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The Copenhagen Blouse: Your Must-Have Piece for a Stylish Summer


One article of clothing is enough to take the Internet by storm. Some pieces just hit us differently, whether it’s because of the fit, color, trend, or style. What makes fashion so popular? With Unpacking the Appeal we will be looking at the clothes that are most popular on the Internet and finding out what makes them so appealing. Plus, we’ll give you more information on shopping and style details.

Copenhagen is the city that fashion lovers are looking to for inspiration. It’s not Paris, New York, or Los Angeles anymore. Copenhagen has been a style disruptor with its eclectic mix of styles. From chic, clean lines to quirky styles that inspire a youthful freedom. The Scandinavian Style is all about volume and proportions. From billowy linen trousers to chunky knits, and “dad’s” sneakers. The Copenhagen blouse is the trendiest and easiest way to add volume this summer.

The Copenhagen blouse, which features an open front and ties at the neck, has been seen by editors and social media stars from around the world. It is available in every possible color, pattern, and fabric. The sleeves can also be customized to suit your style. There’s an add-to-cart-instantly buzz around this shirt that makes it so special–and worthy of a deep dive.

We’ll break down the undeniable appeal of this wardrobe essential.

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Sissel Edelbo

The Trend

Tie-front tops as an idea are not new. Hollywood stars in the 1940s tied the bottom. From there, we can look at various cultural touchstones, such as Jodie Foster’s costume in 1976’s Taxi Driver and Britney Spears’s schoolgirl-inspired outfit in 1998’s ‘ Baby One More Time’ music video. The Copenhagen blouse, despite its nostalgic appeal, is actually more similar to the billowy tops worn by peasants.

In European history, peasant tops are most commonly associated with working-class women or farmers. This puff-sleeved blouse with beading and embroidery is also seen in other cultures, including Hungarian, Scandinavian, Ukrainian, Mexican, Russian, Roma, Greek, and Caribbean. The ’70s saw a rise in popularity for this design when Yves Saint Laurent introduced a collection of drawstring blouses, long skirts, and full sleeves. This look was dubbed “Peasant chic” or the “Rich Peasant”. The Copenhagen blouse is the latest and most accurate version of the peasant shirt.

Scandinavian influencers, such as Matilda Djerf and Pernilla Rosenkilde are promoting the Copenhagen trends, which include the ribbon tie front blouse. Danish brands such as Ganni and Sissel Edelbo led the way in the development of this trend, which was first seen in 2023. Retailers like H&M and Anthropologie followed suit, releasing similar designs.

Djerf Avenue

The Appeal

Copenhagen blouses are easy to wear, and they’re simple to match. The blouse is a great way to start an outfit or add a pop of color. It can be worn with anything from classic blue jeans, linen midi skirts, baggy shorts, and pajama pants. The material is also important, as warmer weather is on its way. The ribbon tie-front is a great choice for spring and Summer dressing. It’s breezy, breathable and billowy.

Sissel Edelbo

Style Yourself

The Copenhagen blouse can be styled easily despite its boxy shape. Mixing and matching colors and materials is the key to creating a unique, eclectic look.

There is no wrong or right way to style the piece. It fits in with Copenhagen’s eclectic fashion. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the outfits below.

With just one outfit, you can check off three trends on your “to-try” list: this striped, heart-pocketed blouse and midi skirt with buttery yellow flats.

Cool is the key to dressing for warm temperatures. You can beat the heat with a cotton tie-front shirt, loose cotton pants in green gingham (no less refreshing), and clogs that are Scandi style.

Copenhagen blouses work great in casual outfits, too. This outfit is perfect for running errands or picking up summer flowers at the farmers’ market.

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