Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Are you tired of your boring hair? Well, today must be the best time to have an instant makeover. You don’t have to face those big shears to create an instant hair evolution. All you need is a little bit of confidence and style. An unconventional hairstyle can certainly make a  major transformation, not just with your hair, but also with your life. People tend to notice you with your new hair and that being said, you’re one step in achieving your hair goals. So, are you ready for a new you?

#1 Healthy Long Locks

It’s the time of the year to reinvigorate your beauty and head on to a unique hairstyle. But before you transform your hairstyle into something more eccentric, make sure your hair has recovered from all the beach escapades and long hikes. Dry, frizzy and brittle are very unflattering.

There are several products in the market and you might be overwhelmed with the countless selections. You can always choose the natural way of achieving a healthy hair with great volume. Try an intense hydrating mask on your hair by using coconut oil. And since you don’t want to get rid of you locks, you can just opt for trimming those split ends.

Celebrity Looks

  • Look #1: Nina Dobrev

This charming actress is well-loved for her character as Elena Gilbert in the hit supernatural drama television series, Vampire Diaries. Many admire her very long hair, wherein she can have different and attractive hairstyles. Her secret? Nina is a self-confessed lover of conditioner and mask. She admitted that she keeps her hair healthy and strong by using hair conditioner and hair masks to her long locks. If you’re having a hard time with your dry and damaged hair, this article can definitely help you: Favorite Products for Dry and Damaged Hair with Reviews

  • Look #2: Mila Kunis
Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Source: Pinterest

Mila Kunis rocked some dramatic hairstyles over the span of her career. She has tried funky curls, wavy medium length and sleek long hair. All of these hairstyles are definitely fabulous, but one striking look is her straight dark chocolate brown shade. The subtle of golden highlights completely complemented the hair color and we just can’t get enough of her sultry eyes and iconic winged- liner.

  • Look #3: Nicole Scherzinger

 One of the most notable celebrities with super gorgeous long hair, Nicole is the ultimate bomb with her deep black layers that set off her monochrome white outfit. Her secret products are hair spray and heat protectant. She spilled the beans that these essentials are part of her daily regimen. It’s no question that Nicole can be a hair goddess.

Charming Messy Bob

If you have been sporting a short haircut all your life, then you probably have been stuck with the dilemma of choosing the right style for you. It could be true that short haircuts are difficult to vamp up, but you can actually look more fascinating with such. You can try to level up your style with this messy angled bob. Unlike the sleek bob style, imperfect bob can be your ultimate good-to-go hair. No wonder, this hairstyle is the hottest trend in the century. If you want to try a unique hairstyle, here are some 15 Best Bob and Lob Hairstyles.

Celebrity Looks

  • Look #1: Jennifer Lawrence
Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Source: Refinery29

 Law is not just known for her tough movie characters, but also her funny rhetoric. And she has proven that even with her hard-hitting and humorous demeanor, she can still pull off a messy blonde in a bob haircut. The soft waves with some touch of highlights harmonize her entire look. This is a total guarantee of edgy get-up.

  • Look #2: Rachel Mcadams

Messy and imperfect hair textures really look good on bob haircut. Want a proof? Well, Rachel Mcadams is the perfect example. The uneven structure helps you achieve the greatest volume and unique style for your hair. With this kind of hairstyle, you don’t have to hide your tangles and split ends because you can still look awesome with those imperfections.

  • Look #3: Julianne Hough
Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Source: Hairfinder

Julianne Hough’s move in cutting her gorgeous long blonde was totally impressive. She proves that being beautiful is not about having long locks, but keeping a healthy and attractive hair. Apparently, 2016 is more on taking the casual out of a short hairstyle and Julianne is one perfect representation of charming messy bob.

Braided Updo

Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Source: Youtube

There’s nothing more permanent in the world than that of change. Change is part of life and even your hairstyle can’t neglect it. However, there are some who get too attached with their long hair. Well, that’s not a problem. You can still embrace change without the need to meet those dreadful scissors. Let go of your boring straight hair and try this romantic braided updo. This hairstyle is perfect for medium and long hairs.

Celebrity Looks

  • Look #1: Hayden Panettiere
Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Source: Elle

Let  Hayden Panettiere be your next updo inspiration. Her blonde really looks good in braided updo and we can’t also forego her yellow gown that completed her striking style. If you’re getting tired of your long hair, then try some gorgeous ways like wearing your hair up. Hair updos can be very fascinating, whether be it cute plaited bun or charming braided style. Aside from that, braided updos are the most intricate and  romantic updos. These hairstyles will never pass unnoticed with its amiable design, which is also perfect for your big day.

  • Look #2: Minka Kelly
Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Source: 29secrets

Just like Minka Kelly, braided updo is also the perfect option whether you want to have an eye-catching look or a casual get-up. In here, she opted for a sexy braided updo with some of the charming accessories ever. We love how her hairstyle go together with her intricate gown details. Her overall look is just way romantic and classical!

  • Look #3: Taylor Swift
Transform Your Hairstyle Without a Haircut

Source: PopSugar

It’s no question that Taylor is one the most popular singers of the current generation. Her songs are very much inspirational and striking, which seems to be the avenue of her heartaches. But aside from her well-loved songs, she has perfected the romantic braided updo. She never goes overboard with her simple yet very likable hairstyles. Here is a step by step guide in copying Taylor’s adorable bangs: How to Cut Bangs Hairstyle

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