Summer Skincare Routine Must-Have Tips and Products

Hello everyone! It has been quite a time since we published our last article! All of us do really hope that you have been enjoying your holidays and summer at maximum up until this time. Even if it is August already, we still do have quite a lot of warm and sunny days in front of us! With changing the season, it is very important to change our skincare routine as well. Especially when you are about to travel to some other country, where is much more different weather than in your home country. Using the products for a whole year straight is not very good and effective for your skin, too.

Since it is summer you should just relax, have fun and try lots of new things! It also applies to beauty! And since we do love to be a guide for you and to inspire you, for today, we prepared a new article for you! This time we will be talking about the summer skincare routine for the beautiful and healthy skin that everyone should follow! Let us know in the comments what is your summer skincare routine and what are your favourite beauty products to use during the summer! If you are interested in the tips, continue reading the article 😊

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Sunscreen is a must if you want to go outside. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Tip number one is connected to using sunscreen. Well, we do realize that not everyone uses it and that not everyone likes to use it, but anyway, if you want to keep your skin healthy, young-looking and primarily SAFE, it is definitely a must-have product that you have to get used to. Sunscreen is not only protecting your skin against the UVA and UVB rays, but many of them also offer other side effects such as moisturising, whitening, anti-ageing, soothing and many others. UVA rays cause skin damage, ageing and wrinkles. UVB rays cause mainly sunburn. You surely do not want to deal with the skin damage and premature ageing, right? Use sunscreen every day – on the face and on the body too!

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Toner is a must-have number two

If we are talking about the proper summer skincare routine, we can´t miss the toner! Its consistency is, many times, very watery which makes it easy to penetrate into the skin, leaving it refreshed and slightly moisturised too. There are many different toners for every skin type and even purpose. Even the multi-effects ones do exist. Personally, we do like toners that provide the skin with the proper moisture, soothing, whitening and anti-ageing effects. Skin toner is something like a miracle in a bottle, believe us! Also, you can soak the cotton pads into your favourite skin toner to make yourself a home-made sheet mask! Is it not a wonderful idea that you can also use during the self-care and me-time days?

Soothing and cooling Aloe Vera gel (or any other one)

Soothing and cooling gels such as those containing Aloe Vera plant extract (or any other ones which are good too!) are a must-have for those primarily with an oily skin type. Since the gel is very light and watery too, it is easy for the oily skin to “deal” with it than with any other thick face cream. Also, while being outside for a few hours during the afternoon, it is a really good idea to cool and soothe your skin down a bit. It is great to use as a daily light moisturiser or a base underneath the makeup as well 🙂

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Face mist(ing) to keep your skin fresh during the whole day

Have you heard about the face mists that actually provide your skin with the cooling, refreshing and moisturising feeling? In Korea and Japan, they are really, truly popular! And we do really think it is a very convenient thing to carry with yourself in your bag during the day too. Even if you are going to the city with your friends, having dinner at the restaurant or being at work for more than half of a day. You can use it wherever and whenever you want to and feel like to do. Your skin needs to replenish the moisture during the day as well, not only your body.

Miraculous product for the bright and youthful-looking skin – vitamin C!

We do really guess that you already heard about the miraculous effects of vitamin C if not have already tried it out yourself! Vitamin C (serum) is something that should be stored at your home (and better in the fridge!) anytime! It will not only brighten your skin but also make it smoother, prettier, healthier and even YOUNGER! Since it also helps with fading the scars caused by the acne and also helps to reduce the pimples overnight (we do swear for it!!), it is something you should have at home in case of need. As we already mentioned above, it is better to store it at a dry and cool place – the fridge is the best for this purpose!

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Water, water and once more → water!

Not everything is only about skincare! Not. At. All. It is especially about your diet, drinking regime and lifestyle in general. It is not only important to eat healthily and to work out from time to time. It is very important to drink enough water every single day. There are many ways how to do it even if you forget about it – you can make notes and place them around the house or you can use some free mobile app to remind yourself when to drink. It is best to drink only water or water with fruit, mint, lemon … Try to avoid sodas and any other things that contain a lot of sugar. It will not be good during your diet as well and it is not very healthy for your body too. From time to time, it is okay to drink even some soda, but not only that and not every day!

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Sheet masking for the extra care!

We really do not think there is a person all over the world that has not heard about the wonderful and awesome sheet mask. Right? Or is there any? Nope, we truly do not think so. The sheet mask is a pure miracle in a small packet. They are a concern especially on some direct effect such as – sheet masks for the extra moisturising, whitening effects, anti-ageing, smoothing and soothing the skin, those which provide the cleansing, peeling or even more!

These were our summer skincare tips and advice to follow. What is your favourite summer skincare product to use? What is your summer skincare routine composed of? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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