Trendy Summer 2018 Accessory Guide

Trendy Summer 2018 Accessory Guide

It has already been a few days since a summer has officially started. From now on, let´s slow down for a bit and just enjoy a current moment. Take a huge, deep breath and enjoy warm sunny days, with your favourite cocktail in a hand, getting tan in the sun or just chilling somewhere outside with your favourite magazine or a book. Now it is the right time to start to live your summer dream, to explore new wonderful destinations, to find your true self or to even experience a romance.

All of this and even more is possible to experience during this year´s vacation. It is not important whether you are staying home or going abroad for a summer holiday with a family or friends. What is actually important is the fact, that you should be the one who is happy and, of course, to be stylish and trendy as much as possible in every single occasion! Do you need help? Do not worry! We are here, prepared to help you. In this article, we will be showing you a few accessories which will help you to achieve a fabulous summer goddess look! Let yourself be inspired and try to experiment more. In the end, that is what the fashion is about.

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Soft elegance represented by the pearls

Pearls – which woman would not like them, right? They look so pretty, soft and innocent. Yet they are still very sensual and luxurious-looking. This time we are not talking only about the real ones. Even the „fake“ ones can look very nice. And, of course, not everyone can afford the real pearls. But it is not a problem. There is no need to be sad. Even the cheap ones can create a required impression. Try to look for a headband, earrings, necklace or even a bracelet which would be made from these elements. But do not forget to not combining them together all at once. Wearing them all together would be too much.

Source: Pop Sugar

Bring a colour to your life with the beads

Beaded accessories will always bring a happy mood along. Especially in the different colours and various combinations or even made into the interesting creations. The best way how to manifest them is to wear a crossbody bag or any other kind of the bag with this application. In case of the fact that you do not want anything that visible, a small cute beaded coin purse is a solution.

Straw is the way!

What is another thing which will make you feel „summery“? Definitely the straw accessories! The best ones and the most frequent ones are a straw hat or the straw bags. Trendy and fashionable this year is definitely the rounded straw bags in the different shades of the straws – white, black, khaki, beige etc. It is only up to you to choose the right one. Straw accessories are also the best for matching with clothing since in most cases they are neutral.

Source: Pinterest

Glam your way with the rhinestones

Another accessory which is a very favourite one among the most women is definitely rhinestones. They can be worn on the different places of the body, in the various ways. It is just about your imagination and liking, how will you wear them in the end. Very popular, especially during the summer, are the headbands with a seriously lot of them, in different colours and shapes, of course. Wearing them will immediately turn you into a princess or a queen. Just try it and you will see yourself! Another cool alternative is wearing them on your nails. If you are a fan of the gel nail arts, this is the right way for you. Be sure your nails will be one of the first things which will the others notice about you.

Source: Pinterest

Chain yourself up!

Well, we do not mean that literally, of course. What we meant are the body and head chains, usually in the shades of a gold and silver. Additionally, you may find them also with other applications which we also meant above – pearls, rhinestones, beads etc. The best thing is that you can also wear them on your bikini or another kind of a swimwear. With these chains, you will surely become a queen of the beach on a whim!

Source: Beauty Crew

Silk hair wraps

In one of the previous articles, we already mentioned this summer trend. Silk hair wrap can be worn in different ways. For example, they can be used as a hat when you are spending time in the sun outside. It can be used as a fashionable printed hair tie too. If you can´t decide about which necklace you should wear with your outfit, let´s tie this wrap around your neck! In this way, you will look like a real Parisian woman.

Wearing flowers as a crown

Summer is also a season full of the festivals which means special occasions to fancy yourself up. With this, flowers crowns will definitely help you. They will transform you into a beautiful and feminine woman in the seconds. The more various flowers, the better! If you want to become a delicate and soft fairy of the woods, the flower crowns are definitely the best summer accessories you need to garner.

Source: Fashionisers

Wrap yourself in a gold!

For a beautifully tanned sunkissed skin, golden accessories are definitely the right choice! Brown skin and golden vibes – that is a true summer combo. Gold is a warm metal which can be matched with almost anything. Feeling elegant or sporty, this type of the metal can handle everything.

Of course, there are the others things which you can compose your summer outfit with. We only chose some of the actual trends you may follow this season. In case you did not find anything that you would actually like to wear, you can find some other inspiration in a previous article which we dedicated to beautiful and just wonderful Taylor Hill, a super-talented Victoria´s Secret model and a fashion diva who is always looking flawless and fabulous. If you would like to be as fashionable as her, follow the Taylor Hill´s guide to becoming a goddess. If you prefer a kind of a different style, follow the Scarlet Johansson´s look inspiration.

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