What Should You Wear this Winter 2018/2019

What Should You Wear this Winter 2018/2019

Can you believe that December has already come? Because we hardly can! It is just crazy how this whole year has just flown away, isn´t it? The Christmas will be there in the blink of an eye and the new year will begin soon as well. We need to enjoy the last month of the year with everything we have! It is the last one of the months, after all.

A few days ago we published our newest article about The Must-Have Items You Need for Winter 2018. In this article, we were talking about a few trendy fashion accessories which you should get of this year´s winter to be a proper winter fashion queen!

Most of them can be already found also in our e-shop so you do not have to spend your time with the endless looking for them. You just have to click on the ones you like and then decide. Also, do not forget that the Cyber Monday is actually still available on our e-shop. Sales up to 50% off and up to 15 dollars off of the order. They are waiting just for you. If you decide to buy something in the end, we wish you a happy shopping!

In today´s article, we will be talking about the trendy winter fashion items related to clothing. We will be presenting there the clothing pieces such as jackets, dresses, faux fur coats, poncho capes and the others. If you are interested in any of the mentioned, do not forget to continue reading the article to know the hottest trends among them all!

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Animal-friendly faux fur

First of all, let´s start with the faux fur trend. We were already talking about this kind of the trend in our previous articles. But who would not like to wrap themselves in a warm and cosy artificial fur, right? With the stress of the word „artificial“. Of course, a true fashion queen wants to not only look fashionable but also wants to be planet and animal-friendly with a huge desire to protect the animals. Let´s fight against the harms together!

Source: She Finds

Padded armor

The next item which is one of the personifications of winter is definitely a padded jacket. All of the kids, all of the styles, colours, lengths… The padded jacket is a must-have in many countries since the winter around the world can be seriously harsh and cold. This type of the jacket can make you feel really warm and it is easy to make not only the sporty outfits but the elegant ones with as well. Remember – if you are about to buy a padded jacket, choose the one which is a bit more volume than the others. If you look at the runway models, it is completely clear – the bigger the volume, the better!

Source: She Finds

Feel like a hero

And what is that, except the supernatural ability, what makes a hero being a hero? Yes! It is a cape, especially the long one! But, of course, we do not want you to wear the cape which will look like Batman´s one. You can choose among the poncho capes, which are available in different sizes. Some women like to wear the short ones, some of them like to wear the longer capes.

There are also a lot of different features which they can have. For example pattern, application, (fur) hoodie, buttons, fringes et cetera. Poncho does not only belongs to the category of the autumn essentials. It can also be worn during the winter, but be careful! In case of wearing this type of clothing outside, be sure to put on warmer clothes. You do not want to catch a cold, right?

Source: StyleWe

Bright colours

Who said that the winter is only about wearing the plain, ordinary and dark colours? It is exactly the opposite. Since the world outside looks gloomy, you should be the one to bring the specific colour to it. Give it a thought and try to wear the colour you like the most. Is it not the right one? Try to think about the others. For this purpose, you can add to your collection colourful dresses or even the coats!  With the bright colourful coat, you can be sure that most people will notice it right away they will see you. Favourite colours are definitely the vivid red, warm yellow or even the calming blue.

Source: WhoWhatWear

Prepare yourself for the night fever

Well, since there are a few fetes celebrating during December, there are also a few opportunities to make a party or even to attend some. Especially at the end of this year, there will surely be some big ones. And since you are already a fashion queen, you have to catch everyone´s attention. For this purpose, we highly recommend wearing something sparkling and shiny. The favourite applications are definitely the sequins and glitter. Be the center of everyone´s attention and shine bright like a diamond!

Source: StyleWe

White and beige shades

On the contrary, to colourful pieces of clothing, what do you think about those in the beige and white tones? We really think that these two belong to winter the most, since at least the white colour is the winter´s one.

Source: StyleWe

Animal patterns

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you already know about the autumn/winter 2018 trends. One of them is also the leopard pattern. We guess that this kind of pattern is one of those which are mostly similar around. The „leopard coat“ can also be a good element to freshen the whole outfit. And, among all this, they are also cosy and fluffy so they not only make you fashionable but warm as well.

If you do not think about buying anything for this time, it is completely okay. Well, after all, Christmas is coming and you can wish for them too. Who knows? Maybe you will find some of them under the Christmas tree. And the other things which you can wish for being, for example, those from Victoria´s Secret which is a very famous and popular brand. They already released their 2018 holiday collection. If you would like to be inspired and see what they prepared, you can check out the Victoria´s Secret Holiday Fashion Trends 2018.

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