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Summer Glow-Up: 20 Eyeshadow Looks to Beat the Heat


What do you imagine when you think about summer makeup? Glow skin Neon eyeliner? All of the above, and then some. Makeup is all about expressing yourself. Who’s to stop you from wearing the matte finishes that are associated with cooler months, or the pastel colors often associated with spring? We certainly don’t. We’ve put together 20 eyeshadow looks for summer that we absolutely love. Get ready to decorate your lids and eyelashes with everything from pink eyeliner to pearly shades.

Bright Pink Accents

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@davidrazzano / Instagram

Opt for brighter shades of liner and mascara to give your summer eye looks an instant color boost. Makeup in neon pink will add a lot of vibrancy to your look.

Cranberry Love

@davidrazzano / Instagram

The versatile color can be worn during the summer months. can be used to enhance blue, hazel, or green eyes in any season. This smoky eyeshadow lightens your shade in an easy summer way.

Clean Lines

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

The natural lids and sharply-lined wings seen here on Yara Shahidi will never go out of fashion. This eyeshadow look can be worn any time of the day, with glowing, dewy skin, and a complimentary lipstick.

Touch of Neon

@claudiu.burca / Instagram

Try going small if neon-colored eyeshadow is intimidating. You can incorporate neon eyeshadows into your summer make-up routine by adding small accents to the corners of the eyes.

Mod Girl of the 1960s

@hungvanngo / Instagram

Mod eyeshadow is a great way of adding a little 1960s flair to your makeup. This look brings Twiggy’s aesthetic to the 2020s with its matte finish, contrasted colors, and visible crease liner.

Bring the Sunshine

@makeupvincent / Instagram

Yellow is a great way to bring the summer vibes into your makeup. Make Beauty’s Waterproof Felt-Tip Eyeliner Sundown ($23), is the perfect liner for this yellow look.

Shimmering Delight

@kaleteter / Instagram

This holographic lavender shade will add some shimmer to any shadow look. Blend the shadow all over your eyes, up to the eyebrows. The more sparkle the better.

Soft Petal Pink

@danessa_myricks / Instagram

This pale pink eyeshadow look shows that you don’t have to wear a lot of color to make an impact. To create a more dramatic look, use monochromatic on your cheeks and lips.

Purple Reign

@danessa_myricks / Instagram

Purple is the color of choice for creating eyeshadow looks that are noteworthy, no matter what season it is. It is a color that can be worn by anyone, as it comes in so many different shades. This metallic violet and purple shadow look gives you an instant dopamine rush.

Moody Blues

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

This blue shade is definitely making us feel good. Salma Hayek’s makeup is a great example of how to wear a bold shade. Pair your blue eyeshadow along with bold, clean brows and plenty of lashes. A lighter lip will keep the focus on your eyes.

Classic Beauty

@cherishbrookehill / Instagram

The right amount of drama is achieved by wearing a neutral eyeshadow with prominent false lashes, and a thin, sharp winged wing liner. False lashes placed under the lashline to create a doll-like effect are a great way to enhance the shape of your eyes. Wear it with a soft pink lip and defined cheekbones.

Marvelous Metallics

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Metallic shades can add instant depth and visual interest to eye makeup. This one uses two frosty colors for a beautiful contrast. Phytosurgence Flash Florescence Eye Shadow, Lunar Lightwave is a shimmering blue shade that looks great on lids.

Lavender Haze

@davidrazzano / Instagram

This look shows that mattes and pastels are a great combination for summer makeup. ILIA Beauty Liquid powder Eyeshadow Tint Aster ($28), swipe generously on your lids, and blend until you reach your desired lavender level. Combine with a soft blush and a glossy lipstick to achieve your lavender shadow dreams.

Bold Baby Blue

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Matte is a great way to make an impact. The matte blue eyeshadow pictured shows how one color can have a huge effect. This shadow look is stunning when worn with natural lips and skin.

Icy Cool

@artbyashleyrebecca / Instagram

Apply the Danessa Myricks Beauty a data-component=”link” data-ordinal=”2″ data source=”inlineLink” and data type=”externalLink/a> Colorfix Foil in Milky Way ($20) all over your lids and up to your brow to recreate this look. To recreate this look, apply the DanessaMyricks Beauty Colourfix Foil Milky Way ($20), all over your lids up to your brow.

Instant Glam

@kaleteter / Instagram

Mauve, rosey and smoky shadows will instantly glam up your makeup. Maude Apatow demonstrates a variety of ways to create smoky eye makeup during warmer months. She uses a deep eggplant-colored liner, along with lots of mascara.

Denim Darling

@cherishbrookehill / Instagram

Choose negative space over complementary eyeshadow to give Halo Eyeshadow an elegant minimalist look. The best part is that you can achieve the look easily: add a bold eyeshadow, like this denim-blue, to your inner and outer corner, then diffuse it until you get your desired result.

Champagne Dreams

@aniamilczarczyk / Instagram

A natural champagne eyeshadow is always fresh. It looks great with luminous skin. Blondy, Addiction Tokyo’s the Eyeshadow ($20), is a great shade for sweeping all over your lid.

Crushed Pearl

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

Pearly eyeshadows are a must for summer soirees, according to us. For weddings or graduations, add a winged liner and lush lashes.

Snow White

@claudiu.burca / Instagram

The graphic eyeliner can be a conversation starter and instantly enhance any look. You can trace the shape using an eyeliner and then apply a matte-white shadow to the top. This will enhance the contrast, and increase the wear time.

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