The Best Gifts under $50 to Brightening Someone’s Day

When the special day is coming, such as your best friend’s birthday and one year anniversary, a thoughtful gift would send a message about your love and thanks. With tons of offers and deals available online, it becomes a hard task to find great gifts at affordable prices. Don’t worry, let us take a look at some of the gifts you can buy under $50 to brighten up someone’s day. A  gift under budget.

Cross-body Bag – $34

Purses are one of the most important utility items. It helps you to carry all the necessary items from money, keys and also serves as a place store and carry cosmetics, and are suitable for casual and formal occasions. Available at such great price, the handbag would be one great option to gift from.

Smartphone Projector – $39.95

With the ability to magnify your smartphone’s screen up to eight times of its regular size, the smartphone projector is one handy tool you can gift someone who loves travelling. It can be used to a holiday video you just took or to have an impromptu movie session when you get time in between traveling.

Box of Rosewater Soap – $23

Rosewater soaps are handmade soaps made with all natural ingredients the best quality cocoa powder and rich blend of oils which are essential in the process – a blend of rosewater fragrance, shea and cocoa butters and wheat germ, rose hip and evening primrose oils. Available in four different flavors of Pomegranate, Pear,Verbena and Lavender and more, indulge in an experience of ultimate cleansing every time you take a bath or shower.

Amazon Fire – $39.99

Amazon is definitely on fire, bringing out gadgets after gadgets at such low prices. The 7-inch Amazon Fire is a great slate, a really cool entry level gadget which allows you to browse online, stream TV and movies or play games. It is a small sized powerhouse perfect for the purpose of gifting during this holiday season.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker – $39.99

What is the best way to satisfy a foodie who is also a Star Wars fan? Simple! Get them this mad piece of the invention of a waffle maker in the form of the Death Star. With the ability to make delicious waffles for breakfast, this waffle maker can be categorized as a collectable for the fans. Know someone who is crazy about Star Wars, do not look further. Gift them the great and reasonably priced Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker.

Birth Month Mini Dish – $44

These mini dishes are handcrafted on the basis of traditional birthstones from stained glass. They are homemade and comes in a set of twelve, representing each of the twelve birthstones. Gift this to someone who loves to bring about a traditional attire to their dining table. Receive each of the mini dish in packaged gift boxes with a description of details about the artist.

Spivo Stick – $49.99

A perfect piece of gadget for the ones who loves to travel and involves in adventurous activities. The spivo stick is an upgrade from the traditional selfie sticks. It not only allows us to attach our smartphones, cameras or Go Pro to the device and click clear shot pictures and videos but also lets us to automatically turn the camera’s point of view to 180 degrees just by pressing a button on the handle. At $49.99, it is a steal and can serve really well for someone who indulges in constant travelling.

Birth Month Flower Necklace – $48

The flowers used to make these necklace are sourced from around the world. The pendants consist of the birthstones with its corresponding dried flower. At a time when most of the people go behind only the zodiac signs, these necklaces prove to be a reminder that the birth flowers do carry as much meaning as the birthstones and stars. Seen as a sign of good luck, gift this pendant necklace to express your emotion on how much they mean to you.

Matte Brown Wall Frames – $34.95 – $49.95

Made in Vietnam, these wall frames are made out of natural materials such as pine, engineered wood, grass, paper and the hanger is made of sawtooth. A perfect gift to present this holiday season, these wall frames proves to be an expression of reminding about the beautiful memories you have shared with the person you are gifting it to. Under $50, these gifts have a nostalgic value to them and would look elegant in the living room or bedroom walls.

Amazon Echo Dot – $39.99

If the person is into tech, this is one of the best things you can get her. Available as a standalone this year, Amazon Echo Dot comes with the feature of ‘voice-activated assistant’. The Dot provides you all the functions that Amazon’s Alexa has with an exception of the audio. But you can connect the Dot with your speakers and shake the room. The Dot can play music, set timers, control your smart home devices and can even crack a joke for you. It is worth the money you pay, so just go get it for him/her.

Gifts are beautiful ways of expressing how much the other person means to you and can help bring the relationship closer than before with one small gift at a time. Make use of the opportunity during this holiday season to buy some amazing gifts for the someone to brighten up their day. Who knows, maybe they will surprise you with gifts you never expected. For more gift ideas, check The Funniest Christmas Gift Exchange Game and Gift Ideas

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