St. Valentine´s Day Make-Up Inspiration

Hello everyone! We do hope that you are doing great and that you have been already thinking about your plans for this year´s Valentine´s Day. It is just unbelievable, but we already have February here! The second month of the year which is also the month dedicated to lovers. If you are in a relationship or not, it does not really matter. The St. Valentine´s Day and the other similar fetes should not be only considered to celebrate for those who are in love with their soulmate.

Even if you do not have a boyfriend this year and you would like to do something, let´s call your sibling or a friend to come over or to go somewhere together with you. There is a lot of ideas and tips about how to spend this day and what to do during it. What about going to see something interesting in the museum, admiring the paintings in the gallery, going to watch the newest movie you both will surely like or have a deep chit-chat in some lovely café you discovered just a few days ago? You can spend this day however you want and even at home! You can have a movie marathon, make yourself a spa relaxing day or you can try to cook or bake something special. It is completely up to you how you will be spending this day so do not be sad if you currently do not date anybody.

If you are planning to go somewhere with somebody, be it your dear soulmate, a family member or the best friend, what about your make-up? Have you already given it a thought? Will you just go with something ordinary, some everyday make-up or would you like to try something new, something special, something sweet and cute which will be dedicated especially for this day? We, of course, recommend you to choose the second option. Well, it does not really matter if it is a St. Valentine´s day or not. You can create any kind of make-up you want anytime and wear it anywhere, but still. There surely is something about it during this day.

And you never know – maybe thanks to this kind of make-up you will meet someone special and a new adventure in your life will begin. Well, with this all said, let´s see what kind of make-up inspiration we picked this time for you to be inspired. Are you ready? Let´s go!

Source: Pinterest

Soft Pink Pastels Combined with Glitters

As you may see in the first picture, this is a very neutral and also a bit glamorous looking kind of the make-up. In this case, you should create the natural-looking eyebrows, soft nude lipstick and with a shiny lipgloss on the top and do not forget about the highlighter which is a must-have in this case to brighten your face and add it a dimension! For the eyes, use the soft pink eyeshadow all over the lid. You can also mix a few of them together. Blend it well, then put the glitter on the lid. The glitter in the similar colour as the eyeshadow would be the best! If you love eyeliners, make a longer and bolder one starting from the inner corner of the eye. If you do not like them that much or do not feel like wearing them, just use the mascara and false lashes to deepen your look.

Source: Pinterest

Soft and Glow

If you are not fond of the pink colour that much, you can use the neutral and more natural-looking soft or dark brown eyeshadows. The shades of the brown are completely up to you and your imagination. To make this look more special, focus on the highlighting! Glowy nose, cheekbones, lips, inner corners of the eyes, the area below the eyebrows. Use your favourite highlighter all over the mentioned places and if you like glitters, add a stars or other shapes of them over your nose. This will not only be pretty, but adorable too.

Source: Pinterest

Glitter that Line!

Another pretty way how to make your eyes more interesting is to paint a glitter eyeliner instead of the ordinary one. It will also soften the look a bit. For a more playful look, you can add some tiny hearts ornaments too.

Source: Pinterest

Make it into an Art

If you want something more unique and unordinary, try drawing a tiny arrow from the outside corner of the eye. For a more “romantic” feel, you can put and blend a red eyeshadow on the lower lid.

Source: Pinterest

Focus on a one Colour Spectrum

This idea is composed of the fact that in your whole make-up look you will use only the similar colours or only one colour in different shades. Believe us, these kinds of transitions will be really pretty. Also, forget the plain black eyeliner! Try the pink, red or even the white one!

Source: Pinterest

Half of a Smokey

If you are already tired of the pink and red eyeshadows and these colours are not really your thing, you can´t mess up anything with the old good smokies! Just pick up your favourite colour and blend, blend, blend …

Source: Pinterest

Smokey Eyeliner

Are not the eyeshadows your favourite thing at all? Well, no problem! In this make-up inspiration, we will focus on drawing a very thin eyeliner, which you smoke a bit on the lower lid. Nothing tough to create, yet very sophisticated and elegant, right?

Source: Pinterest

Pink & Gold

Just look at the next image. Do not you think that the pink colour and a golden one can make a seriously good combo? With the glitters and the hearts put together, you can create a seriously exquisite look.

We really do hope that you enjoyed our small St. Valentine´s Day Make-up Look Inspiration and that we inspired you with a few of them at least a bit. We wish you to have a great St. Valentine´s Day!

If you are interested in more beauty-related topics, you can read our article about the Spring Make-up Trends of 2019 or the one about the Hottest Hairstyle Trends of 2019! See you next time!

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