Top 10 Autumn 2018 Dress Trends

Top 10 Autumn 2018 Dress Trends

It is totally unbelievable that September is already here. A cold yet very beautiful and vividly coloured autumn is unstoppable to come soon. And we just can’t really do anything about it, even probably the most of the people would like to. But on the other side, even if the summer will end soon, in a near few weeks, we should not be feeling down. There are still many wonderful opportunities for what we can do during this season of the year. And also we should not forget about the hottest autumn 2018 dresses trends which can be just an excellent excuse to give your wardrobe a little upgrade.

Especially during the cold greyish days when you feel down, depressed and you do not feel like doing anything. Going shopping can seriously lift your mood up and make you happier. In case you want to go shopping some trendy clothing pieces, we have for you another guide on what items, especially the dresses, will be totally hot must-haves you just need! Do not shop for just anything. Shop for the right items which can make you absolutely stunning and for those, which can transform you into a real fashion queen, who you, sweetie, already are. Here we present you 11 most stunning dresses trends of autumn 2018. Continue reading, be inspired and choose the right ones just for you.

  1. Animal print

As we already announced in the previous article with the hottest autumn shoes of winter 2018, the animal print is the hottest kind of the pattern whole this year, not only the season. If you are a true fashion queen, you probably already have a piece of clothing with this pattern in your wardrobe. In case of not, we advise you to get some right now. Hottest of the hottest are definitely a zebra and leopard pattern which can be seen on the dresses a lot. Imagine combining them with an all-black outfit. You will look just stunning and a bit mysterious too. A real neat luxurious looking combo.

Source: Vogue

  1. High-shine fabrics

The fabrics such as velvet, vinyl, latex, leather and the other ones for example with a metallic shine are the inevitable ones. Since they are back again, you have a wonderful opportunity to wear them on the street without any worries nor doubts. This is your opportunity! Also, if you love experimenting and being unique, we recommend you to try the plastic clothes and accessories which will definitely draw the attention towards you.

  1. Chic and elegant tweed is back

Do you remember Coco Chanel and her iconic tweed costume? Pure elegance and sophistication. This season you can feel like Coco Chanel too and you can discover the love for the tweed material yourself. Drop the bridle of your fantasy and play with the different textures, colours and kinds of knitting. This material is very popular to be worn on the jackets, longer skirts, and during the autumn and winter especially on the big long coats too. Chic tweed dresses are not the exception.

Source: Pinterest

  1. Checked pattern

The checked pattern is definitely one of the oldest pattern styles ever. For a few decades, it has still been very popular among all ages. You can find it in many different forms, styles and colours. The most favourite ones are definitely the checked shirts. Oversized ones can be also worn as a dress. Just do not forget to tie them a bit with a belt. This way it will define your figure more. And oh – do not forget about the big oversize checked coats too!

  1. Fringes

Fringes themselves may catch a lot of attention, but some people may still find them boring. In this case, you can try something new and experiment. For example, the shiny shimmering ones can be the huge attention catchers. Then there is already a few seasons lasting colour block trend which you can incorporate into wearing fringes as well. For those who love to be fancy and admired, the jewelled rhinestone or fringes on the dresses might be the right way.

  1. Leather

Can you name the season where the leather was not mentioned? Not even once? At all? Neither do we. That is why we are mentioning this material even now. Mini or long leather dress can make a huge difference in how you look at your body. It gives sexy vibes off. If you like to try new things and you are not afraid, let’s try it. Also, do not forget that leather is not only black! Nowadays it is available in many different colours and in a different shine intensity as well.

Source: Pinterest

  1. Mini party dresses

Do you feel confident about your body and showing a bit of skin is not a problem for you at all? Well, the mini dresses are the right choice for you then. The most popular materials are soft and delicate lace and shiny silk. Other fashionable applications are definitely the shiny sequins, rhinestones and playful fringes we also mentioned above. For those even braver, we recommend wearing the mini dresses with a few transparent parts.

Source: Vogue

  1. Black colour & floral pattern

Another thing which is immortal just like the leather, and a few other things, is definitely a black colour. This year it is very trendy to be combined with the huge vividly coloured flowers. If you are a romantic soul who just loves flowers,  the black and flowers combination is just the right combo for you.

Source: Shilpa Ahuja

  1. Playful graphics

Who would not love a typography, bright colours of different shades, a lot of various shapes, patterns and the other graphic element thanks to which you can finally express who you truly are? If you would say you are a bit of a crazy person, show it with your dress combining all these graphic elements together!

Source: Branded

  1. Futuristic silver

If you already read the previous article, you surely know that the silver is a very popular metallic colour even if we talk about the shoes. It is a cold, sophisticated colour which leaves a cold and sharp feeling, yet it is still considered to be elegant. A real party queen should definitely have one at her wardrobe.

In the end, we would like to recommend you to read the article about the 11 most fashionable shoes to wear this autumn too. If you are interested in beauty and stuff like this as well, take a look at the popular 10-step Korean skincare routine.

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