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Summer 2024 Haircut Lookbook: Short Bobs, Long Bangs, and Voluminous Layers


Summer haircuts are still a sight to behold, even though a trip to a salon is usually associated with spring (spring cleaning). With humidity at its peak, your locks are living their life how they want to live it–you can only adopt a carefree attitude and go along for the (windows-rolled-all-the-way-down) ride.

The most requested hairstyles this summer will be bobs, ’90s-style blowouts, and wispy, textural looks. What’s the theme? Playing around.

It is important to experiment with your style. It’s okay if you don’t know how to style your hair right away. Emily Cable, stylist at Nine Zero One Salon Los Angeles says that.

Here’s all the information you need to plan for your summer haircut in 2024. If you want to plan at all! You can just watch the world go by. You can conquer the world if you have a claw clip to use when the heat is too intense.

Bob Supremacy

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Yes, they are still there. You’ll likely see them in the fall, and possibly beyond. Do you know why these are so popular?

As we’ve learned the hard way, Covid is responsible for hair loss in many people. “I would say that 90% of my clients have experienced some level of shedding following Covid infection,” Jenda Alcorn says, stylist Jenda gave Elle Fanning an incredibly chic bob. This bob trend is inspired by women who want their hair to look fuller and healthier again. “Starting fresh is the theme of all around.”

Adam Livermore is a global educator and hairstylist for Oribe. He says that Bobs can be a palate cleanser. You can remove a lot of layering on a solid line.

He says, “It is a minimalist style and looks great with a natural texture. If there are waves in the hair, it will look even better.” Chris McMillan cut Gigi’s hair recently, and I like how the ends kick out. It has a great little wave and looks fantastic, but is still very versatile.

What about summer 2024-specific hairstyles? Celebrity hairstylist Dana Boyer loves a cropped look that hits the lip area and keeps the natural texture of the wearer in motion.

Soft Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs will not be going away anytime soon. They’re so easy and flattering. Cable says that the most popular bangs are soft curtain bangs from the cheekbone level to the eye.

Alcorn says, “I’d say that the curtain bang still has its moment. But for summer, it is a longer and more mature look.”

The Sophisticated mid-length


Hairstylist Jess Palombo, a cutting specialist, says anyone with medium-length hair should give the Sophisticated Middle-Length Cut a try. This is summer 2024’s version of the lob. It’s flirty, wispy, and has a clean end and thoughtfully framed face.

“My coworker went out to dinner with me, and we asked each other: What do we call the lob?” “I feel like this lob is old news, and it’s time to give it a new name,” she says. “Sophisticated mid-length is for corporate girls, but it’s also what the influencers do with their heavy, cute curtain bang. Dress it up or down. “It’s all about your style.

Elfin Fringe


Boyers, along with her colleagues of experts in the field, still see a lot more curtains when it comes to bangs. However! The hairstylist believes that these will be shortened a little to give an appearance of a straight-across fringe but with still movement and texture.

Jayne Matthews, a stylist in London, coined the term “elfin”. It’s a look that has oodles of movement. It’s a summer flower fairy when worn well above the eyebrows, a bit choppy and with a lot of movement.

Butterfly Haircut


The butterfly haircut was created by Sunnie Brook and features long layers as well as face framing. The short, choppy sectioned that are arranged around the face give you length, movement, and volume. Palombo describes the style in three words. “Layered sexy and long.”

She explains that the hair is broken into strands that create the sexy volume we all desire. At the end of the butterfly cut, she will often place the client’s hair in a claw clip to customize the face-framing strands according to their taste. The butterfly cut is perfect for this look. You can wear it down but it won’t be a mess when you put it up. It’s cute.”

Layers of the ’90s


This summer, we’ll be styling with a round brush.

Palombo’s go-to styling tool is a round YS Park brush. “Boar hair gives you the best tension to get that fluffy, beveled style. Ceramic is a good option, but I find that it can heat up too fast and burn your forehead. A round brush blowdryer is also fine in my opinion. The round brush will be in your memory and you can use it to style your hair on day two.

Another tip? Another tip?



Palombo suggests that you dig out the sea salt spray. “It appears that air-dried textures, waves, and frizz have made a comeback.”

Alcorn says, “I believe the summer trend is natural hair with people accepting natural textures and throwing away curling irons.” The beachy waves with curling irons have been popular for many years. I believe people want a more relaxed look and are leaning towards beautiful hair.

Livermore says that summer’s humidity is a great time to show off your natural texture. Curls and waves can look amazing with the right product regimen. Oribe’s Curl Gloss, however, is great for any texture with some waves. It gives hair shine, a nice definition, and a medium hold. It seals against humidity and makes the cuticle. It’s perfect.”

The Modern Shag


Livermore says that a shag can be great for someone who has long hair and doesn’t want it to go. But they want something different. We can experiment with layers, bangs, and other styles. You can go for a very soft look with lots of layers at the top, or a more bold approach with lots of layers on the bottom.

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