Skin Care Tips in Winter For Mature Skin

So winter is here, and it is time for you to brace yourself, protect your skin from the harsh conditions. Winter is especially expected to affect the skins of individuals who are in the maturing stages of mid-twenties as they start to develop some changes as they age and also due to external factors such as changing seasons and living conditions. Let us take the opportunity to look at some of the ways to protect your skin from the winter and preserve your glowing skin.

Moisturizing lotion

Source: Red Online

Source: Red Online

Daily moisturizing will help get rid of dryness during the winter. It is the best option to apply lotion right after showering as it helps the skin to absorb the moisture. Investing in a moisturizing lotion which suits the best for your skin will help you go a long way to have healthy skin.


Source: OLWomen

Source: OLWomen

Dry lips and cracked foot can be cured by applying honey to it. The antiviral properties of honey will prevent the cracks from contracting infections and it also helps to hydrate the skin and keep it fresh and glowing.


Washing and exfoliating prevent the buildup of dead skin cells. Use normal face wash during the week and once a week apply exfoliating cleanser to remove the dead cells which are buried deep in the skin. Exfoliating helps keep the texture of the skin even and lets the skin breathe by clearing the pores.


A good source of lactic acid, milk helps soften the skin. Milk can be added to your bath, or it can be used in the face pack to get the benefits. Milkmaid, cream or yoghurt can be used as a substitute in case milk is not your favorite. Adding a few drops of honey would give the milk the antibacterial properties, further helping the cause.

Face packs and massages

Source: Charm

Source: Charm

Dark circles and eye bags can be reduced by the use of cucumber. Cucumbers are cool by nature and refrigerating it for a while and using it with face packs can help increase the effect. Occasional massage and visits to the spa will help the skin in the long run as it keeps the skin healthy and also is a way to relax and keep stress away.

Healthy diet


A proper diet can bring a world of difference to the health of your skin. Adding food rich in vitamins and antioxidants will keep the skin healthy. Avocados have the required vitamins C and E and healthy fats. It keeps the skin hydrated. Tomatoes and carrots have antioxidants which work to repair damaged skin cells. More healthy and delicious food recipes can be found here.

Fish oils

Source: Pinterest

Including fish like trout, salmon and herring to the diet will provide the body with required oils that will reduce skin soreness by lubricating the cells. As a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, it keeps the skin smooth as silk. Add fish to your diet and keep your skin smooth and lubricated.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Source: Pinterest

Alcohol is a major source that causes skin inflammation and dehydration. It would be the best to avoid alcohol beverages completely by substituting it with soda or mock tails. But if it is not completely avoidable, make sure to hydrate yourself with a glass of water between every drink you take.

Treat your feet right

Source: Zaiqa

Source: Zaiqa

We take extreme measures take care of our body. But one part we do not put that much effort into is our feet. Maybe because it is the least seen part of our body by others or because it is comparatively difficult, we do not give enough attention to it. Add a pinch of salt to the lotion and apply thoroughly on the feel. Rinse and dry with a soft towel. Do this every alternate day; you will end up having the healthy feet.

Lip protection

Source: Marie Claire

Source: Marie Claire

Compared to the rest of the parts, lips have very little protection to the outside world as it lacks the amount of melanin. So moisturizing your lips can go a long way by helping you have great looking lips. Make sure to invest in a good chap stick that suits your skin and keep it close to you, in your bag or purse.

Stop or reduce using razor

Razors can burn and leave surface wounds on your beautiful skin. Using depilatory cream or waxing can help prevent this issue. But if you are not ready to leave razors altogether, make sure to use shaving creams that have essential oils which help keep the skin hydrated.

Avoid butter

Excessive butter in the system can result in the increased production of insulting. This will trigger a chain reaction that produces an excess of androgen in the body. Excess androgen can end up attracting bacteria and clogging the pores on your skin which can result in acne.

Olive oil

Source: Pinterest

Olive oil can help keep the skin as smooth as silk. So make it a habit of applying olive oil all over your body right after a shower when the skin is still damp. Pat dry and let it be absorbed by the skin.

Do not stress on workout

It is true that anything in excess is bad for health. Overworking your body will also adversely affect your skin, especially when the stress is above the shoulders. Keep in mind not to overdo your workouts. Easy workout for busy moms? Yes! Check out Easy Workout and Healthy Diet Plan for Busy Moms.

Proper sleep

Having an adequate sleep is very important when it comes to having a healthy skin. Deprivation of sleep might lead to a dull complexion, breakouts and dark circles. Lack of sleep also leads to stress. Sleeping in certain positions can lead to sleep lines which can develop into wrinkles. Do not worry; winter will help you get all the sleep you want. Just make sure put the alarm on so you do not oversleep.

Prepare yourself to face the winter using these little tips and keep your skin healthy. Taking a few minutes of time from your everyday life can help you tackle the transition to mature skin. A little care can go a long way in the long run.

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