The Best Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week

Hello guys! Hope that you are doing just as great as we do. Who would think that the New York Fashion Week 2019 would come so fast, right? It is just unbelievable since just a few weeks ago, we were holding a New Year´s Eve parties and now, we are unexpectedly waiting for the spring to already come. In February, there is every single year connected a huge event with it. And yes, we do not think about anything else than the most fashionable and the most stylish event from almost them – New York Fashion Week 2019 where, of course, a true fashion queen should have not been missing! A few days ago, we had been still patiently counting down the days for it to come. Except for a lot of different and unique art collections, we could have also seen one of the best street style outfits on the attendees. As we are already used to, there were nothing more to except – a pure elegance, bad boy dominance, colourful robes, denim on denim, leather queens and many, many more.

In today´s article, we will be talking about the best street style outfits which we could have seen in New York´s streets during the New York Fashion Week 2019. If you lack some inspiration on what to wear, we gladly recommend you to look at our picks. Maybe you will finally find your own style or maybe you will just find the right picks to upgrade your wardrobe for the spring with. Anyway, let´s finally dig into the dawn of the indescribable inspiration. Shall we?

The shades of Earth

You do not have to label yourself as a Green witch or anything if you wanna simply wear the natural earth tones. Before the spring comes, they are actually very accurate. To create the natural-earth-to-go outfit, you will need some basic colour. These are, of course mostly, the shades of green and brown, but adding a bit of yellow or beige would not do any harm!

Make it Gradient

Almost the same as in the first case, but still, there is something different. Did you guess what should it be? If you answered “gradient”, you are just right! Look at that pretty natural gradient created here. Very dark smokey green jacket, light army-green skirt and light camel heeled boots – this is the secret!

50 shades of Grey

As you may see in this picture above, the dominant colour is grey in almost every single shade possible. Light grey long-sleeved jumper together with the darker puffer jacket combined with the snakeskin pattern on the pants and heeled boots. We really do like the tiny colour contrast created with the dark red leather gloves.

Layering the Pattern

If you are fond of the patterns, just go with the flow and layer the ones you love. There is almost no restriction so you can play with them as much as you want.

Soft Pastel

Spring is almost here! Let your soft yet pretty elegant pieces of clothing fully bloom!

Make it Contrasting

Some people just love to wear ordinary-looking clothes which will freshen with one or two pieces. The warm knitted sweater in a vivid pink colour can make a surprisingly pleasant contrast with the grey suit. It looks like these two colours were just made for each other, do not you think?

Black on Black

What else to say to this outfit? We think that there is nothing you have to worry about when wearing all-black outfits. They are one of the best ones since everything is neatly combined. Anytime, when you are not sure about what to wear, the all-black combo is the way to go!

The Leather Statement

Layering leather is not anything new too. Just look at this colour shade combination! It is so smooth!

Source: Fashionista

Soft Pink and Vanilla Vibes

The first time we saw this outfit, we were simply astonished. Just look at this pure perfection! In this case, we are totally speechless. Soft spring colours and interesting patterns – this is the key!

Source: Fashionista

Vintage Feels

Dark green shades, dusty roses pattern, flares and Peter Pan collar on a wonderfully long feminine dress with a heavy black leather coat or another case, knitted turtleneck in a light camel colour, long mustard skirt and the brown heeled boots. Which outfit from these two would you choose?

Source: Fashionista

Frozen Lilac

Frozen lilac is another fine soft colour which makes you feel like the spring has already come. With a trenchcoat in this or similar colour, you wrap yourself in the spring feel and you will take it everywhere where you will be going. While combining with the pure white or beige accessories, you will create a very soft, feminine look.

Source: Fashionista

50 shades of Blue

The last street style outfit that we picked for this article is this one. We named it 50 shades of the blue and we really do think that there is no need for any further explanation, is there? As you may already notice, the outfit is composed of different materials too, which is just interesting! Combined together they look very similar, but they are not at all!

What about you? Would you like to attend this kind of event yourself? Is that one of your fashion queen´s dreams? Which outfit from the mentioned ones is your the most favourite one and why did you decide to chose precisely this one? Let us know in the comments! We just love hearing from you and sharing your opinions! Remember – every single one matters for us <3

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