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Step Up Your Summer Style: 8 Sneaker Trends for 2024


We are always looking for ways to update our wardrobes with the latest trends. There are many ways to update your spring and summer wardrobe, and one of the simplest is to change your shoes. From denim to Formula 1-inspired jackets to cherry and rose motifs, there’s a lot to choose from. Although sandals and heels are the most popular footwear for warm weather, a pair of shoes can provide a bit more comfort. Here’s a complete rundown of 8 of the most popular summer 2024 sneaker styles.

All Adidas

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Adidas has taken back the crown of footwear. In recent years, Adidas Sambas, and their alternative, including the Gazelle, have become staples in closets, from TikTok fashionistas to celebrities. Fashion stylist Audree Kate Lopez from New York City says that Adidas has had a moment with their it-sneakers this season. These sneakers will make you look stylish, whether you are a Samba fan or Gazelle fan.

Colors Galore

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Remember when Air Force 1s in all-white were the rage? Sneakers will be more colorful for summer 2024. Lopez says, “The era for white sneakers has passed. Say hello to the colorful shoe.” The trend began in 2021, with Dopamine Dressing and the revenge heel. Now, with “eclectic Grandpa”, people are enjoying fashion and having fun.

This trend is great because colorful sneakers can be worn with anything, from jeans to leggings and sundresses. Just pick your favorite and start pairing.

Court Sneakers

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Pickleball is a popular sport, and the style of pickleball is influenced by tennis. It should come as no surprise then that court sneakers are now a trend. Lopez says that sports and workouts are cyclical. The current trend in pickleball is a good example. Court sneakers are the perfect combination between street sneakers and elevated shoes.

Major Platforms

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You want to give your outfit a lift, but you hate heels. Opt for platform shoes. Lopez notes that platform shoes are a great option. What’s the best part? Chances are, your favorite sneaker brand has jumped on the platform trend. Adidas, Converse Keds and Nike are among the many classic brands that have adopted the retro style.

Nike Cortez

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Make room in your closet for Nike Cortez sneakers if retro style is what you love. The Nike Cortez was first released in the 1970s and has been a retro shoe icon ever since, says Lopez. The Nike Cortez has a sleeker silhouette than the Sambas and Gazelle and is less bulky than courtside sneakers. It’s also a bit more feminine.

Chunky Dad Sneakers

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According to Lopez, chunky dad sneakers continue to inspire outfits around the world. She says that the dad shoe is here to stay, whether you like it or not. The silhouette has evolved over the last couple of years, and it is now less clunky. It’s more in line with the more appealing 530 or 327 sneaker from New Balance.

Major Metallics

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Want to add a little zing to your athletic or casual outfit? Put on a pair metallic sneakers. Lopez says that metallic sneakers are a great way to combine comfort with fashion. If you’re looking to add some style but don’t want to wear boots, heels or open-toed sandals, then a metallic shoe is perfect.

Rugged Hikers

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Summer 2024, hiking shoes will be mainstream. Just as athleisure has become popular among people who don’t exercise, they are also expected to continue into the future. Lopez believes that this trend will only continue to grow. She says that first, there were Birkenstocks and dad sneakers. Then, Tevas and hiking sneakers joined the mix. She says, “It is all about function and fashion–hiking in the afternoon at 3 pm, red carpet at 5:00 pm.”

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