red wines for summer

Make your Summer Sipping a Treat with Satin Smooth Red Wines

As we talk of red wines, what comes to mind is a glass filled with dense oaky red or classically-styled dark fruity wine. That is the reason why we do not focus on red wines as a sipping option for summer. Believe me, if you chill your fruity and crisp red wines slightly (50–55 degrees Fahrenheit), these are going to cool you off even in the sizzlin’ summer temperatures outside. Most importantly, wine is a good choice in summer as it saves your body from getting dehydrated (wines have less alcohol). Check out our list of the best summer reds to have your moments of ‘yum yum summer fun’.

Most Finely Textured Red Wines for Summer

1.Pinot Noir

Your private wine cellar is incomplete without this light and luscious red wine. It exhibits vibrant flavors and aromas of raspberry, black cherries and sizzling strawberry. Spicy-sweet flavors are skillfully integrated to form a creamy texture. It is best paired with dishes like pasta, pork, root vegetables and mushrooms. The best brands of Pinot Noir include—Jelu from Argentina, Benton Lane from Oregon and Banshee from California.

red wines for summer

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This one is Spanish wine formulated with Tempranillo grapes. Tempranillo is a type of grapes that is normally blended with other flavors to make something special like Rioja. But when it is used alone, we get red wines, both lean and dry. Cerro Anon Reserva and The Rodei Tinto Rioja are the best examples of red wines made from Tempranillo grapes. [Read here: 10 Low Calorie Cocktails You Must Try]

3. Sangiovese Grapes Wine from Tuscany

Wines made from sangiovese grapes promise the mouthfeel that is rich and juicy with flavors of fruits. A little bit of chilling and you have your perfect summer wine glass for sipping. Wanna try this style of wine, check out the brands like Monte Bernardi and Chianti Colli Senesi.


Summer is a season for red wines offering light texture. Wines formed with Gamay red grapes are one of the lightest and most suitable for steamy weather. Nico Giraud, the wine director at Spoon and Stable endorses Gamay wines in these words, “Gamay grapes are more revealing when slightly chilled and a good companion for grilled meat,” Gamay wine is spicy with perfumes and aromas of cherries, black pepper corns and dried fruits. If you need my recommendations, I would say the French wine Thierry Puzelat’s Le Telquel and the Italian one, Grosjean Freres are the must haves of summer.


Nebbiolo red wines are special because these are formulated with a very unique and rare type of grape. These grapes are exclusively grown in the Piedmont region of Italy. These grapes are normally used in dense and richer type of wines. But at the same time, these are used to make lighter wines for perfect plush in the mouth. Gia by Gia Coppola and De Forville are two well-known brands that promise beautifully balanced sips with a smooth, lingering finish.


Garnacha is yet another amazing grape used in the making of wines especially in Southern Rhône Valley in France. For summer, Spanish Garnacha wines are best as these are redder and cleaner as compared to the ones produced in France. Garnacha wines are best recommended with outdoor grilling sessions. [Read here: 10 Easy to Make Spring Cocktails Recipes]

7.French Beaujolais

French Beaujolais wines are preferred in summer for their fruit-filled and spicy-sweet palate. These too are usually made from Gamay grapes which is exceptional for summer toasts. The best representation of it might be 2015 Beaujolais-Villages from Clotaire Michal. It greets the nose with robust aromas of fresh herbs, black cherries, cranberry and a slight sensation of licorice spice.


This low-tannin earthy-spicy red wine is perfect for those who prefer a spicy-sweet flavor over the fruit-derived juicy red wines. The highly enjoyable aroma offers layers of amazing flavors of dried herbs with peppery-licorice. Slightly chilled and you have the best drink for your summer evenings.

9.Recchia Bardolino 

With a supple mouthfeel, Recchia Bardolino red wine is a rich blend of red grapes. This juicy and refreshing drink is undoubtedly the best companion on the table.


Blaufrankisch is an Austrian red wine with hints of smoky-sweet aroma.  The black fruit and peppery flavors are best for trying with barbecue.

11.Domaine de la Croix de Chaintres Saumur Champigny

Strong blackcurrant fruit flavors are framed by the spicy aroma of herbs. That is what forms the elegant structure of this wine.  Just a little bit of chilling and you have your best companion for garden party in summer.

12.Waitrose Mellow and Fruity Spanish Red

A really light red wine for summer as it has no tannins of oak. The mouthfeel is juicy and vibrant with layers of fresh cherry aromo.

13.Dawn Patrol Syrah Grenache

Don’t forget to give a try to this south African red wine. Each sip contains deep juicy flavor with hints of spice. This unique combo of mouthwatering fruity aromas and acidity, makes it a great choice for pairing with meaty barbecue.

14.RPM’s Gamay Noir

Hued in fresh ruby red, this El Dorado County wines are layered with amazing flavors of black tea, sweet cranberry and mouth refreshing hints of spicy plums. If you have plans of backyard grilling with friends, don’t forget to pair this food-friendly and spicy sweet red wine.

15.Lambrusco Secco

A nicely-integrated wine with creamy texture, this one is a combo of so many earthy aromas. Just sip it on to enjoy the aromas like hibiscus, blueberries, rhubarb and sour cherries.

Conclusion: Refreshing aside, the best thing about red wines is their versatility. You can sip on them as a great everyday drink. Besides that, the harmonious quality of red wine provides for a wide range of food pairings. Which is enough to have some good, clean fun. So, try the splish splash of red wine in the manner that pleases your senses; and of course, to beat the heat. Hello, sunshine! [Read here: 10 Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes to Try]


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