The Hottest and Edgiest Suits of 2016

Ever since Yves Saint Laurent dressed many models and celebrities with his iconic suits for women, this particular fashion trend never went away. After YSL, more and more designer brands have come up with their own versions of tailored female suits and as expected, the fashion world brought us much more than we can handle! On the red carpet, we usually see female celebrities flaunt their most auspiciously glamorized gowns but there are some stars who stole the show in their chic and edgy suits. If you think our 2016 year-end fashion round up is over, then we’re here once again to gibe you last year’s hottest and edgiest female suits.

#1 Suki Waterhouse

Who says female suits should always be fit and skimpy? Suki Waterhouse proves all these misconceptions wrong as she flaunts this oversized white suit featuring gray pinstripes. What’s sexy about this is that she paired the suit up not with the conventional collared blouse but with a see-through black mesh brassiere.

#2 Natasha Poly

Just like evening ball gowns, suits can wither be sleek or flashy. For this one, Natasha Poly chose to be flashy with her emerald green velvet suit by FRAME Denim. How tempting is it to touch that lustrous velvet!

#3 Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell shows off her supermodel skills as she flaunts this edgy all-white ensemble featuring a crisp suit and lavish fur coat. The look goes so well with her black booties, black clutch and sleek Japanese-inspired haircut!

#4 Mia Moretti

Black and white silk suits are too mainstream for Mia Moretti so she steps out in something peculiarly pleasing. We were all tempted to peak in her pastel blue Moschino suit made purely from lace fabric. No double layers. Just sexy see-through laces.

#5 Martha Hunt

Let’s go back to something traditionally classy. Martha Hunt strikes a pose in her ivory white Brock Collection pantsuit featuring a golden chain belt and structured plunging neckline. Its elegance lies on its simplicity and there’s definitely nothing to go wrong about it!

#6 Kate Bosworth

Don’t we all love how Kate Bosworth styles herself up?! We did a blog post about Kate’s most beautiful floral pieces in Flaunting Floral Dresses in Kate Bosworth Fashion and this vintage floral pantsuit by Giambattista Valli is included in that list. What’s not to love about this suit? It’s unique, very feminine and it’s cery well-tailored to embrace Kate Bosworth’s lean silhouette.

#7 Karolina Kurkova

White suits will never leave the fashion world anytime soon. Its iconic beauty truly stands out despite its plainness and simplicity! One proof of this is Karolina Kurkova’s white double-breasted pantsuit.

#8 Karlie Kloss

Remember how embroidered fashion pieces made us swoon? Just when we though embroidery is only limited to our granny’s wardrobe, several fashion designers showed us how to flaunt it in style last year! We do love this black embroidered pantsuit by Stella McCartney  because of its minimalist floral embroidery and intricate detailing. Karlie Kloss definitely nailed this look! More about embroidery here – Vintage: Embroidered Coats For Fall and Winter Outfit

#9 Jennifer Lawrence

Yes, here’s another Stella McCartney creation and this time, she dresses up the gorgeous, award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. No dramatic details needed. This black pantsuit is sleek and sexy on its own with its crisp tailoring and corset-like inner wear. We also love how the black belt gave extra definition to J. Law’s physique.

#10 Herieth Paul

Don’t you all just love how simple and striking this plain white pantsuit can be?! Herieth Paul totally nailed this plain white pantsuit by Brandon Maxwell as she gave it total balance with her flared bootleg pants and daring V-neck coat. How gracious this suit can be and it didn’t even need extra frills for more glamour!

#11 Gigi Hadid

Of course, last year’s “Most Fashionable” lists won’t ever be complete without Gigi Hadid. Just as how amazing she pulls every kind of fashion wardrobe off, she also proves that she is fashion’s new “it girl” in this hot red lady suit. The suit is designed by Antonio Berardi and it featured a sexy waist fit and unique leg slashes.

#12 Emily Ratajkowski

This is just too hot to handle! These lady pantsuits won’t ever get enough of these daring necklines, will they? Emily Ratajkowski steps out in her stunning Dolce & Gabbana yellow velvet pantsuit featuring a very sexy, cleavage-baring top. There’s nothing much to say about it because the suit itself tells everything you want to know..and love!

#13 Elsa Hosk

Work it, Elsa! Elsa Hosk knows how to work her sleepwear-inspired suit and make it look so high fashion! The conventional black suit featured sleek borderlines that gave the suit a different twist. Paired with a gorgeous peachy Chanel bag and sparkling silver sandals, what can even go wrong at this point?

#14 Dree Hemingway

At this stage, you might have already thought that lady suits are all about looking so formal, elegant and well..feminine. Don’t forget that suits are initially designed and tailored for men! Dree Hemingway made us remember how grunge and boyish suits can be as she paired her Gucci suit with a graphic tee and a pair of Converse chucks!

#15 Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has always been such a win when it comes to fashion. This time, she nails another high fashion ensemble once again in her rosy double-breasted Miu Miu suit. The suit is so crisp and perfectly-tailored that a plain black choker would suffice doing the “glamifying”.

#16 Dakota Fanning

Nude pinks can also be a total win for lady suits as Dakota Fanning would prove it. In her Gabriela Hearst suit, Dakota shows off a very lady-like take on suits with her elegant ribbon belt and dainty basic inner wear.

#17 Bella Hadid

Of course, another Hadid should grace the list! Bella Hadid, just like her elder sister, knows her thing about fashion.  In her silk satin royal blue suit, Bella flaunts her sexy beach bod with an inner cropped top. How edgy and fierce does she look with that feisty makeup and sleek ensemble?!

#18 Aymeline Valade

We all know how Alexandre Vauthier’s creations can wow us every single time. In this suit worn by Aymeline Valade, the traditional black pansuit looked so fierce and fashionable with daring net pairing and high-waist silk detail.

#19 Anja Rubik

Another proof that lady suits don’t always require inner clothing! Anja Rubik donned a classic black suit by Saint Laurent with her top coat only scured with a tiny pin chain. Well, in terms of fashion, that would be enough to look so stylish!

#20 Alessandra Ambrosio

Lastly, Alessandra Ambrosio’s Bottega Veneta suit embraces the shoulder-draping style that conquered fashion world last year. Flaunting an unbuttoned collar blouse with her coat draped on her shoulders paired with slim fit trousers, Alessandra perfectly completes our hot female suit list!

Done with all our 2016 fashion hit list? You can now move onto this year’s most stylish pieces! you can start with Stylish Shoes for Spring 2017.

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