The Summer Dress

Ah, summer is here finally. And what’s a better way to embrace it than wearing comfy, beautiful dresses? You have fall and winter to indulge in gracious coats and trousers, but the summer is truly a synonym for the plethora of dresses we already have in our wardrobes (most of them are evergreen and good to wear for every summer season), and some dress trend make us want to buy more and more! Let’s glance at the top 10 summer dress styles.

Picture 1 – The classic striped dress is a true “less is more” statement that proves as the right remedy for every fashion emergency. Don’t know what to wear? Grab that striped dress, whether it is red and white, or a classic Breton one. This is a safe choice for most skin types.


Picture 2 – Stand out of the crowd with similar toned down prints, as these are really eye-catching and hard to miss when somebody is looking at you. Even if you don’t want the big, chunky, in-your-face prints, these are quite suitable for everyday.


Picture 3 – Wake up the 50s goddess with this knee-long white dress elegantly embellished with red intricate rose details that are really Aphrodite worthy. Although not the best choice for everyday wear, it is a perfect one for a slightly more formal occasion. It will accentuate all the right parts, as it is waist focused. Suitable for fair skin types!


Picture 4 – This is a genuine occasion dress that is resembling vintage times truly with the slightly below the knee length packed with the exotic print. This is trendy and grandma-approves-it worthy!


Picture 5 – Evoke the wild girl in you and stroll the romantic countryside in this navy blue short dress that is really delicately printed. Great for Asian skin though!


Picture 6 – Say aloha to everyone passing by, as this long dress certainly has a Hawaii flower vibe to it. Although it is quite long, you surely won’t break a sweat if you wear it.


Picture 7 – This is an authentic work wear piece that will make your silhouette even better! Suitable for all businesswomen out there ready to showcase their talent and fashion consciousness to the tough world!


Picture 8 – This piece is perfect when paired with laid back accessories. Enjoy the laciness! The biggest appealing contrast is achieved when worn by darker skin types. Explore the huge variety of the little white dress by choosing the one with a mesh layer (like this one), or a classic lacy one.


Picture 9 – The shirt dress has a special vibe to it since it uncovers the delicate shoulders and finishes it with a lace-up decolette. Ooh la la! This is greatly done in blue. Asian ladies would look great in this one.


Picture 10 – Ever so minimalistic design, ever so maximalistic pattern. Resembling a classic Hermes scarf, it is certainly a dress that belongs in the spotlight. Conquer the street catwalk!


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