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Spring Refresh: Breathing New Life into Your Favorite Aesthetics

Photo Illustration by Rebecca Hoskins

A go-to style is one thing, but bringing it into a new year can require a little bit of planning. The fur coat that you’ve worn all winter and fall might not be as popular once the sun begins to shine more often. Some trends don’t translate as well to the warmer months. How can you update your aesthetics to suit the warmer days? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular trends from the past year and shown you how to revive them for spring with the help of Laundry by Shelli Segal.


Cottagecore is not new, but neither will it disappear anytime soon. Cottagecore’s roots are in the countryside, with a hint of practical romanticism. It was born out of a desire to escape the city and a love of nature. Cottagecore pieces like a maxi dress or jumpsuit are easy to wear and comfortable for a quick trip outdoors. They also allow for easy movements. Florals and soft colors are the most popular prints. The aesthetic this season is more focused on details such as smocked skirts, delicate scarves, and vintage-inspired accessories. You can try swapping out the exaggerated shoulder of cottagecore for a sleeveless, shawl-topped silhouette. You can pair it with a basket or straw bag for an entire season of picnicking in the countryside. French baguette, fresh jam, and a French baguette are not included.

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Shelli Segal, Laundry Photo


The coquette aesthetic, while it may literally be “a woman who flirts”, is more about self-love rather than attracting attention. Imagine Rococo through a Polaroid lens. The “main character” energy is a cotton candy synthesis of intrigue, whimsy, and hyperfeminine. This look is dominated by girly details such as lace, ruffles, and bows. This spring look is easy to achieve with just accessories. Choose oversized bows for everything, sunhats, scarves, and sheer scarves to add romance to your spring staples. Tuck your favorite girlhood novel under your arm.

Clean girl

It’s more than minimal makeup or slicked-back buns. The “clean girl” aesthetic is more than just minimal makeup and slicked-back buns. It’s the mastery of a capsule closet, grounded in clean lines, neutral tones, and modest accessories. A little white dress is a spring staple for the clean girl. Keep your accessories simple and delicate. Choose a simple shape but with a square neckline for extra points. Dress up your look with open-toed heels in nude (another must-have for a capsule wardrobe) or embrace the fitness aesthetic by wearing white sneakers with a baseball cap that is logo-free.

Shelli Segal, Laundry Photo

Mob Wife

The “mobwife” aesthetic is about luxe excess and decadent indulgence, which goes against the principles of the clean girl. Although some may consider it the least practical style for any season except winter, there is a new way to do the look this spring. While neutrals are important, bold prints and bright colors are the key to this “living loud” look. Let them lead. Bright colors like Kelly green and tomato red are great for catching the eye. Go big with your hair and wear the biggest sunglasses you can find. Think gold, opulent, and flashy when it comes to jewels.

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