Autumn Sweaters Trends of 2018

What’s the new Autumn Sweaters Trends of 2018 ?

Autumn has already shown itself in its full beauty and it came with the accurate temperatures as well. The cold, grey, shady and even the rainy days are now the everyday reality in many countries all over the world. During this season, and also during the winter, it is really important to wear proper clothes. Keeping yourself warm anytime you go out should be a number one priority to everybody. You do not want to catch a cold or even something more serious, right? Most of the people cannot even be sick for a longer period since it may affect their work or university student´s life so they have to be a bit more cautious.

What about the things associated with autumn? What are those things which make you think about autumn immediately? The soft blankets, fuzzy socks, hot tea or chocolate in a cup, knitted clothing, carved pumpkins, deliciously scented candles, colourful leaves on the ground? There are so many things which will instantly bring an autumn mood to your life. And also to your wardrobe.

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One of them is specially knitted sweaters and cardigans which are very popular and the most favourite items to wear during the autumn and winter season. They are easily matched with any type of clothes. They can not only make you look fashionable and stylish, but they can also make you feel really warm and protected against the cold weather and wind which is actually outside.

In today´s article, we would like to talk especially about the knitted sweaters and about their trends which are now pretty accurate. If you still have not found or bought the right one precisely for you, do not be sad. Cheer up, because,  with our knitted sweaters trends of 2018 guide, you will be able to find the right one just for you. Are you ready? Do you want to know more? Then keep up with us and read the whole article 😊

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The colours of autumn

This is probably every year´s accurate problem – what are the trendiest colours to wear? Well, it may be true and there may be some special colours to wear in a selected season, but there are still the autumn colours which will rule anyway. Those colours are, for example, a dark burgundy one, silver or golden one, mustard one, navy blue one, vivid red, khaki & emerald green one etc. The good news is that pastel colours are seen to be worn during these days more and more! And it means more of baby pink and baby blue in the streets! Yaaay!

If you are fond of the different colours that much that you want to wear mostly the clothes with a mixture of them, we highly recommend striped sweaters or cardigans with the very interesting colour combinations. And not only the autumn ones! You can select even from the pastel or vibrant stripes as well.

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Hide in your favourite pattern

The pattern application is always a good opportunity to choose if you would like to feel comfy and satisfied. The question now is, what kind of pattern is trendy this season? Naturally, the various knitted patterns are very trendy and pretty elegant too. There are so many knitting styles and motives you can choose from. It is only up to you to look for the right one which will suit your taste the best.

From the cute and romantic patterns, there are available, for example, the cute little tiny hearts and the flowers. Or if you want to invite the winter already to your wardrobe, try to look for the sweaters or jumpers with a snowflake motif.

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Turle + neck = turtleneck

Some of us may have hated it when our mothers put on us the sweaters and jumpers with a horrible turtleneck back then, but hand on your heart, you seriously like to wear them nowadays, right? Turtlenecks are also a good option for those who are wearing the coats or jackets with a deep V-shaped neckline or for those who do not usually wear the scarf around their necks. This way this piece of clothing can protect you well against the cold weather.

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Glitter & Gloss

Shine, shine and again, shine! Shine bright like a diamond, or even brighter! Trendy colours for this look are definitely the silver and golden ones.

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Pearls and beads have become really popular to be worn on the sweaters during a few past years too. Most of you surely already bought at least a one piece of clothing with this kind of an application. Nowadays, it is very trendy if they are composed in some kind of pattern or a picture.

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Oversized kind of clothing is dedicated mostly to those who do not like to wear tight and firm clothing. While wearing these pieces on your body, you can easily transform your body shape as well! In case you would like to hide a few kilograms, this is just a great way to do that! Also, the big oversized sweaters can be also styled and worn as a mini dress or even a longer one. It is just up to your imagination how will you play with it.

These pieces of clothing are also very well matched and easy to layer. Another way of choosing the oversized clothing are the sweaters with the huge bat wings.

One of the best ways how to combine the fashionable autumn fashion items is to wear them together with the other pieces of clothing which are specially made for this season. To get some inspiration, we recommend you to read our article about the Top 10 Autumn 2018 Dress Trends which are now still accurate. There are many styles and variations to choose from so be sure that you will also definitely find something you like.

In any case, if you still need to upgrade your shoe closet with some newest trendy pieces, we also published the article about the Top 11 Most Fashionable Shoes to Wear this Autumn. Enjoy your reading and let us know what are your favourite items to wear during the autumn.

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