What to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re having a romantic date or you’re spending your time with your girlfriends, you should look good and feel good on the 14th of February. Valentine’s day is almost around the corner and the town will soon be painted with red. Be ready with the typical Valentines’ culprits— bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates and human-sized teddy bears. Well, lucky enough if you have a special someone.


But even if you don’t have someone dear to your heart, you can still have a memorable day. Valentines is about spreading love, romantically speaking or not. Let this day be full of love, together with your loved ones— family, friends and relatives. So for this upcoming day of hearts, whether you have a date or not, don’t forget the wear the perfect Valentine’s outfit.

Romantic Ruffles

Source: Tuula

Source: Tuula

Yes, Valentine’s Day could be stressful enough, especially if you have so little time to choose your outfit because of wasted trials and errors. Well, you actually don’t need to ruin your plans because an effortless and charming piece can magically turn a bad day to a special one. Introducing, the ruffles. Ruffles can be worn, not just during Valentine’s, but also in different occasions. Ranging from florals to abstracts, you will definitely exude a hint of feminism in your outfit.

Start off by creating your own ruffles statement. You can either wear a dress or a top with those romantic ruffles. And since this style is already a fascinating ensemble, you can choose minimalist or neutral accessories for your entire getup.

More Romantic Ruffles Styles

Source: Elle

Source: Elle


Source: Honestly WTF

Source: Honestly WTF

Charming Combination

A Valentine’s Day OOTD can seriously be standout by creating a unique yet captivating style. Though most women would opt to wear charming dresses, you can try a more unconventional fashion with crop tees and culottes. Culottes are very popular during the ’80s and such trend is having a serious comeback this year. Might as well create a trendy look this Valentine’s. The combination is ideal for dinner dates at fine restaurants and all-night dancing at cozy bars.

Apparently, the mishmash of these fashion pieces is one of the perfect outfits for the special occasion. The whole getup will let you feel charming and flirty at the same time. Thus, there’s no need to worry about how will the night end because you’re 100% ready. If you love the flamboyant styles of 1970’s, then you should know some of the trendy statement looks during that era.

Red Revolution

Red will always be the color of love, and during Valentine’s day, there’s no denying that all shades of red are perfect for this special occasion. Whether you are sharing a glass of wine with your special someone or you are drinking too much whiskeys with your pal, you can still enjoy the moment, especially if you are wearing red. There are simply a lot of ways to wear the color red— from the minimalist monochromes to the fancy patterns. It all just takes comfort and confidence to elevate your style.

For a more sexy look, opt for a body-con red dress paired with sleek heels. This type of dress is a hit during Valentine’s as it perfectly embraces your natural curves, making it a great pick for both skinny and plus size woman. But if you want something that is more decent, then try some skater or maxi dresses.

More Red Revolution Styles

Off-The-Shoulder OOTD

Another way to glam up your Valentine’s is by sporting an off-the-shoulder top paired with skinny jeans. This simple yet sexy outfit is the perfect excuse for lazy girls wanting to hit the spotlight. You just have to invest in some statement accessories such as chokers, bangles and rings, to complete your look. These pieces don’t necessarily need to be expensive as there are definitely cheap accessories that will still help you achieve an elegant fashion. You just have to be artistic and resourceful when it comes to fashion.

Flirty Florals

As we all know, flowers are definitely a staple during Valentine’s. Giving and receiving flowers have always been one the most romantic gestures for the past centuries. Ever wondered why? Well, flowers have eminent power to make someone happy and contented. These dainty and delicate works of nature seem to be magical pieces that can melt down one’s sense. And over the years, flowers have become one of the ultimate symbols of love.

To complete the sense of love and appreciation on Valentine’s day, you can wear any kind of outfit with some touch of florals. Wear your favorite floral blouse paired with skater skirt or choose a dress full of flowers. Don’t forget to pair your outfit with fascinating footwear such as nude pumps, classic black heels and peep-toe flats. You can wear minimal embellishments to set off the already striking getup. This flirty floral look will seriously be a head-turner if you strike up a flirty makeup and hairstyle. Make your man fall head over heels with your simply stunning Valentine’s day OOTD.

Back to Black

You will never go wrong with black, and fashion mavens have relied to this shade for years you could no longer remember. Black creates a very sexy and stylish look, which is perfect for the special day of the lovers and even the hopeless romantics. Little black dress is apparently the most common and well-loved style of wearing a black ensemble. You don’t have to waste your precious time in mixing and matching clothes because you will just be sporting one piece of garment. The effortless style can be elevated into a more sophisticated look by accessorizing your outfit with some flamboyant and vibrant accessories. Of course, you should also choose bright pumps and handbags to harmonize the color.

The Bottom Line

Valentine’s Day is technically just a date to commemorate the feast of St. Valentine, but over years it has become an important tradition to show your love and appreciation to someone. And there’s nothing wrong with leveling up your style in this special occasion. Just keep in mind to always choose comfort over style, but you can also have both. Capture the crowd with these captivating Valentine’s outfit.


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