Shoes to Wear this Autumn

Top 11 Most Fashionable Shoes to Wear this Autumn

Can you imagine it is almost the end of the August? A month of the last-minute vacation, hot and humid summer days, in a few countries last month of the summer holiday too. It is just unbelievable how this year´s summer already flew by. The end of the August also predicts a beginning of a new cold and colourful season – autumn. With this grey, sad yet still beautiful and colourful season coming, we should upgrade our wardrobe with some nice, stylish but mostly warm clothing too. And oh! Do not forget about the shoes! This year, there will be a lot of different styles and shapes to look forward to shop. What? Have you not heard about the hottest shoes and boots trends of fall/winter 2018 yet? Do not worry! We are here to help you to find the right suitable ones just for you and your style. Do not hesitate and continue reading so you can get inspired and learn about the freshest shoes and boots trends of fall 2018. Let´s dig into it together, shall we?

Every single season of the year has its own trends and cool items to upgrade your wardrobe and shoe closet with. But for this autumn, we could already see so many of them on the runaways! It is almost unbelievable how many shoe trends they got covered. Especially the pretty elegant bow shoes, immortal wild animal pattern, brown colour in every single possible shade or even the weird angled heels and many others. With this all said, let´s introduce every single one of them one by one.

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1. Adorable bow shoes
Would you define yourself as a sophisticated chic lady who likes elegant applications on her shoes? If the answer is yes, you definitely have to own one pair of these shoes! Elegant heels with the satin bow are the autumn must-have!

Source: Style Caster

2. Wild animal pattern
Some people may find it retro and old, but believe us – wild animal patterns still have their place when it comes to being fashionable.

Source: Overstock

3. Brown colour and its shades
The immortal brown colour which you can combine with anything and everything will be trendy probably every single year. It not only looks pretty elegant, but it is also easily matched with most of the clothes and coats. If you want something easily combined and timeless, this is definitely the best choice for you.

Source: You Magazine

4. Weird angled and atypical heels – yes, we really mean it!
Forget the plain ordinary horizontal heel. They are not famous anymore! If you want to be special, invest in the round cylindrical heels for example. This type of the heels will definitely draw some attention to you!

Source: Pinterest

5. Square toe is back!
Well, we can say that there are two main types of the people when it comes to the ends of any kind of the shoes. Those who like the oval or round one, and those who prefer the square one. Well, for the people who like the second option we have some great news – square toe shoes are this year the preferred ones! And for those, who do not like them that much .. Well, won´t you at least give them a chance? Eventually, you may come to like them too.

Source: Refinery29

6. Metallic silver
A colour mostly dedicated for the evening and night, when the parties and other celebrations are held. But it does not mean you cannot wear silver shoes during the day! Combined with the nice vibrant colours they may freshen your outfit and give it a decent accent. Try to think about incorporating in your daily OOTD. In case you like glitters too, why don’t you try to look for the pair who will combine them both?

Source: Bustle

7. Rhinestones and jewels
The queen on the night, but also the queen of the day. If you aiming to become one, you should definitely look like one! And with this, the rhinestones and jewels will definitely help you. They are your best friends in this case. And not only those plain transparent ones. If you are planning to buy the jewelled pair of the shoes, be sure that the jewels are big, shiny and colourful.

Source: Stylesophie

8. Colours
This year, except the brown and silver colour, there will be also other ones to choose from. For example, vivid red, white and vivid pink. These ones will truly draw some attention to your feet and you. Vivid red is mostly for the passionate, temperament and brave women, vivid pink, on the other side, is for those who are still dreaming yet dedicated to chase and fulfil their dreams!

Source: Pinterest

9. Platform shoes
Who would not love them, right? Not only they can help smaller women look taller, not only they can make your body look slimmer, they can only help you with walking, since they are, in most cases, very comfortable. Walking in them will feel much better than in the thin heeled shoes.

10. Transparent shoes
If you are one of those brave women who like to try new things and do not care about anyone else´s opinion, we recommend you to try another hit of this season – transparent shoes. Those with heels or even those without them. It is completely up to you but does not be surprised if people will stare at you. Probably admiring your braveness. Remember – we warned you 😉

Source: Pinterest

11. Spacious boots
Oh, you do not like shoes and boots which are tight on your ankle? Would you like to wear something spacious then? Hmmm .. we have a solution for that! Spacious ankle boots are surely something what should every one of us try. Different kinds, different colours, different patterns. It is up to you to choose among them 😊

These 11 trends are the ones of the coolest and fashionable to wear this autumn. But a real fashion queen has also to take care of her skin! A few days ago, we published 10-step Korean Skin-Care Routine so if you feel like, go and check it out. Also, don´t forget to check top 10 Must-Have Summer Bikinis.

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