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Transformative Travel: The Hottest Travel Trend of 2017

Travel is not only fun but it’s also one of the best ways of getting yourself educated. Just like Paulo Coelho writes to advocate traveling, ‘To those who believe that adventures are dangerous, I say, ‘Try routine; that kills you far more quickly.’ In the past few years’ travel industry have been revolutionized immensely. Year 2016 was dominated by ‘experimental travel’. It was more about exploring places, finding far-fetched locations and interacting with the locals to feel special. And above all, your trip would never be completed unless you share some exotic and mind-blowing images of yours on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter.

With the change of the year, the trends are also changing. Now traveling is not just about roaming around in your stylish sports car, packing up your travel gear, having trendsetting clothing and other travel accessories. Now travel has become a source of transformation. Many of you must be thinking, what do I mean? How come travel can transform something. It really can. And that’s the latest traveling trend, you are going to follow all through the year 2017. [Read here: 15 Best Vacations Destinations in Winter.]

What is Transformative Travel Trend?

Transformational travel is one step ahead of experimental travel. You can also name it ‘responsible travel’. Transformational Travel Collaborative (TTC), is a well-reputed organization. This whole unique concept of transformative travel has been put forward by it. To them, travel should have the power of transforming lives. Our world needs to be a better place. Why not turn it into one, with the help of our traveling capacity.

Unlike all the previous years when travel was just a source of fun and killing of time. Transformative travel will focus on transforming lives. It not only tends to improve the lives of the travelers but also the lifestyle of the locals where you travel. A transformative travel would keep effecting the lives even after the journey ends. Here is what a transformative travel requires from the traveler.

  • Travel to an alien destination that is just opposite to where you belong to.
  • A place that would make you indulge in the activities that are just opposite to what you have been doing.
  • Meetings and conversations with the locals of the area.
  • If you really want to change, it’s highly recommended to travel alone. Staying free of any influences would make it easier to explore your inner self.
  • It’s good to share what you have learned. It’s a nice way to change the world as well. There could be an array of sources for it. You can write blogs about your adventures, post photos on it to give a glimpse of that area and especially about the residents there. Journaling is yet another way of sharing your knowledge with the world.
  • Don’t just end your journey by coming back home. There must be some post-trip activities to keep on practicing what you have learned so far.


It’s about Visiting the Real Places

local life

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Unlike any luxury travel, that includes; staying in lavishing hotels and inns, food and shopping, transformative travel asks you to come out of your comfort zones. It belongs to real places,  real people and to know their lives, to bring a positive change in yourself (meeting them, you might be more thankful for the life that you own). So, this is going to be a journey, full of revelations and hardcore realities of life.

How Can Travel Change our Lives?

The main idea behind transformative travel is about learning something new from each new culture and destination that you tend to explore. Just take the example of Edward Readicker-Henderson’s life (from ‘Cheating Death’), let’s find out how travel changed his world, “The story about how every place I travel to comes down to how I’m going to live. Forget the bucket list. It’s the travel that, very literally, keeps me alive.” Knowing so much about the world, people and place surely impacts one’s thoughts and lifestyle.

Be the change you want to see in the World

It’s not just about you, it’s also about the world. Your transformative travel can be a great source of changing the world around you. How?? There are many transformative travelers who are doing a lot for the inhabitants of the far flung and poverty stricken areas. They don’t just go there but try to help them out in their basic problems, be it education, water supply or food. They raise money and through this donation, they plan their trips to bring a positive change in the lives of the common men. Googling on the internet, you would find a lot of transformative travelers who have been doing great in this regard. McCarthy is an intentional traveler and he is a firm believer of transformative travel. And that is what he is actually doing. Find out more about his transformative travels (, that are making a change.

An Eco-Friendly Trend

you can also go green by following this latest travel trend. Adventure travelers or wild life explorers are also taking their part in changing themselves and making the world a better place. Their transformative travel belongs to the betterment of wild life and environment. They can, and we are sure, many of them are doing a lot by donating for conservation efforts.

Support Local Business

If ‘a better world’ is the only intention of traveling, then you have a great opportunity to support local businesses. We have often seen travelers who tend to help by offering a few bucks to the ones who are begging. This would not work as a long-term solution. Travelers and organizations should help and support their local economy to raise their living standards (even to a small extent). For example, the place you are exploring would definitely have some local businesses. A transformative traveler may invest in that business to support the locals. Shopping in such areas for something good like their local handicrafts and souvenirs may prove a good effort.

Conclusion: Transformative travel is not about fun. It’s a challenge for the one who dares to do it. Let’s see how successfully the travelers are going to be a part of this deep shift from experimental travel to transformative travel in 2017. [Read here: Best Vacation Spots: Can you Recognize them.]

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