What to Wear on Valentine´s Day 2020 Fashion Guide Edition

Hello, our beloved readers! First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2020 since this is the first article of ours after entering 2020. We wish you a lot of love, health, happiness and good luck with everything you would like to accomplish during this whole year. Be it to start to learn something new, visiting new destinations, losing weight, getting a degree – anything! Because you can do it! Second of all, since January is almost done and Valentine´s Day is coming, we decided to publish an OOTD inspiration for those, who would like to celebrate this special occasion romantically – by going on date.

We will be presenting the clothes and fashion accessories that you can buy on StyleWe. Also, you can browse a lot of stuff on your own. And since there is also a Chinese New Year promotion on, you can buy a lot of different things for cheap! Cheap clothing does not mean it is not a good quality one. It only means, that it is more affordable for you and that you can get more pieces for less price. Whether you decide to read our article and be inspired by the outfits we share or try browsing on your own, good luck!

Source: StyleWe

The gentle, romantic, innocent girly look

The first pick of ours is an At.$$ Purple Floral Shift Long Sleeve Blouse provided in a bright violet dusty color. It is slightly transparent chiffon material, so we advise you to wear something underneath. Also, there is quite a lot of ruffles application that makes this blouse look girly and adorable. There is a feminine flower pattern included as well for those, who like something more interesting than plain one-color clothing. You can easily combine it with a white skirt or elegant pants.

Source: StyleWe

Early spring vintage vibes

For those who are fond of the vintage clothing and style and would like to look somehow special during Valentine´s Day 2020, we chose two different dresses by a brand called A-THENA. First of them is an A-THENA Ruched A-line Elegant Midi Dress in a sensual dusty blue color that looks truly old (of course, in a good way!). The second one is an A-THENA Zipper A-line Elegant Midi Dress in a lovely bright pink color with the closed neckline and button application in the front. The ruched dress is a bit more feminine while the Zipper one looks more sophisticated.

Source: StyleWe


Source: StyleWe

A spring-like aurora goddess

Not only accessories like earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces are important! The headwear has become quite popular too! If you would like to look like a real spring-like goddess fairy and you are aiming for an innocent look, we recommend you the ME TOO Multicolor Alloy Floral Imitation Pearl Sweet Headwear composed of the shiny elegant pearls and natural-looking flowers.

Source: StyleWe

One Shoulder Knitted Maxi Dress

If you are lucky enough to be tall and have a slender figure, the Misslook One Shoulder Bodycon Knitted Solid Maxi Dress in a soft violet color will be the right choice for you. For a more fashionable and casual look, you can wear it like a one-shoulder dress. In the middle of the dress, there is a belt included, so your figure will be divided into two main parts looking more hourglass and curvy. Soft beige, white or silver accessories are the right choice to wear with this piece of clothing.


Source: StyleWe

Bodycon Beaded Midi Dress

The ones who love dark burgundy red velvet material will surely fall in love with an A-THENA Bodycon Beaded Elegant Midi Dress as well. It is a long-sleeved midi dress that will not only make you look sensual and feminine but will also keep you warm in case of a cold-weather outside. Also, it is just a perfect item to wear to the theater or when invited to dinner with someone. Believe us, with this dress on, you will be one of the most elegant women there ♥

Source: StyleWe

Rhinestones, rhinestones everywhere

At the beginning of this article, we said, that we will be sharing a few accessories too. Since accessories are a really good way how to make your whole outfit of the day more interesting and different, we picked something that will surely catch the attention of other people. Rhinestones are known for being an easy match for most of the clothing styles, colors and pieces of clothing. Also, they are really shiny and if they are even big, there is no chance a person will not notice them. For this purpose, we do recommend the ME TOO Silver Rhinestone Alloy Elegant Earrings.

Source: StyleWe

For Her Majesty, Honey Queen

Yellow is a color of happiness and luck. While wearing something on in this color, your day will surely be brighter and you will feel more cheerful. So why do not experience these kinds of feelings during Valentine´s Day, right? If you are a yellow color lover as well, take a look at Sicily Short Sleeve V neck Shift Casual Knitted Top which seems pretty elegant and it is easy to match with jeans, skirts and even pants. It is available in a dark navy blue color too. The second pick of us are the Chunky Heel Genuine Leather Sweet Sandals that have cute tiny flowers on top. With these on you will feel like the spring has finally come ♥

Source: StyleWe

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