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Superfoods for Healthy and Adorable Hair

Having long and luscious locks is every girl’s dream. And to fulfil that dream, one must follow a certain strategy. There could be a number of reasons behind thin and frizzy hair. These may include—hormonal imbalance, underactive thyroids, side effects of medication, nutrients deficiency, genetics or ageing. Whatever the reason is, for a long-term solution of weak and damaged hair, simply relying on topical methods is not enough. Prefer treating the core issue from inside rather than focusing on its external counterpart. No medicinal or topical source can give you the results that you can achieve from nutrient-based diet.

List of Nutrient-Rich Foods for Healthy Hair

To reverse the effects of hair damage, check out the food items that must be a part of your strategic eating.

1.Proteon-Rich Foods

About 97% of our hair is made up of protein called ‘keratin’. Low maintenance, harmful chemicals and sun damage can easily destroy it. To maintain the natural beauty of hair, it is essential to manage the balance of protein in our body. Prefer foods that are naturally enriched with protein. These may include; lean beef, eggs, fish, nuts, chicken, Greek yogurt and legumes. [Read here: What Vitamins are Good for Hair, Skin and Nail]

2.Iron-enriched Diet

Anemia or iron deficiency is the biggest cause of damaged hair. When your body lacks iron, no nutrients or oxygen can reach the depth of hair follicles. To give your thin hair a lift, besides iron supplements, dietary intake of iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables i.e. spinach, broccoli and kale is highly recommended. These fresh vegetables also contain nutrients like selenium and vitamin A and C. If you are not a veg lover, fortified cereals or meaty options like poultry and red meat can be tried.

best foods for hair

source: India Times

3.Citrus Fruits

Body cannot absorb iron without vitamin C. To get benefitted from iron (as discussed above), add vitamin C to your strategic diet. Eat citrus fruits daily or drink a glass of fresh lemon or orange juice to overcome any deficiency and to make iron function properly.

best foods for hair

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Avocados are beneficial for hair in many ways. Firstly, avocado contains Vitamin E, which is known to improve blood circulation (any food with vitamin E is good for scalp). Secondly, it works wonders for balancing PH levels (increased PH levels clog hair follicles) to ensure healthy growth of hair. Lastly, Avocados are one of the best natural sources of monounsaturated fats (an essential part of our skin cells) that body needs to maintain healthy skin (including scalp). Unfortunately, our body cannot produce these fatty acids on its own. Once you face the deficiency, you have to overcome it by strategic eating. I think, we have given you enough reasons to add avocadoes in your daily diet, haven’t we?

best foods for hair

source: Real Simple


For shiny and luminous hair lycopene is an essential antioxidant. Lycopene boosts collagen production in body. Collagen is essential for the nourishment of skin and scalp. Tomato is the easiest source of getting over lycopene deficiency.

best foods for hair

source: eam fruits


For hair fall and breaking of hair, guava is one of the most recommended foods. This tropical fruit has an exceptional amount of vitamin C i.e. 377 milligrams approx., that is even more than vitamin C in citrus fruits.

best foods for hair

source: foodofy

7.Sweet Potatoes

Proper blood circulation towards your scalp is essential for strong and fuss-free hair. Sweet potatoes are a remarkable source of Beta-carotene, which not just balances blood circulation but also aids in proper hair growth.

best foods for hair

source: All Recipes


Oatmeal is one of the best foods for healthy scalp. It has every nutrient that you need to have shiny and healthy hair. Oatmeal contains iron, fiber, zinc and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Cinnamon is one of the most common spices found on our kitchen shelves. Besides adding it in your food, you can simply sprinkle a pinch of it on your toast, coffee or whatever you are eating. It promises a balanced blood flow towards your scalp.

Note: A balanced blood flow or circulation ensures proper absorption of nutrients and oxygen in hair follicles.

10.Shiitake Mushrooms

Premature graying is yet another common hair problem, faced by both genders. To protect the natural hair color, copper plays significant role. Shiitake mushrooms are enriched with copper. Some other natural sources of copper are—sesame seeds and seaweed. [Read here: 10 Ways to Make your Hair Gorgeous Overnight]

11.Nuts and Dry Fruits

Nothing could be easier than munching on some nuts or dry fruits for long, strong and manageable hair. Nuts like walnuts and almonds are best sources of nutrients like vitamin E, protein and iron (all essential for healthy hair).

best foods for hair

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12.Zinc-Rich Foods for Hair loss

Hair loss and baldness are quite common hair issues, often resulted from zinc deficiency in our body. The best you can do is to look for the foods enriched with zinc. Oysters top the list. Besides zinc, oysters contain protein and iron. If you are allergic to seafood, try other options like fortified cereals, eggs, beef and whole grains. All of these carry a sufficient amount of zinc.

best foods for hair



About 3% of our hair scalp consists of omega 3 fatty acids. Fatty acids help in keeping the healthy moisture locked inside the scalp. As body can’t produce it on its own, we must look for some natural sources of getting it. Salmon fish is the most enriching source of omega 3 fatty acid. Those with dry hair or issues like dandruff must use salmon or other oily fish like sardines, herrings, trout or mackerel.

14.Brown Rice

Brown rice contain biotin, which is good for a healthy scalp. Some other natural sources of biotin are oats and nuts.

best foods for hair

source: NDTV

15.Dairy Products

All dairy products are brimmed with nutrients like calcium, protein and casein. Milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, all are good for hair growth. Try to make them a part of your daily diet.

Conclusion: Instead of focusing on buying expensive hair creams and shampoos, spend your money on the best food items for healthy hair. Most of the costly hair products these days, do nothing but making a dent in your wallet. The edibles enlisted here are not just good for your hair but all of them guarantee a healthy body with better immunity. [Read here: 15 Summer Hairstyles you Must Try in Summer]


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