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The Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas You Can Give Him

Chocolates and flowers are traditional Valentine’s gifts that most women find really romantic. Well, truly enough, Valentine’s gifts for women come in so many forms and types that the options are quite limitless! However, when it comes to men, buying them something for Valentine’s day can be a bit of a struggle. The traditional chocolates and flowers combo that works for you may not appeal quite nicely your man! Well, February is going to to greet us in just a few weeks so if you are currently thinking about what to give your man, we’ve got you covered as early as now!


We have researched online and went on a quick survey with some of our guy friends to help us curate the best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men. We guarantee that your guys is totally going to love it! Here’s what we have come up with:

#1 – Set of Spirits

Who doesn’t love drinking spirits? If your man likes drinking, then a fancy gift set of different alcoholic beverages would be quite ideal. Make sure you get him the brand he wants and he’ll maybe share you some! It’s something great to have especially in romantic special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. A set with different types of spirits is also a great way to tap to variety; meaning you’re more likely to get something he really likes to drink!

#2 Wireless Headphones


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Is your boyfriend or husband a music-lover? We all know headphones and earphones are pretty common gifts to give to those who love music but, taking it to a higher level with wireless headphones would kick your “cool girlfriend/wife” points to a notch! It’s something to save him from all those tangled wires, plus it gives him much easier access to music he has in his gadgets. Get it in his favorite color and we are pretty sure he’s going to love it. But what if you’re on a budget? Here’s a good read for you! 10 Gifts That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

#3 Gym Bag


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Whether your man loves going to the gym or goes to play soccer with his friends during the weekend, he surely needs a nice and sturdy athletic gym bag. It won’t be that hard to get him a nice athletic gym bag for it comes in various kinds and different price points to suit your budget. It is also a great way to show him that you care about him getting lean and fit!

#4 Fun Printed Socks


Source: Seventeen

Get a bit fun and creative with more prints and colors with a warm pair socks. Well, it may not be something he can wear in the office, but at least these pairs would stand out in his wardrobe – and for that, he’ll always remember you! Try to find socks that has prints of his favorite stuff – may it be pizza, beer or his favorite comic character.

#5 Car Seat Cushion


Source: Ebay

A very long drive can be quite exhausting, right? If your man pretty much does most of the driving, then why not give him something he can really use? Car cushions are very beneficial to give superior comfort and support to the back especially for long trips. He will definitely appreciate this gift idea as it is very useful for his driving.

#6 Designer Fragrance


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Relay your elegant and sophisticated taste for designer items with a musky sandalwood designer scent for your man. No man will ever skip a dab of cologne after shower. Plus, your man will know how much you love his new scent and you won’t stop smelling him from now on! Go get him a scent that you also love and make sure it will be something he can use both for business meetings and romantic date nights with you.

#7 Man Stash Gift Set


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If your man is more of a laid-back, casual type, then you can’t go wrong with a creative beer set. Most men prefer beer over wine after all! Fill up his “Man Stash” box with different beer bottles, beer mugs, bottle opener and some snacks that go well with his favorite beer. He’ll love it to bits for it is something he can instantly bring out while he watches his favorite basketball game!

#8 Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker


Source: Minipresso

Coffee is a part of almost everybody’s morning routine. If your husband or boyfriend wakes up early in the morning for a ton of office work, then a kick of caffeine won’t hurt. Save him the time and money of actually paying Starbucks a visit before going to work. We found this super awesome mini espresso machine that he can take with him anytime, anywhere! How’s that for a very thoughtful gift?

#9 VR Headset


Source: Pinterest

Let’s not forget about your gamer guy! Well, regardless of age, men do love gaming,  don’t you agree? Give him the hottest gaming gadget of the year and we bet he’ll uncontrollably jump out of joy! Virtual Reality Headsets are very popular these days and it also comes in different price points to suit your budget. With this, he’ll realize how much you appreciate his hobbies. Plus, his friends are definitely going to talk about his cool girl – you!

#10 Stylish Beanie


Source: Vogue

Want your man to be as fashion-forward as you are? Well, you can do that in the most subtle way by starting off with a stylish warm beanie. We love how David Beckham looks so hot with his beanies! Don’t you think your man can pull off such edgy street fashion with the beanie f your choice? The great thing about beanies is that they can be worn casually in so many ways.

Now that wraps our list up! What are you planning to get for your man this Valentine’s day? If you didn’t find what you like in this list, check out 20 Most Suitable Holiday Gifts for Mature Men

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