11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven’t Known Yet

We have heard about the wonders of coconut oil for decades now and through all these years, it’s been proven how amazingly beneficial it is when it comes to our beauty-related concerns. We can actually say that coconut oil is nature’s miracle ingredient as it is pretty much a cure-all.


Not all natural ingredients can be used in its maximum ability in every part of the body, which is why Coconut oil is very different. From head to toe – Coconut oil can be used to nourish, heal, protect and hydrate to keep yourself healthy. Problems with your hair? Coconut oil can work in each and every strand! Dry and itchy skin? Slather some coconut oil on and feel immensely hydrated! True enough, Coconut oil has so much benefits and that is why we thought of sharing its beauty benefits here in this post. If you have a jar of coconut oil in your kitchen, then read this blog post to know how to use it ultimately!

1. Use it as a hydrating body lotion.

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Dreams Time

If you are experiencing extremely dry and patchy skin, you can definitely try putting Coconut oil on your skin as a substitute to body lotion. Regular body lotions usually contain artificial ingredients that only provide temporary hydration. On the other hand, coconut oil is very rich in natural emollients that hydrate from within. It gives instant moisture that deals with the dry patches, resulting to smooth and supple skin. With continuous usage, it will make your skin plump and more youthful-looking.

2. Use coconut oil as a dewy primer makeup base.

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Pinterest

Dewy skin is in! Ever since the whole Korean makeup trend skyrocketed to popularity, everyone has been flaunting dewy, water shine makeup looks! Cosmetic brands have released a lot of different primers that feature a particular shine that makes the skin glow. Well, instead of spending more than $50 on amazing dewy primers, why not go au naturel with coconut oil? Did you know that coconut oil makes an exceptional base as well? It does not have a greasy property as coconut oil is pretty fast-absorbing. It hydrates your skin deeply while leaving a moisture film to act as a protective barrier for the skin. This is what makes your skin look dewy!

3. Great ingredient for the re-growth of your brows and eyelashes

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Dermataloge

Troubling over sparse lashes and thin eyebrows? Fret no more because the ultimate solution to this is in your very own kitchen! Just take a spoolie brush and sip it into coconut oil. Brush it over your lashes and brows every night and get ready to see results! A lot of beauty bloggers recommend this to make your lashes and brows healthier. Some even mix it with a bit of castor oil for optimum results.

4. Coconut Oil is an amazing lip conditioner

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Womensok.com

Coconut oil works just as great for your lips like how it is for your skin. Like what we mentioned earlier, coconut oil can be a great substitute for your body lotion as it effectively nourishes and hydrates the skin. Also, if you are suffering from extremely dry and chapped lips, apply some coconut oil on it at least three times a day. This is also great for those who have very sensitive lips. Read more here: How to Effectively Recover from Dry and Chapped Lips

5. Use for the scalp as dandruff treatment

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Net Doctor

Yes, you read that right! Did you know that coconut oil is an exceptional treatment for stubborn dandruff? Dandruff happens when your scalp is extremely dry. This results to the surface of your scalp blotching up and therefore forming nasty flakes. Show your scalp some loving and save it from dryness by applying coconut oil to your roots. This will boost moisture and prevent your scalp from getting super dry.

6. Saggy eye bags and dark circles? Try coconut oil as an eye cream!

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Mirror.co.uk

As coconut oil is considered a great source of healthy fat, this significantly features a lot of anti-aging properties. It greatly contributes in making the skin enriched with a healthy amount of moisture, therefore boosting the skin’s natural water retention. It makes the delicate skin around your eyes more supple and plump which makes it visibly youthful.

7. Use coconut oil as a cleanser for your dirty makeup brushes.

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Pinterest

Coconut oil is rich in antibacterial properties which is why it makes a great brush cleaner. As it is in oil form, it effectively melts off makeup from the bristles of your makeup brush. In addition to that, it also kills bacteria that possibly lurks within your makeup brushes. Nobody wants bacteria in their makeup brush, right?!

8. It makes quite an amazingly soothing massage oil.

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Pinterest

When you are feeling stressed and exhausted after a long day of hard work, a massage sounds like the best thing you can ever have. Coconut oil does not have a strong aroma but it has a distinct scent that makes you feel more relaxed. Apart from this, it soothes the skin by infusing moisture and nourishment in it so it makes a great massage oil.

9. Use it as a deep conditioner for super soft and voluminous hair.

The amazing benefits of Coconut oil for the hair have always been immensely popular in many countries. In fact, a lot of famous celebrities list coconut oil down as one of their beauty staples! Did you know that Miranda Kerr swears by it? In an interview with Glamour, she mentioned how much she relies on coconut oil when it comes to making her hair soft, bouncy, smooth and healthy. What she does is put coconut oil in the chiller for about 3 minutes until it forms into a thick paste. And then, she massages it all over her hair and leaves it for at least 30 minutes! No wonder she’s got amazing supermodel hair!

10. Coconut oil is a natural makeup remover.

Just like how it works with cleaning your makeup brushes, it also works just as well in removing your makeup. Save yourself from buying pricey makeup removers and just grab some coconut oil to take all those makeup off! It melts off makeup in a breeze. Free your skin! Check out these celebrities with no makeup: Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous Even Without Makeup

11. Coconut oil is also good for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

11 Amazing Uses of Coconut oil You Haven't Know Yet

Source: Theraderm

Having stretch marks can be a very nerve-wracking struggle for most of us women. While stretch mark treatments can only do as much, there are still ways to tame them and make them less visible. One way to do so is to use coconut oil. Just apply it on the affected area at least twice a day.

So there you have it! It is true that Coconut oil is a natural wonder especially for us who care a lot about beauty. How else do you use coconut oil for? If you have more ideas to share on how coconut oil works for you, let us know in the comments below!

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