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Hello everyone! In today´s article, we will be talking about some spring fashion trends related to elegant dresses. In case you like this kind of clothing, this article will be just like made especially for you. And if you are not one of those people, you can at least be inspired a bit or you can show this article to your friend about who you know she likes this stuff. For us, spring is somehow connected to dresses. When women in your neighbourhood – with you in the same time as well – start to wear different styles and kinds of dresses, that time you know, that the spring is about to come very soon if not already there. For us, it is definitely one of the symbols of the spring and since we just can´t wait for it to already come, all we can do is, at least, write something connected to it.

In today´s article, we will be presenting a few dresses which somehow are, in our opinion, a personification of the upcoming season of this year. We will try to cover as many different and various styles as we can so we can provide you with not only a helpful but inspirational guide as well. We really do hope that you will like the article and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback too! Stay tuned!

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Stand Collar Black A-Line Embroidered Vintage Midi Dress

The first pick is made by a designer SWChic. As you may see, it looks like a traditional Chinese dress, which we really like! That collar style is just very interesting and the length of the sleeves is too. It almost looks like a soft velvet dress, available in a pure black colour, with the pretty colourful and various natural flora and fauna motives on the bottom part. With the combination of light beige or gold stiletto heels and clutch bag, you will be a serious feminine lady to adore! Do not forget the fact, that they carry the vintage vibe with them as well. As you see, they may be used for the various style and various occasions! It is completely up to you how you style them!

Source: StyleWe

Holiday Chiffon Swing Paneled Painted Maxi Dress

Second dress in a row is made from the same designer. But this one, as you may already notice, is made out of the chiffon material, which is a very light and comfortable one. It is also favourite to wear during the summer since it is breathable a lot too. We really do appreciate the “colour-block” effect of this dress which is created by the black top with the interesting application and black mash and of the seriously long chiffon skirt. On the skirt, it looks like the rose floral pattern together with something that reminds us of the forest or something similar. What do you think about it?

Source: StyleWe

Tie-Neck A-Line Daily Pleated Abstract Midi Dress

On this picture, we can see a seriously nice and unique dress. Just look at that colour and pattern combination! Have you seen anything similar to this? We do not think so. It is available in two colours – white and apricot. This one is the white option. With this elegant pleated abstract dress on, you will be looking like a walking piece of the fine art. For the accessories, we do recommend to try something different, just as the dark green crossbody bag or heels. It will make a great colour contrast!

Source: StyleWe

Sheath Solid Elegant Sheath Pockets Coat With Skirt

This two-piece outfit is just the one we fell in love on the first sight with. Do you ask why? Just look at it! A combination of the sensual coat with the decent, simple and minimalistic belt with the gold ornament matched together with the midi pencil skirt. Both in the same pastel baby pink colour which is just like made for the spring! So soft, so elegant, so feminine and delicate. We just can´t make any other words or adjective for this outfit, since it left us totally speechless! Golden and beige accessories would be the best one for this type of clothing. There is a black one available too.

Source: StyleWe

Blue Elegant Long Sleeve Bodycon Paneled Solid Midi Dress

One of the last, but not least, we did pick this dark blue elegant midi dress, which looks like the two-piece one too. It is composed of two parts – one of them is a small almost cropped jacket with the 3/4 sleeves and the other part of it is the long tight pencil midi skirt. This kind of outfit – and dress too – will make your figure slimmer and more feminine. If you want to make your body look curvier, this kind of dresses is your way to achieve it!

Source: StyleWe

Stand Collar Elegant Bodycon Date Bow Midi Dress

The very last outfit which we will be talking about is composed mostly of the elegant bodycon midi dress in a calming blue colour. As you may see, it also has a decent collar and a bow on the left too. It is a very vivid ornament which will not surely be missed. If you like attention, this is the right choice for you. For the dress in this colour, the silver jewellery and heels are the best!

So these picks were out best ones which you can be inspired with as well. By the way! All of the mentioned dresses – and mentioned looks – can be found on our e-shop called StyleWe. If you liked any of them, or you feel like browsing some new trendy clothing or accessories, just take a look and we promise that you will find something that will suit just you!

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