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The Best Workout Clothes for Serious Sweat Sessions: Expert Recommendations


Stevie Finedore is an instructor at Barry’s Scottsdale

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Early sweat sessions require my favorite matching outfit. These two pieces of workout clothing are not just any other. They’re the peanut butter and jelly of my wardrobe.

These threads will cover my legs and back, whether I’m sprinting or doing burpees. What about the compression? The coverage? What about the coverage? Flawless. Let’s not forget confidence! When I wear this outfit, I feel unstoppable. “I can always count on feeling put together and ready to face anything, even my most crazy days!”

Jasmine Marie is a Breathwork practitioner and the Chief Executive Officer of Black Girls Breathing


Breathwork can trigger different bodily reactions, emotional or physical. When you are using this tool to reframe the nervous system’s reaction to traumas and triggers it is important to ensure that your body is as comfortable as possible.

The Under Armour Seamless Long Low Bra and Infinity Bra are my favorites for breathwork facilitation or for my own breathwork. (This has honestly filtered into my everyday wear, such as bust-ups only for Zoom calls, or errands in the supermarket) The cups are so breathable, and they adapt to my body’s shape in such a way that I don’t even feel like it is a bra. “I’m not in a hurry to remove it when I get home.”

Asia Milia Ware is the founder of Curves N cardio


“I found Gymshark just before the pandemic. I was obsessed with the fit and material of Gymshark’s leggings when I first slipped them on. The collection was varied and I tried them all. But I always came back to the Vital Seamless Collection.

The way the leggings moved along with my body while working out was what made me fall for them. I can do HIIT exercises, squat heavy, or run without worrying about my pants falling down or being see-through. The material is designed to wick away sweat, which I find invaluable as a heavy-sweater. It is difficult to find sports bras that are double-D friendly. The Vital Seamless is one of those pieces. The bra has medium support, but I double it up and am fine during my workouts. The material is lightweight so I don’t have to worry about feeling suffocated under two sports bras.

I have almost all the colors of Vital Seamless Sets, and my favorite way to wear them involves pairing complementary colors. “It’s my airport uniform because I feel confident and it flatters my body.”

Jessamyn Stanley is the founder of The Underbelly Yoga


I love bralettes as well as low-impact sports bras and high-cut underwear like my Calvin Klein boy-short briefs and UB sports bra. The underwear I wear is comfortable and allows me to move freely when I practice. The high-cut undies I use for practicing stay at my waist and have minimal fabric on the thigh and crotch. This allows me to rotate my legs freely. Over this set, I wear my cropped hoodie. “It’s my favorite Netflix and chill outfit. I prefer to kick it around in my most comfy clothes.”

Tunde Oyeneyin, Peloton Instructor


When choosing the perfect sports bra I consider not only the amount of coverage but also the colors and designs that stand out. This Peloton sports bra is soft. An uncomfortable bra can ruin a workout. That’s why it’s so important to choose quality. My current favorite shorts are the Nike mid-rise. I have never had a problem with the classic fit, on or off my bike. I wear them for workouts and leisurely with cutoff tops and a jean vest around my waist.”

Krissy J. Jones, co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga


“I have a Sky Ting uniform.” In the summer I wear a one-piece Eres bathing suit and Tory Sport bicycle shorts. The Ere’s bathing suits are perfect for me because I do not like to wear sports bras or tops which fly over my head when I am doing down dog. I also like to look put together. After class, I remove the shorts, put on a skirt, and am ready to go out for dinner. The Tory Sport Shorts have a high waist and are the perfect length. “You’ll often see me riding downtown in these shorts, with a button-down shirt over top.”

Tiana Okoye is Barry’s instructor


“My favorite outfit is Lululemon Wunder Under tights, Energy Bra, and matching oversized sweatshirt. This set is my favorite because it is versatile and functional. Leggings that dry quickly in the Red Room and are high-waisted to provide extra support during burpees. Energy Bras are also available for the ladies. They provide enough support to run on a treadmill, but not too much so that I feel restricted if I wear it all day writing programs for Barry’s digital platform.

This set is my favorite because I can work out in the Red Room without feeling uncomfortable, and the oversized sweatshirt instantly elevates an outfit from sweaty into swaggy. (Especially if you add Automic Gold jewelry on top). This fit is my go-to at LAX, and when I’m going to or from Barry’s X. It’s too good.”

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