as a personal empowerment! Yeah, I know it sounds really silly, but at the end of the day is not as silly as it can sound at its first look.
For once, as a matter of fact, your beauty shopping can really make a huge difference if you just choose wisely where to spend your bucks.
Imagine that on this year’s International Women’s Day, part of what you spent on beauty deals could go to organizations like the UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality, No More, and Step Up. Wouldn’t it be just the perfect excuse to grab that new power-lipstick or eye-shadow palette you have been looking to for some time now?

Well, it is really happening!
And we are just really proud and happy to spread the word about a handful of beauty brands launching powerful initiatives to support women empowerment.

So, here we are:

L'Occitane Shea Butter Solidarity Balm

Image source:

1. L’Occitane Shea Butter Solidarity Balm.
Available until March 20 at L’Occitane, for the price of 6$ every penny spent on this limited edition hydrating balm, with sensual apricot scent, will help to fund the “program for women’s leadership in Burkina Faso”, which is behind the education of more than 450 girls and 10,000 women.




2. Elizabeth Arden March On Limited-Edition
Back in 1912, entrepreneur Elizabeth Arden helped boost morale by giving red lipstick to suffragettes marching in New York to support their legitimate right to vote. The brand continues that legacy today with a limited edition lipstick by the very symbolic name “March On” whose 100% of the proceeds will go toward UN Women. Available for $26.50 at Elizabeth Arden.


3. Function of Beauty
On March 8, all the proceeds of the sales of this brand will be donated to three different women’s organizations (Breast Cancer Research Foundation, No More, and Step Up). The choice is upon you at checkout.


4. QVC

On 8 March, all purchases from QVC and HSN’s curated beauty product selection will go to Nest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women.
QVC has guaranteed a $325,000-minimum donation to the organization and every single eligible product will be from female-owned businesses allowing to support in multiple ways.

Winky Luxe

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5. Winky Luxe
On March 8, the brand is donating 20% of all the purchases from every product on its website to gc4women, an organization that funds scholarships to female entrepreneurs.


Skylar Body

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6. Skylar Body

Voting for your favourite of three natural, 100% hypoallergenic scents will give you a chance to win $1,000 in Skylar shopping credit plus to donate the same amount to a women’s organization of your choice. Also, 100% of pre-order proceeds will go to step-up a nonprofit dedicated to helping underprivileged girls succeed.

Reina Rebelde

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7. Reina Rebelde
Since January 12, the female-owned beauty brand has been donating 15% of the profits from all sales to MeToo and Times Up organizations, the campaign will continue through March 8.


Image Source:

8. Birchbox
The brand is launching “The Future Starts Now Fund” granting to four women $5K to support their career goals. All you have to do is fill out an application on IWD and share your entrepreneurial dreams for a chance to be selected.

Beautiful Rights

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9. Beautiful Rights
20% of all sales from this brand go towards organizations like ACLU, Emily’s List, and Planned Parenthood all year-round and now is adding two new organizations to its long list: March for our Lives and Moms Demand Action. For the entire month of March, Beautiful Rights will even double down on its donations, giving 40% of sales on products toward the cause of your choice.
….. happy women’s day and happy beauty shopping!


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