Weight Chart for Girls

There is a steady inter-related relationship between weight & height in the normal growth pattern of the child. There is no such thing as a single ideal weight that a girl should be having. However, weight is of utmost importance in determining what the overall well-being of that girl is. There are a number of factors that determines what the ideal weight of a girl should be:

Source: m.huffpost.com

Source: m.huffpost.com

  • Height
  • Development Stage of that particular girl
  • Nutrition intake
  • Genes
  • Metabolic Rate

Nowadays parents keep comparing their child’s weight and height with that of other children of the same age-group. But it is essential to remember that the baby’s birth weight is equally important and growth starts from there. The overall growth pattern of a particular baby is completely dependent on what the healthy food intake is and how adequate its care is.

Why is it essential to refer to weight chart?

Today, girls as young as 7-10 years are worried about their weight and are steadily becoming discontent and concerned about their weight. These girls are normally highly influenced by what they see on television and magazines. They end up wishing to be thin and want the celeb look. This leads them to resort to a very unhealthy ways like going on a crash diets, missing meals and over-exercising. There are a considerable number of completely healthy teenage girls who start dieting to get thinner. It is essential to remember that body type and the development stage of a girl plays an important role in what would the weight be. A teenage girl would have the tendency to gain more fat if she is going through puberty. She may develop larger breasts and hips during that period. Hence, referring to those charts is essential so that you get an idea as to what the ideal weight should be at a particular age.

Preferred measure to check weight:


Source: weightlossresources.co.uk

The preferred measure to check whether a girl is in right weight range is to check use BMI percentiles i.e. Body Mass Index Percentiles. BMI would divide your weight by your height. A BMI of 15.4 to 22.6 is considered normal for a 13-year old girl and for an 18-year old girl it should be from 17.6 to 25.6. The following chart has been formed by Weight Loss Resources that shows the relation between weight (in Pounds) as to height (in feet and inches).

The following chart formed by Stephen B. Halls, MD and John Hanson, MSc shows the relation between age and weight. This chart is designed specifically for girls aged 1 year to 17 years. The weight has been shown in both Kilogram (kgs) and Pound (lb). The chart has been shown in Percentile which is indicated by red lines. The middle line is indicating 50th percentile. This shows that 50% of the population are heavier while rest 50% of the population of girls are not. From this chart, we can make out what the ideal weight of a girl of particular age should be.


Hence, while weight is of utmost importance in considering overall well-being and development, it is important to remember that being thin does not mean that you are healthy. To keep fit, regular workout and healthy would be a great idea even if you are a busy mom, click to read more.

Source: Moose and Doc

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