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It has been already a few weeks since the New York Fashion Week 2019 had been held. Not too long after, there have been fashion queens and fashion kings from all over the world preparing for the next very tempting and pleasant event – Paris Fashion Week 2019. If you are a true fashion enthusiast, this information should have not been missed by you. But if you accidentally did miss it – everybody makes mistakes, right? – we will try to re-create the atmosphere of it in today´s article. In this article, we will be talking about the best of the best outfits which we could have seen on the runway worn by the stunning models. But this time, we will do it a bit differently. We will not only include the photos from the fashion week with the must-haves of this season, no. We will also include a few of our clothes and accessories, which you can find on our e-shop and which are the must-haves of this and upcoming season as well! Without any other useless words, let´s already dig into it! Shall We?

Miu Miu´s Blooming Flowers

Since the spring is almost here, how could there be missing a vibe of this new year´s season on the runways, huh? As you may see in the picture above, Miu Miu did a seriously great job! The white mesh dress combined with the blooming fragments of the lovely flowers is just a pure beauty to look at. If you want to make your outfit look more dimensional, the 3D ornaments and applications are the best way to do so!

Since we also promised to include even our own products in this article, we would like to inform you, that the clothes are not the only things which you can wear the 3D flowers on. Another, and a very good, maybe even better, way how to do that, is to wear this kind of the ornaments on your shoes, such as heels, slippers etc. As a tip, we included our Holiday Flower Wedge Slippers.

Source: StyleWe

Miu Miu´s Black Shiny Mesh Mermaid-Style Dress

Another pick which we chose to feature in this our article is made by the brand called Miu Miu as well. As you may see, it is a typical, yet very feminine and sophisticated, mesh dress with shiny fragments. This way, you will not run away from anyone´s sight. It also is unique since it has a mermaid tail style end. This kind of dress will not only make you feel more feminine, but it will also form your figure!

If you do not want this look to look ordinary and plain, a nice way how to freshen it is to use a silk or a mesh scarf in the vivid and contrasting colour, such as red etc. Mesh dress recommendation from our e-shop is definitely the A-Line Mesh Party Paneled Beaded Midi Dress.

Source: StyleWe

Knight in White

Another pick of ours is the white shirt dress model by Alexander McQueen. At first sight, it really does remind us of the brave knight. For the spring, and summer as well, shirt dresses are very popular in any lengths. If they are made of the breathable material, they are very comfortable to wear even during the hot humid days. Also, do not forget to tie something around your waist to make it slimmer and to create an hourglass body illusion. You can do so with the leather belt or even the chains! On our e-shop, there can be a Shirt Collar A-Line Cotton Solid Midi Dress found.

Source: StyleWe

Pink Chiffon Haze

Another lovely way how to celebrate the upcoming spring is to wear the pink haze chiffon dress which will feel like a light mist on your delicate body. The model above is made by a designer Giambattista Valli. It is already known that dresses made from the chiffon material are just like made for the spring and summer since they are so light you do not even feel them on your skin. They provide you with a true fairy-like feeling. For a delicate and feminine feeling, we recommend you to take a look at a V Neck Date Chiffon Shirred Midi Dress.

Source: StyleWe

In the name of gold

Next model which we picked for you as an inspirational one is the one made by Tommy x Zendaya. It is composed of the cute looking mini dress with the spaghetti straps, tied bow front details and the cropped place under the bow in the middle. You must say that it looks really interesting and glamorous, especially thanks to the gold colour and tiny fine glitters on it. Something similar can be also found on our e-shop – Boat Neck Golden Party Backless Sheath Maxi Dress.

Source: StyleWe

Hide in the forest of the fur

The last fashion must-have piece inspiration which we will be presenting to you today, is the fur jacket, fur sweater or even the fur sweatshirt. On the picture above you can see a model made by the very famous designer brand called Balmain. This piece of clothing will not only make you look stylish, but warm too. Ideal for the upcoming warm spring weather, do not you think? Especially when you do not like to layer your outwear. The piece like this will be surely enough. If you look for something similar, we recommend our Long Sleeve Casual Fluffy Winter Fur and Shearling Coat which is available in three colour variants – pink, red and green. Lively and vivid colour to celebrate the spring!

Source: StyleWe

These were the best ones of the best which you could have seen on the Paris Fashion Week runways up until know. Do you like our selection? Would you like to try wearing some of them too? Let us know in the comments!
For those who would love to get another dose of the fashion-related articles, we highly recommend reading another one – The Best Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week. And if you are not sure about the spring 2019 chosen colours, we recommend you to read our The Hottest Trendy Colours Guide for Spring 2019.


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