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Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size For All

There is no right or wrong when it comes to size and there is perfect style for everyone, for every shape. If you play the game according to the rules, you can try any style you want. It is time to make peace with your curves and take a look at these six style tricks to show your beauty without any fear:

Tip #1: Know Your Shape

Behind every good style, there is good knowledge. First, you should get to know your body. There are seven major types of body and for each type the style would be different: diamond, hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, pearapple, oval and rectangular.

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size


If you have an hourglass body shape, with bigger hips & bust and slimmer waist, fit and flare dresses are perfect for you to hide your curves.

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size


Or if your weight is mostly gathered in the middle of your body, than your body shape is apple. Since you need to cover your belly, to highlight your slimmer shoulders and legs, tunics or A-line shirts / dresses will definitely help you.

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size

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Keep in mind that, whichever type you have, the trick is always to take attention to slimmer part of your body. If you are still unclear about your body type, check out this video to know how to measure it.

Tip #2: Wear Your Exact Size

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size

Never wear loose or too tight clothes. This will only cause you to end up looking bigger than your actual size and make you feel uncomfortable in it. So know your size, stick to it while shopping.

Tip #3: Play With Colors

OK, lets admit that black makes everyone look thinner, that’s crystal clear. However it doesn’t mean that you have to wear black all the time! There is always space for brighter color in every style and size, especially when some fascinating colors ruled 2016 fashion week. So if you need to cover your lower body, go with a darker jean and match it with a bright color shirt. Layering can also help you to wear any color you want. While doing the layering go from brighter to darker, from inside to out. You can have a white shirt or tee, and put navy jacket on it.

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size

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If you feel that you aren’t comfortable with wearing brighter clothes, go with plan b: Accessories! Bags, shoes, belts, necklaces.. Feel free to go as colorful as you want. The only thing you should be careful is the size of the accessories. Choose average sizes; don’t go for too small bag or so big necklaces. Accessories should team with your overall style to give same theme. So help them cooperate by having the balance.

Tip #4: High Waisted Skirts

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size

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High waisted skirts are great to have a well-structured frame. This style will help you to show your curves great. Try high waisted pencil skirt with a fitted blouse.

Tip #5: Try V-Neck Tops

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size


V-neck tops will create an illusion in your proportion and help it look better and more balanced. You can style it with your casual daily outfit, or for a night out, prefer a deeper V to have more chic look.

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size

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Tip #6: Feel Good

Dress Up Tips For The Plus Size

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You should have a style to reflect you, not anybody else. So the key is the confidence and feeling good. If you don’t feel good in something, don’t wear it. If you are a plus size and are going to get married, please read about  Gorgeously Stunning Plus Size Wedding Gowns

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