The Wedding Mistakes to Watch Out For

Wedding is a walk that changes your life. Every couple dreams to have a perfect marrige. Is it that easy to arrange an exceptional and fairytale-like wedding? That does not seem easy and can let any one to the end of his wit. But with proper planning and time management, you can dodge a lot of miskaes on your big day. Here we have rounded up a list of most common wedding mistakes. We hope after reading it, you can have a flawless wedding. [Read here: Most Beautiful Weddings of 2016.]

Most Common Wedding Mistakes

  1. Not Finalizing the Guest List First
source: guest list

source: guest list

The over-excited couples are more concerned about the stuff like shopping, wedding flowers selection, venue booking, cake tasting, menu selection and so on. And no one bothers about the most important task of finalizing a guest list. How could you plan the other wedding details like seating arrangement, reception venue, catering budget etc. without finalizing the headcount. We understand, it’s a boring task, but to avoid any misadventure, it is highly recommended to finalize the wedding guest list in the very first place.

  1. Useless Wedding Registries

Wedding registries are a great way of lessening your burden, if picked properly. Most of the times, couples don’t pay heed to the items to be selected. And at the end of the day, all you have is a collection of china crockery or toasters. Register for the items that are useful in the long run. Opt for the best stores for wedding registries to get the best options and pick the most useful items.

  1. Late Booking of Wedding Venues

source: venus

Wedding venues should be booked as soon as possible. Otherwise you might face a lot of inconvenience later on. Pick the best venues, keeping in view the things like, number of guests, a dance floor, a special area specified for elderly people of the family and your budget. And of course, you cannot do it without consulting your significant other.

  1. Delayed Mailing of Wedding Invitations

Being the host, it is your responsibility to send in invitations to the guests on time. Delayed mailing of invites is the most commonly observed practice. Reason is simple, no one bothers to go to the post office, check the postage etc. (Square-shaped wedding invitations require additional postage). And in most of the cases, people tend to ignore such details. And either your guests don’t get the wedding invitation at all or they get it when it’s too late (I hope no one gets it after the nuptial). To avoid such terrible mistake, don’t drop it in the mail box with any other stamp, rather you should take it to the post office in person, get the postage checked and make sure that it will be dispatched on time.

  1. Not Hiring a Professional Photographer

We understand, hiring a professional photographer may leave you with an empty wallet. But that is not a valid excuse to skip it. Wedding is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. Don’t do anything that you regret later on. Hire some professional to capture these exceptional moments in the best possible way.

  1. Overlooking the Table’s shape


Though round tables are considered timeless and good for a friendly atmosphere as they tend to make a more conversation-friendly atmosphere. But there are some other technicalities that must never be ignored. If your venue is not that spacious, replace round tables with the rectangular ones. Or you can place rectangular tables side by side in a connected manner to make one-long table. Don’t following such details may turn your venue into a suffocated and crowdy place.

  1. Wrong timing for Picking your Wedding Gown

source: grown

A beautiful wedding gown is what completes the wedding look. Don’t pick a dress in over-excitement. First of all, make sure it suits your body structure and style. We recommend you to research all the well-reputed stores before picking the one. Sometimes, brides make hasty decisions. And as the D-day approaches, they find nothing excited about their wedding gowns. So, stay calm, take your time and pick the best. And above all, don’t forget to set a proper time frame for any alterations by the seamstresses.

  1. Not Reading the Contracts

source: contract

Being a couple-to-be is a time when you are busy signing a lot of contracts with wedding vendors. But the hectic schedule doesn’t let you get into each and every detail of the contracts. This careless attitude may result in something unwanted. Try your best to read the contracts yourself. Still if you can’t do that, get assistance from some close and reliable family member in reading all the details for you.

  1. Over-fascinated by Pinterest

Source: ideas

Pinterest is a single place that all the girls love to explore. Those wedding boards are just fab to get the wedding inspiration. But you can follow those ideas only to a certain extent. Don’t try to imitate the ideas blindly. As most of the ideas on Pinterest are suitable for the lavishing weddings. So, if you are planning a wedding in a limited budget, things may turn out to be confusing and hard to manage.

  1. Spending too much on Flowers

source: flower

There is no need to spend too much on flowers. I don’t understand why people spend such big amounts on getting their favorite flowers arranged from different parts of the world. Prefer seasonal flowers, these are more affordable and easily available.

  1. Delayed Booking of Hotel Rooms for Guests

source: hotel-rooms

You must not ignore the guests who are going to come from out of station. Many times, the busy schedule of brides makes them forget to book hotel rooms for the guests. There could be nothing more embarrassing than this. Make sure, you book hotel rooms for them for about 8 months before the wedding.

  1. More Guests and Less Space

Make sure your wedding venue is enough for the number of guests you are inviting. Sometimes couples invite too many guests and it becomes impossible to do a proper seating arrangement for all.

Conclusion: Saying ‘I do’ seems perfect when your whole wedding arrangements are done professionally. As far as mistakes go, to err is human. Even the smartest people on planet may commit mistakes. You can’t avoid mistakes but being careful is the least you can do. All that you need is to pay heed towards several technical details. And you can have the wedding of your dreams. [Read here: The Hottest Bridal Trends of 2017.]

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