Top 10 Fashion Tips from Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham gave her top 10 fashion tips in the interview with Mediam Rare. Want to know Victoria’s fashion style? Check out Victoria Beckham:The Posh Days Are OverVictoria Beckham 15 Best Looks Of 2016 & Her brand Victoria Beckham Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear

1. What does style mean to you?

VB: Style should be comfortable, timeless and personal. It should look like you haven’t tried too hard. Style should make you feel confident as well.

2.What items should you invest in?

VB: Invest in a good pair of jeans, a good tailored jacket, a crisp white shirt, and a dress that you can rely on and makes you confident. A dress that you can move in and is a little bit sexy as well so that you can wear on date night.

3.What styling advice would you give to busy mums?

VB: Just be who you are. Don’t do anything too dramatic. Don’t try too hard, just do what works for you. A good pair of sunglasses because it can hide a multitude of sins if you’ve been up all night with the children. A good size handbag that looks chic and sophisticated but it’s large enough to throw all the kids’ stuff in.

4.How much importance should women place on fashion trends?

VB: I don’t think it’s about fashion trends. It’s about what works for the individual. It’s important that you feel comfortable. Invest in key pieces that you are going to wear season after season. Just keep it simple.

5.What’s you failsafe outfit that works for all occasions?

VB: A dress from my ready-to-wear collection. Those dresses are great. You can literally step in it, zip yourself up and you’re good to go. Whether it’s day or night, whether you’re going to the office or having date night.

6.What about for date night with the husband – what do you wear?

VB: For date night with the husband, the perfect outfit would be a sexy dress, which makes you feel confident and sexy. I think it’s important that you feel sexy for yourself and not just for your partner. And you know, men like a fitted dress.

7. What’s your philosophy on accessorising?

VB: Less is a more, like a really cool handbag, a really cool pair of sunglasses and minimal jewelry. Keep it quite simple.

8. Tell us about your red-carpet ritual?

VB: Get as much sleep as you can. Drink as much water. Listen to really good music when you’re getting ready. Make sure you enjoy the getting ready process. As a woman that’s the fun part, getting your hair done and make-up done.

9. What’s your top tip for how to pack for travelling?

VB: Overpack! Because there’s nothing worse of not having everything you need when you are away. Make sure you have all eventualities covered and use a lot of tissue paper because if you pack things properly, things won’t be too creased.

10. What would be the one fashion tip you would want to pass on to your daughter?

VB: Just appreciate and love yourself. Dress for yourself. Don’t dress for anybody else. Just dress so that you feel good and that you feel like the best version of yourself.

Source: Youtube mediamrare

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