What to Wear for New Year Eve 2019

Long time no see! We really hope you did enjoy this year´s Christmas with all your might and that you got to spend your time with your the most beloved ones together. We also hope that you got everything you had wished for. But since the Christmas are over, we should start to move to another special occasion which will be happening this December. Concretely at its end, on the 31st of December. Yes, we are not talking about anything else than New Year´s Eve party which will be most of you likely attending.

And since this kind of a party is a serious thing, you should also thoroughly consider what will you be wearing during the whole evening. The most important thing to consider about getting dressed is definitely to feel comfortable. These parties can last even more than a few hours so you surely do not want to feel uneasy and uncomfortable, right? In today´s article, we will be presenting you a few ideas and outfit inspiration on what to wear during New Year´s Eve party 2018.

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Cocktail Keyhole Black Shimmer Mermaid Midi Dress

Our first tip on what to wear during this special occasion is a black classic cocktail dress in a mermaid style. This kind of dress is definitely for those of you who are taller since the mermaid type of the skirt can deform smaller figures a bit. The black colour is definitely the most elegant one and it can also help you in case you gain a bit of the weight during the Christmas holidays. This dress will not only make you look slimmer but will also give your body a feminine shape. As you may see in the picture above, there are also shimmery and shiny details on it which will surely make you the centre of everyone´s attention! If you would also like to wear some kind of jewellery, we recommend to not to wear anything massive. Just light and simple earrings and maybe the bracelet. That is seriously enough to match with this midi dress.

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Keyhole Sheath Vintage Velvet Cocktail Midi Dress

For those of you who would experience how to feel like a vintage lady, we recommend wearing this sheath velvet cocktails midi dress. It is available in two colours – black and blue one, but we really think that the blue variant is a great choice! To bring some colour, it means to be somehow different. This shade is very well matched with the people whose skin is pale or with at least the cool undertone. With this vintage velvet dress, you can fulfil your fairytale dreams!

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Off Shoulder Prom Vintage Short Sleeve Slit Solid Maxi Dress

Who said that the special occasion dresses, such as the prom dresses are, can´t be worn during the December-ending party? We highly encourage those, who were thinking the same, to put your favourite prom dress on! This way you will not only feel pretty but like a princess as well. There are three colour options available to choose – the black, bright red and blue one. With this kind of „simple“ dress, you can play with the jewellery and the shoes just the way you want. Anything is fine –, especially the sparkling and shiny stuff!

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Pink Half Sleeve Printed Top With Skirt

To look a bit formal even during the fete like this, it is completely okay. Not everybody of us likes to show off yourself. Everything is okay since it is at least elegant and if it is something you will be feeling comfortable with. On the image above, you can see there one of the two-piece outfits, which have become very popular two wear during the past years. This one is composed of the Pink Half-Sleeved Top with a deeper neckline and the White Lace Midi Skirt. What is the best about this two-piece outfit is the fact that the clothing pieces can be matched even with something else from your wardrobe! This way you can create a lot of different combinations. It just depends on your mood what will you decide to wear in the end!

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Dark Blue Elegant Shimmer Surplice Neck Shift Tops

Since not everyone also likes to wear the dresses or skirts in general, our next tip is a Dark Blue Elegant Shimmer Top with a deeper neckline which can make a very nice and feminine outfit when matched together with the dark black trousers. With this combination, you will look very sophisticated too. Shiny earring or a bracelet can make a huge difference as well!

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Chiffon Peter Pan Collar Casual Frill Sleeve Solid Summer Top

Next blouse recommendation is a Chiffon Frill Sleeve Top with the Peter Pan style collar. It is available in the four different colours – white, light pink, light blue and wine red. This piece of clothing can be worn with a different type of bottoms – pants, skirts or even shorts! It is completely up to you what will you be giving a try. The blouse will not only create the elegant but the adorable and innocent look too.

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Paneled Elegant Shift Ruffled Blouse

Shirt Ruffled Blouse is definitely a must! And not only for the New Year´s Eve party but also for wearing it during the normal days. In its apricot colour, it is very neutral to be matched with anything. The blouse is suitable for creating mostly the cute and elegant outfits, but it has not been said that you can´t transform it also in the femme fatale style outfit! Everything is just up to your own imagination.

And we are at the end! These were our tips for the New Year´s Eve party which you can take as an inspiration and which can also help you with deciding what to buy and what to actually wear during this fancy special occasion. If you are already prepared for the party, but not really for the snowy winter, you can look at our snow boots recommendation in the article of The Best Snow Boots For Women 2018. And do not forget to take proper care of your skin during the winter too! An article about the Korean 10-step Skincare Routine might be helpful for you too. See you next time.

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