Wedding Guest Outfits You Can Try

Wedding Guest Outfits You Can Try

Wedding is not just a typical day you can forget in a week or two. It’s downright special and memorable. Hence, lots of preparations are being done to make it completely successful. And when you receive a wedding invitation, it’s something that you should, at least, take seriously. Well, you don’t want to barge into the wedding ceremony with an out-of-the-world OOTD, right? You should be presentable enough for the crowd—not to mention, for photographers too! Being presentable, however, does not mean you’ll take the spotlight away from the groom and bride. It’s absolutely their day, and you were just given the chance to witness this rather significant phase of their lives.

beach wedding

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First and foremost, check on the wedding invitation to have the slightest idea about the entire celebration— the date, the venue, the type (whether it’s a formal, cocktail or beach wedding), and the like. Knowing this ahead of time will surely create a huge difference, as well as avoid an outfit mishap. Know what you’re getting into so that you can prepare ahead of time. However, there are times that wedding can be a bit vague, and you are just left with this line “Whatever you wear is okay as long as you show up!” Well, this could be pretty tough. To lessen the stress, we’ll help you decode some of the charming wedding outfits you can wear as guest. This wedding guest fashion will ultimately make you a stunner in the most appropriate way.

Little White Dress

Little White Dress

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There are seriously heaps of wedding outfits for guests, but apparently the most popular pick is the white dress, even if your grandmother would tell you otherwise. Well, you’ll never go wrong with this conventionally pure and prim outfit, but still you need to make sure you will not overshadow the bride. Opt for something that is quite simple with a touch of sophistication. You are attending a sacred covenant, and not a party. So, might as well keep it classy not showy. To give you a hint of how wedding dresses have evolved for the past century, check out this interesting run-through: A Dramatic Evolution of Wedding Dresses in 100 Years.

Cute Black Dress

Who says black dresses are not fitting for wedding celebrations? Pick an elegant black gown that will perfectly complement the conservative event. Skip the unappealing cutouts and flashy styles such as sequins and glitters. Black cocktail dresses are definitely one of the most adorable choices during weddings. The entire outfit goes well with a simple clutch bag and subtle jewelry. Overall, you will look modestly refined and fresh.

Mesmerizing Maxi Dresses

Mesmerizing Maxi Dresses

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No need to stress yourself out during a beach wedding because this one of the most casual types of wedding. Let the soothing venue be your guide in choosing the right clothing. As beach weddings entail romance and serenity, maxi dresses are the ultimate selection for the wedding guests. These are the type of dresses you can wear to a romantic summer wedding. The flowy hem of the dress gives a more relaxing vibe, which is perfect for the breathtaking beach scene.  And to complete your laid-back yet polished aura, opt for a nice pair of sandals and some adorable accessories. Don’t forget to avoid sneakers and flip-flops!

Floral Cocktail Dress

Floral dresses are downright romantic that is why these styles have become a staple in wedding celebrations— whether it’s a beach wedding or a garden reception. Apparently, it’s the easiest way to look freshly seamless for a dreamy exchange of vows.  The fascinating floral pattern also makes a great accessory, giving you less hassle when it comes to topping off your ensemble with fancy ornaments. Complete your casual style with a monochrome bag and simple yet striking accessories like statement necklace and metallic earrings.

Lovely Wrap Dress

Lovely Wrap Dress

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An above-the-knee wrap dress is simply sophisticated in all angles. How much more if you drape a nice and crisp cardigan over your shoulders and accent your ensemble with a chic satchel and elegant mid-block heels? This getup may just be the perfect representation for a formal to semi-formal wedding. The overall look is way too prim and classy, which is great way to respect the formalities of wedding. Traditional weddings are sometimes very strict with the wedding etiquettes that include the appropriate attire.

Lace Dress Topped with Fringe Kimono

If you will be attending a bohemian-styled wedding, then laces and fringes will always be a typical scene. Keep it cool and casual with a nice lace dress capped with a fringe kimono. And then, finish off your endearing ensemble with a ruffled bag and cute floral crown. Your OOTD is charming enough to catch the crowd’s attention without outshining the beautiful bride.

Bohemian-themed weddings are very pleasing to the eyes— the casualness, the charm, and the serenity are completely contagious. For a more comprehensive guide about this kind of wedding, read this article “Wedding Planning 101: Gorgeous Bohemian Theme Ideas”.

Charming Top and Skirt

Dresses aren’t just the only option during weddings. Wedding guests can, of course, wear something aside from the typical cocktail dresses. And if you feel like foregoing the traditional outfit, then try a top paired with a skater, tulle or peplum skirt. This charming combination will surely turn heads during the wedding day as it exudes uniqueness and casualness in one setting.

Off-the-Shoulder Paired with Culottes

Though there are several essential rules when it comes to wedding outfits by guests, every year these rules are altered. Fashion is now well-incorporated even in weddings as guests are a bit more open to unique styling and expression. It’s time to let go with the norm and go for something different. Pull off a captivating OOTD on this rather special day by going bold and dramatic. Yes, and we’re referring to this distinctive yet delightful duo— the off-the-shoulder top and culottes. This style is utterly ideal to replace the archetypal cocktail gowns.

Weddings will always be a special event in one’s life. So, always remember that even if your presence counts the most, your outfit can create a big impact to the entire celebration. It could be worth remembering or worth forgetting. The former is way better than the latter though.

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